Rotherham child abuse is the fault of the Labour party

Rotherham Pakistani Abusers

There seem to be two sorts of child abuse prevalent in Britain, that by freemasons, which is centered on children’s homes, with mainly very young boys as victims and that by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origins, with underage white girls as their main victims. The Pakistani gangs have been exposed all over Britain, where they have communities, but Rotherham is the first time the full extent has been properly investigated. And with 1,400 (but possibly many more) victims the result is staggering. Expect the same widespread abuse in other Pakistani communities around Britain if and when they are properly investigated.

So who is to blame? Bad parents, obviously, but also utterly incompetent police and social workers, also teachers and the medical profession. All these people knew about it but still it went on, from 1997 to 2013. They must all be utterly ashamed of themselves. Many of them deserve punishment for their incompetence, but as with another Labour fiasco, Mid Staffs, this will not happen. Public servants, seemingly, are not responsible for their actions. Also the press failed to investigate and report what was going on.

But the biggest blame lies with the Labour party. And here’s why:

  • What are these Pakistani’s doing in Britain anyway?  Here we imported huge numbers of illiterate or badly educated people when our economy had no need for them. Pakistan is not an EU country, we can keep them out. Instead Lord Mandleson says Labour sent out search parties for them. And when they got here they brought their values and lifestyles with them, corruption, crime and massive abuse of women. Their whole ethos is totally alien to Europeans, they have utterly different morals, social values and standards which are completely at odds with our liberal, law abiding society. The time has come to stop any more arriving, including those who are victims of arranged marriages.
  • Multiculturalism and Diversity. Two cornerstones of the inane mantra that is Labour dogma. Multiculturalism is not only about encouraging diversity in society, it is about institutionalising it. It is about deliberately destroying social cohesion. Diversity is an evil policy of the state discriminating positively towards minorities, seeking equality of outcome. Before multiculturalism was introduced in the 1970 Britain integrated immigrants, which worked far better for everyone involved.
  • Political correctness, more misguided ideological Labour mantra. This is enforced language, ideas, or policies that address perceived discrimination against political, social or economical groups. It gave us the Race Relations Act of 1976 and the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975. It is why a TV soccer commentator got sacked for calling a coloured person a coloured person. It is why a devoutly Christian bed and breakfast couple were punished for turning away homosexuals. And it is incredibly un British, it goes against our culture and traditions and is used by the left as a weapon to batter their opponents. It is an offshoot of cultural Marxism and it has an immense effect on the way that all our public services work. Just look at the BBC and see how they ensure the correct ethnic and sexual mix of newsreaders and presenters. Ability is a secondary consideration. In Rotherham nobody dared say anything or act because of the danger of being accused of racism.
  • Labour local politicians. Rotherham councillors are predominantly members of the Labour party. This seems to be the case in all the Pakistan organised child abuse hotspots in Britain. These councillors knew what was going on, there were reports in 2002, 2003 and 2006 that explicitly told them. This first of these was deliberately suppressed. These councillors were in charge of, or had much authority over police, social workers, teachers and the medical profession. These councillors engendered the culture of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness. They fostered the whole ecosystem that allowed the abuse and then did not fix the immense problems, even when they were made perfectly clear.

In this whole matter the police have been an utter disgrace, read the full report and you would wonder why there have not been wholesale resignations and disciplinary action in the South Yorkshire Police. It is utterly amazing to see that for 1,400 abused girls they have managed just 5 prosecutions, whilst Operation Yewtree spends millions going after a handful of celebrities. The time has come for the police and local authorities across Britain to come to terms with the disaster they have ignored. We need a massive police effort now to stop these events from happening again and to catch and punish the perpetrators of previous abuse.

Politically we need a re-appraisal. Multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness must go.  The acts of parliament that enforce them must be repealed. People who “take offence” are the enemy and should be ridiculed. Immigrants to Britain must integrate into our society. Multilingual signs, literature and translators throughout public services must go. This is Britain and if people don’t want to be in Britain then they shouldn’t come here.

Voters should be very aware of what they are voting for in the 2015 General Election. Labour is the part of Rotherham, Mid Staffs and economic mismanagement. They aren’t worth voting for.


MP salaries need to be doubled

Monkey's tea party

When you first learn economics you are taught the basic laws of supply and demand. How there is more supply as things become more expensive. It is what has driven markets, and thus the world’s economy for thousands of years. The same applies with employment, if you offer a higher salary you can employ scarcer, higher quality candidates. If you offer a lower salary you will only get lower quality applicants. As the old saying goes, pay peanuts, get monkeys.

When parliament was first formed MPs got no pay at all. They were the rich people and didn’t need it, also parliamentary hours were very short. The Parliament act of 1911 introduced the first salary of £400, but even then it was assumed that MPs had a second job or another source of income.

Now we have MPs who are mostly full time professionals. And it is an incredibly demanding job. The MPs and ministers that I know are either working or asleep! The demands of constituencies, handling world events, law making and running the political system are huge. No wonder family breakdown is so common for them. Yet they are paid miserably. Just £67,060 a year. A premiership soccer player wouldn’t get out of bed for this much every week. It is half what a headmaster or GP can earn. So why should a headmaster or GP, people who could contribute greatly, want to be an MP? Surely we want the best people possible running the country and so we should pay for them.

MPs salaries are kept low for political reasons. It is seen as bad publicity to give them more money. We prefer to pay less and have lower quality MPs. There was a way round the problem and that was to pay over generous expenses. To give MPs money in ways other than their salaries. But this was famously abused, with 6 Labour MPs being prosecuted for criminal fraud. So a new expenses system was enforced in 2010 and it is ruthlessly strict, every penny claimed by every MP can be seen by every person in the country. This is far stricter than the expenses system in any commercial company and it impairs the lives and ability to work of our lawmakers.

So now we are losing a large number of MPs at the next general election in 2015. Some are standing down after just one term. Obvious some are retirees, but many are highly talented and experienced people who we should not be losing. Here is a partial list:


Bexhill & Battle - Greg Barker
Boston & Skegness - Mark Simmonds
Bury St Edmunds - David Ruffley
Cannock Chase - Aiden Burley
Cardiff North - Jonathan Evans
Croydon South - Sir Richard Ottaway
Erewash - Jessica Lee
Havant - David Willetts
Hertsmere - James Clappison
Hove - Mike Weatherley
Louth & Horncastle - Sir Peter Tapsell
Mid Worcestershire - Sir Peter Luff
North East Hampshire - James Arbuthnot
North Warwickshire - Dan Byles
North West Hampshire - Sir George Young
Northampton South - Brian Binley
Richmond (Yorks) - William Hague
South Cambridgeshire - Andrew Lansley
South East Cambridgeshire - Sir Jim Paice
South Ribble - Lorraine Fullbrook
South Suffolk - Tim Yeo
South Thanet - Laura Sandys
Tonbridge & Malling - Sir John Stanley
Uxbridge & Ruislip South - Sir John Randall
Wealden - Charles Hendry


Aberavon - Hywel Francis
Aberdeen North - Frank Doran
Ashton Under Lyne - David Heyes
Batley & Spen - Mike Wood
Blackburn - Jack Straw
Bootle - Joe Benton
Bradford South - Gerry Sutcliffe
Bristol South - Dame Dawn Primarolo
Coventry North East - Bob Ainsworth
Cynon Valley - Ann Clwyd
Dulwich & West Norwood - Dame Tessa Jowell
Ellesmere Port & Neston - Andrew Miller
Falkirk - Eric Joyce*
Glenrothes - Lindsay Roy
Gower - Martin Caton
Great Grimsby - Austin Mitchell
Greenwich & Woolwich - Nick Raynsford
Hampstead & Kilburn - Glenda Jackson
Leeds East - George Mudie
Lewisham, Deptford - Dame Joan Ruddock
Neath - Peter Hain
Salford & Eccles - Hazel Blears
Sheffield, Brightside & Hillsborough - David Blunkett
Sheffield, Heeley - Meg Munn
Southampton, Itchen - John Denham
St Helens South & Whiston - Shaun Woodward
Stirling - Anne McGuire
Stoke-on-Trent North - Joan Walley
Swansea East - Sian James
Workington - Sir Tony Cunningham


Bath - Don Foster
Berwick-upon-Tweed - Sir Alan Beith
Brent Central - Sarah Teather
Gordon - Sir Malcolm Bruce
Hazel Grove - Sir Andrew Stunell
Mid Dorset and North Poole - Annette Brooke
North East Fife - Sir Menzies Campbell
Redcar - Ian Swales
Somerton & Frome - David Heath


Dwyfor Meirionnydd - Elfyn Lloyd

Obviously there are other issues. We have far too many MPs. Part of the coalition agreement between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats was to reduce this number, but the Liberal Democrats reneged on the deal, so it didn’t happen. When the Conservatives win GE15 it will happen.

You might say that there are lots of candidates for every election, so we must be paying enough. But don’t confuse quantity with quality. It is very rare for a city high flyer like Sajid Javid to give up a life of plenty for the penury of being an MP. And constituency candidate selectors obviously get a far poorer selection to choose from than they would if the job paid better. It is a huge sacrifice to become an MP in terms of the demands of the jobs, why would career high flyers take the further punishment of having their lifestyle curtailed by a huge pay cut?

As a country it is in our best interests to pay MPs a lot more, so we get better MPs which leads to us getting better ministers. The total cost is utterly minuscule compared to the £3 billion that the government spends every day. Doubling the current rate would be a good start.



Problems with UKIP politicians


It is too early yet to tell how the UKIP MEPs elected this year will turn out. However we can take a look at the 13 MEPs that UKIP sent to Brussels in 2009. Over that parliament’s term the party lost 6 out of 13 MEPs and gained one. Of the UKIP 2004 intake two ended up in jail,  Ashley Mote, convicted of benefit fraud in 2007 for which he served a nine-month prison sentence, described by the trial judge as “a truly dishonest man” and Tom Wise, charged with false accounting and money laundering and sentenced in November 2009  to a two-year term of imprisonment.


Stuart Agnew.

Marta Andreasan. Defected to the Conservative Party in February 2013

Gerard Batten.

Godfrey Bloom. Effectively kicked out of UKIP in September 2013 after he  hit a journalist, Michael Crick and threatened another one, then at the UKIP conference he referred to his female audience as sluts. In November 2010, Bloom was ejected from the European Parliament after directing a Nazi slogan at German MEP. Bloom failed to declare his interest in his company, TBO, to European Parliament officials and in 2008  TBO was fined £28,000 by the Financial Services Authority for posing an “unacceptable risk” to customers. In July 2013, Bloom made a speech about Britain’s foreign aid in which he referred to countries as “Bongo Bongo Land”. At an Oxford Union debate in 2014 Bloom asked a disabled student who was speaking against him if he was Richard III.

John Bufton.

David Campbell-Bannerman. UKIP deputy leader from 2006 until 2010. Defected to the Conservative Party on 24 May 2011.

Derek Clark.

Trevor Colman.  In March 2011 Mr Colman left the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group which includes UKIP, allegedly due to an “unresolved dispute over financial and staffing issues.”

William, Earl of Dartmouth.

Nigel Farage.

Mike Nattrass. Resigned from the UKIP in September 2013

Paul Nuttall.

Nikki Sinclaire. Resigned from the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) grouping in the European Parliament, to which UKIP belongs in January 2010. On 23 July 2014, she was charged with money laundering, contrary to Sections 327 or 329 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, and misconduct in public office, contrary to Common Law, relating to European Parliament travel expenses, in a period between October 2009 and July 2010.
Roger Helmer. Elected as a Conservative but joined the UK Independence Party on 3 March 2012.


Pro rata if this had happened to a proper Westminster political party there would have been a constitutional crisis. Certainly it shows up fundemental problems in the party and its management.  Already from the new intake we have seen a very embarassing racism incident from Janice Atkinson, which, on previous form, is hardly likely to be the last we hear from them. I cannot understand anyone voting for a party with a record like this which comes across as not very nice at all.

 Janice Atkinson


Thanks to all the sources I have plagiarised from, especially Wikipedia.

Can Zionism be compared to Nazism?

Israel. Zionism = nazism 512

Increasingly on the social media the better informed  people are drawing analogies between Zionism and Nazis, between Hitler and Netanyahu, in what must be the biggest ongoing Godwin of all time. Also 43 Nazi genocide survivors and over 200 decendants have signed an open letter and taken an advert in the New York Times accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. One Auschwitz survivor, Hajo Meyer, said “If we want to stay really human beings, we must get up and call the Zionists what they are: Nazi criminals” and that hate of the Jews by the Germans “was less deeply rooted than the hate of the Palestinians by the Israeli Jews” and “The brainwashing of the Jewish Israeli populations is going on for over sixty years. They cannot see a Palestinian as a human being”. This is deeply troubling, so before we go any further it is worth making a few very important points.

  • Zionism and Judaism are utterly, completely seperate things. Very many Jews are not Zionists. Very many Jews hate and abhor what the Zionists are doing in their name. Just as many Germans hated Nazism.
  • Criticising Zionism is not anti-Sematism. The Hasbara propagandists try all the time to make this false connection. Basically they are saying that if you criticise the actions of a political movement then you are a racist. Just one of their very many lies.
  • Israel’s current actions have created a huge wave of anti-Semitism worldwide, with some people seeking revenge. This is very wrong and not very clever. Racism against Jews is abhorrent. However boycotting Israeli goods to bring economic pressure on their government is an excellent idea.

Now we have have got that clear we should look at the various areas where comparisons can be drawn. But first remember the scale, Israel has just 8 million people and is just 8,000 square miles. Nazi Germany at its height contained hundreds of millions of people and encompassed a great deal of Europe.

  • Stealing land from other people. To the Nazis this was the policy of  Lebensraum, creating a 1,000 year Reich on land to the East.  As I have pointed out in an earlier article the Zionists have the concept of a greater Israel, this is realised by stealing land from the Palestinians. But they also steal from all Israel’s neighbours, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. So now the satate of Israel contains huge tracts of land that belonged to other countries, and within Israel we have gone from most land being Palestinian in 1946 to nearly all the land being Jewish now. Theft on an immense scale. Many Zionists take the Book of Genesis seriously when it says: “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates”, a Greater Israel. We should be very worried about this. Some conspiracy theories think that ISIS is a Mossad creation to destroy national boundaries and governments, facilitating Zionist expansion.
  • Racial purity and superiority. This is the German “Master Race” or “Herrenvolk” philosophy that saw all other races as inferior or sub-human. The idea that they were Supermen or Übermensch was deeply rooted in German culture. Zionists in turn have the deeply rooted concept of chosenness, that they have been chosen, for a purpose, to have a covenant with God. And that everyone else hasn’t. Zionism is fundementally racist, it’s basic tenent is that Israel is a homeland for the Jews, not for any lesser race. Jewish people in Israel are educated and brought up to believe that Palestinians are second class human beings. Yet with the wonders of modern genetics we now know that Jews and Palestinians are pretty much the same people! Just divided by their religion.
  • Ethnic cleansing and Eugenics. This was a core concept of Nazism, they sought to populate Europe with a racially pure master race. So they slaughtered 6 million Jews, 3 million Soviet POWs, 2 million Poles, and around quarter of a million each of Gypsies and disabled people. Starting in 1937 the Zionist Irgun terrorists had a policy of massacring Palestinians and they carried out many such acts. They stopped for WW2 and then between 1945 and 1948 they carried out a lot more. No wonder the neighbouring Arab states tried to put a stop to this when Israel was made independent in 1948. After winning this war the Israelis ethnically cleansed 700,000 Palestinians, mostly by clearing them off the land, but there were many massacres. Now they have forced most Palestinans into two small areas, Gaza and the West Bank, but they continue to nibble land from these and to run a continuous policy of brutal suppression over the last 14 years the Israelis have killed an average of one Palestinian child every four days. In 2013 it was revealed that the Israeli government was running a secret programme to inject birth control into black Jews from Ethiopia, vastly reducing their birth rate. Eugenics in the modern age. But the foundation of the state of Israel was based on Eugenic thinking.
  • Abusing democracy. Hitler never won a majority. He became Chancellor of a coalition government after running a low level civil war. He then seized dictatorship power on the pretext of the Reichstag fire. In the last Israeli election Likud got only 23% of the vote. So Netanyau formed a coalition including The Jewish home Party who believe that Jews are divinely commanded to retain control over Israel and who are big promoters of the settler movement, which steals Palestinian land. Israel is hardly democratic, with the tail wagging the dog. But then there is the large scale gerrymandering. Of the state of Israel’s 8 million population 6 million are Jews and 1.6 million are called “Arabs”. But there are over 4 million Palestinians etnically cleansed into the West Bank and Gaza with no vote in Israeli elections. So Israel is a very long way from being a representative democracy.
  • Use of Concentration camps. “A place which a government uses to keep people who are either against that government or who it thinks are too dangerous to remain free. Sometimes these are called internment camps, where a large number of people are put in prison without a trial”. The USA used these to suppress the Native Indian tribes. The British used them in South Africa as a tool to win the Boer War. Then Hitler used them in Germany to take his opponents out of circulation, 3.5 million Germans spent time in one of these camps. The Germans also had death or extermination camps for the industrialised impelementation of the Holocaust. There is no doubt that Gaza is a concentration camp (some might say that it is now a death camp), the biggest ever in history with 1.8 million inmates, it fits the definition perfectly. These people are deprived of their basic human rights, they cannot leave the place. All Hamas want is to restore these rights.
  • Use of lies and propaganda. This is a subtle craft. It involves crafting everything you say in order to manipulate the thoughts and ideas of hundreds of millions of people., so that what they end up believing is not the truth. Under Dr. Joseph Goebbels and Germany’s Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda this was developed into a subtle and all pervasive art. Israel have learned from this and you really cannot believe a single word their Government or the IDF say. For instance they knew that shelling Gaza would cause a lot of civilian casualties, so they lied and said that Hamas was using human shields, thus transfering the blame for deaths to Hamas. In fact it is the IDF that has consistently used Human Shields for many years. Another time they broke a ceasefire to try and kill a Hamas leader, Mohammed Deif, at home, they destroyed his home, killing his wife and children (but not him), and they lied that it was Hamas that broke the ceasefire. The IDF repeatedly talk about the precision of their strikes. But look at the photographs of the destruction. The fact is that Israel doesn’t have the aircraft or the money to use F16s and JDAMs except for a relatively small number of targets. The vast majority of the attack is with old fashioned artillery, which isn’t a precision weapon, to flatten whole districts. And so it goes on, a barrage of lies, even Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, has written about this. What makes it worse is that most of the World’s media report these lies as news. In the USA the Fox News channel further embroiders them so that tens of millions of Americans have an utterly false idea of what is happening in Israel, their heads are full of lies. To further compound matters there is Hasbara, volunteer Zionists all over the world, thousands of them. They use a provided script to distribute the Zionist lies all over the social media. In comparison Hamas has nothing. There are a few people inside Gaza Tweeting events, but sometimes they have no electrical power or the internet is cut off. So the truth hardly gets out.
  • Collective punishment. Firstly it is important to note that this is illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. Nazis did it a lot. For every German killed by a Pole 100 to 400 Poles were shot. In France they burned down the village of  Maillé and killed 124 inhabitants, 48 of whom were children, in reprisal for resistance activity. The IDF, as we are seeing, acts in exactly the same way. In less volatile times they still do it. If a child is caught throwing stones they buldoze the family home. Thousands of homes have been destroyed for this and similar reasons. IDF actually has a formal strategy for collective punishment, called the Dahiya Doctrine, which they follow. Deliberately killing children and medical workers, destroying water and electric power distribution, bombing places of work and hospitals. All this is planned and part of policy.
  • Militarisation of the State. In Germany there was a huge limitation, imposed by the Versailles Treaty, on what equipment their military could have and how big their armed forces could be. Once Hitler got these out of the way he fashioned a society built round the military, from the Hitler Youth through to the grand military uniforms many people wore the idea was to invoke a warrior state. They turned an Olympic Games into a military ceremony. Today Israel is ranked as the most militarised nation in the world. There is no real need for this, they are very many times more powerful than all their neighbours put together. Luckily it is largely paid for by American taxpayers and donors. When you visit Israel soldiers are everywhere because nearly everyone is conscripted. And when they leave the military they remain in the reserves, in a high state of readiness. Militarisation is built into the everyday life of every Israeli in an all pervading manner that would be unthinkable anywhere else on earth. It is truly disturbing to see a society based on this, where the IDF has immense power over everyone’s lives.

There is far more, in fact there is easily a book or two in this. The article above contains many links that provide evidence and background reading. Please click through these if you want to build a broader picture for yourself. You can build your own ideas of how similar Nazism and Zionism are, but the facts above seem very compelling. Also remember that Zionism is not Judaisim and that anti-Semitism is always utterly unaccptable. It is bad enough for our planet that Zionism is so shamefully racist against Palestinians. They seem to have no moral compass.




For a reasonably balanced view of events Read Haaretz.

To know what is really happening in Gaza follow this link.


Excellent video. A Jew explains the truth.

Zionism is a problem for all of us

Palestine map. Big

Get a dictionary and look up Concentration Camp and you will see that it accurately describes Gaza today, then look up Genocide and you will see that it accurately describes what the Israeli government has done many times, finally look up Ethnic Cleansing and you will see Israel’s actions since WW2 defined.

The supposed basis for founding the state of Israel is the Balfour Declarion of 1917. Here it is:

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

Notice the text in bold. At the time the Muslim Ottoman Empire, who had run the place since the 16th century, was collapsing and the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916 had carved up the map, giving Great Britain control over Palestine. This was confirmed by the League of Nations Mandate of 1922, the preamble of which said: “it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. Once again the same text.

What actually happened is that the Jews in Palestine took on a political philosophy called Zionism, established by Theodor Herzl in 1897. This called for a Jewish state to be established in Palestine. You can see two things straight away here. Firstly a Zionist state is totally at odds with the Balfour Declaration and secondly that it is fundementally racist, the state it espouses is based on the factor of race. So the Zionists did not honour the Balfour Declaration or the Mandate, instead they ran a terrorist war against the British with groups such as Haganah, Palmach, Irgun and Lehi which committed many atrocities. Irgun evolved into today’s Likud party, so you can see their political philosophy.

It is worth noting here that the Hasbara propagandists today say that the Palestinians never owned the land, that the British owned it. Obviously this is utterly ridiculous. The British managed the mandate, they didn’t own the land.

Since the British left, at the end of the Mandate, the Zionists have relentlessly sought to create an ethnically pure Jewish state by a process of ethnic cleansing, mass immigration of overseas Jews and land theft. In 1948 alone they stole the home and lands of 700,000 Palestinians. Today 650,000 Isrealis live illegally on Palestinian land (the Occupied Territories) in Jerusalem and the West Bank, in breach of the fourth Geneva convention. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) and “settlers” continually mete out harassment and violence against West Bank Palestinians and continue to steal their land. Not only have the Zionists stolen land from Palestinians, they have also stolen it from all their neighbours, Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

The Zionist technique is simple, they deliberately create a conflict, then use their vastly superior military to grab land. The 1967 war was typical, pure Israeli agression.

How has the rest of the world allowed the formation and continuous growth of a state based on racism, land theft, violence and ethnic cleansing?:

  • The Holocaust. The Nazis created a monstorous act of barbarity when they sought to eliminate the Jews of Europe in brutal death camps. So the rest of the world felt sorry for them. But the sad thing is that Zionism practices much that Nazism practiced: racial superiority, concentration camps, land theft, ethnic cleansing, collective punishments, genocide, large scale use of totally untrue propaganda. Go to Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International for all the evidence you need.
  • Unconditional love from the USA. Israel’s actions have unsuprisingly been condemned in 45 seperate UN resolutions. America has vetoed many more. USA supplies massive financial aid to Israel and gives them huge amounts of military equipment. This is because many American politicians are Jewish, the American political parties rely on Jewish donations and the Jewish lobby is very active and vociferous at every level of politics. A lot of this also applies to the UK, where senior politicians cannot bring themselves to denounce the masss murder of children in Gaza.
  • Israel’s image as a liberal, democratic state in the Eastern Mediterranean surrounded by authoritarian dictatorships. I explained earlier how Israel is not democratic. Now a million Russian Jews have emigrated to Israel and they do not share Europe’s liberal traditions. Israel has become a lot more authoritarian and fascist.
  • The press. It is said that the world’s six largest media companies are controlled by Jews and that they produce 96% of the world’s media output. Whilst this may well be an exaggeration, the principle is there. For example around the world every senior Muslim has been denouncing ISIS and there have been Islamic demonstration with thousands of people protesting against it. All of which goes largely unreported by the Western mainstream media.
  • They are perceived as an ally. We share intelligence with Mossad, the USA and British military buy Israeli equipment and we see states like Iran as the common enemy.

The situation is even worse than it looks. America has spent half a century destabilising all Israel’s potential enemies. The CIA and Mossad run amok throughout the Middle East making sure that states fail. They have created conflict and suffering on a huge scale. They think that this will make Israel safer and don’t mind the suffering they bring to everyone else.

America has been incredibly fickle. In the 1950 Tripartite Declaration they guaranteed the territorial status quo for Palestine and Israel. Obviously this was just an empty promise which the USA never honoured.

So now we have a fascist Israeli state that is devoid of compassion, morals, justice and much else that make up Western liberal values. They are a state whose foundations and structure are based on racism and violence. Today they are behaving totally unacceptably in the Gaza concentration camp, mass murdering civilians. Netanyahu refuses to talk to Hamas and continues to steal land in the occupied territories. The USA is sending him shiploads of armaments to do this with.

But there are signs of hope:

  • Some more educated people in Israel are beginning to see how horrendous events are and how immoral their state is. This is best seen in the pages of the Haaretz newspaper, which is now saying much that I have said above. The fact that their journalist, Gideon Levy, now needs a bodyguard to protect him from other Israelis tells you just how rotten the country now is. In fact, despite being Jewish, Haaretz is one of the best and most unbiased places to get news and comment about Israel. Far better than the biased Western media.
  • Some USA Jews now have sufficient moral compass to question the horrendous activities of the Israeli state. About time too.
  • ISIS has demonstrated to everyone with a brain that things could get a whole lot worse. In comparison Hamas is a democratically elected political party that wants peace. Of course the cynical would say that Netanyahu would prefer ISIS to Hamas, then he would have the justification for mass murder on an even bigger scale.
  • Boycotts. Increasingly the world will not buy anything made in Israel. And it is easy to know what not to buy, the first three numbers in a barcode are country of origin. Israeli goods have barcode numbers starting in 729. This is having a huge effect on Israel’s economy and that effect is increasing as the boycott takes off. Decent people around the world will not buy Israeli products.
  • Netanyahu is especially nasty and fascist in his behaviour. This has polarised matters a lot. It also enables the world to see far more clearly what the real nature of Zionism is. As a result this racist creed is being qusetioned like never before. He has gone far too far for all but the most amoral to support him.
  • Social media. We now know, as our mainstream media never told us, that most statements from the Israeli government and military are lies. They issue images of “human shields”, we use reverse image search to expose their lies. They say that Hamas broke the ceasefire, we follow the Twitter feeds of lots of people in Gaza and Israel who say that they didn’t. We know what is happening on the ground long before the BBC report it. And our version is far more accurate. We see the pictures of the dead mangled babies deliberately targeted by Israel as they slept in UN shelters that were never shown before. Israel knows this and employs literally thousand of Hasbara trolls to spread their lies online. But they are obvious, as they work from scripts, so they end up making it worse for the Zionists.
Typical Hasbara Script

Typical Hasbara Script

The only real answer in Gaza is for the USA government to gain some critical faculties and morality and to stop Netanyahu. They could do that today if they had a strong leadership. But they don’t, Obama is the weakest POTUS I have seen and to him a game of golf is far more important than the large number of children being maimed each day.

In the long term Zionism has now proven to a critical mass of people that its basic creed is evil and unacceptable. Without Zionism the world would be a far safer and more pleasant place for everyone. There would be far less fundementalism and far less terrorism. Both of which are just reactions to Zionist immorality. Let us hope that the more sensible people in the USA and Israel increase in number and have their voices heard. We all need that.


15 reasons that HS2 is silly


I wrote this article at the beginning of last year on my personal Bruce Everiss blog. I am posting it here because, with the General Election approaching, this is a major Conservative vote loser. It could very easily decide the election with HS2 protest voters supporting UKIP (who oppose it) and thereby letting Labour win. This makes it one of the most important topics in Great Britain today.

The changes and edits I have made to the original article are in blue.

Britain is a relatively small and highly populated island with a high level of economic activity. So it needs a fit for purpose transport infrastructure, something that is largely provided by the state with the road system. Under the last, Labour, government there was a very low level of investment in this UK infrastructure, which has created many problems. So we need to catch up with a high level of investment. The HS2 high speed rail system forms part of this spend.

These 225mph trains would run initially to Birmingham, where the line splits in two with an East coast spur to Leeds and Newcastle and a West coast spur to Manchester and Scotland. It is estimated to cost a massive £30 billion. The Department for Transport now says it will cost £43 billion, a study by the Institute of Economic Affairs suggests a total cost of £80 billion.  And here is why it is silly:

1) The basic economic model to justify HS2 is that time spent on trains is wasted time. So if a businessman makes a journey 20 minutes faster that equates to 20 minutes less time wasted and thus 20 minutes more work done. Multiply this by the number of passengers and it is a lot. The planners who came up with this obviously don’t travel on trains full of business people because if they did then they would see that the business people are all working during their journey. Laptops and tablets are everywhere. So the time isn’t wasted.

2) The second rationale is that the centre (London) is too rich and that the regions are too poor. Bringing them closer together timewise is planned to even out the differences. The problem with this argument is that everywhere in the world that a high speed railway has been built the opposite happens. Wealth moves from the regions to the centre. It is easy to see why. A business is far more likely to use a London solicitor or a London accountant if these professionals become more accessible. And far more people will travel to London to shop. Apply this across all businesses and the wealth transfer to the centre becomes substantial.

3) Then there is the capacity argument. They say that rail usage has shot up in recent years and that it will continue to shoot up. But the reason usage shot up was that the railways had been nationalised for many years and so were utterly awful to use. When they were de-nationalised they steadily improved, so more people used them. However this increase in demand is not infinite and will level off. So we don’t need vast extra capacity.

4) Peak hour evening West Coast line trains currently leave Euston just 50% full. The first trains after the evening price drop are very full. So the existing capacity is being misapplied because of a distorting price mechanism which is presumably regulated by Ofrail.

5) Pendelino trains that run on the current West coast line were 9 carriages long. Many have been extended to 11 carriages long. They could make them longer still but would need to construct longer platforms. This would give extra capacity for a very low cost. Also a high percentage of carriages are given over to first class and mainly just ship air round the country, so lightly are they occupied. Converting all trains to single class would bring a huge, instant, increase in capacity.

6) The railway system in Britain is massively subsidised by the taxpayer. Yet its competitor, the car, is massively taxed. So there is something fundamentally wrong with the rail business model that it is not financially self supporting.

7) Pendelino train carriages are badly designed so have a very low passenger density. Part of this comes from the tilting mechanism robbing a lot of the internal volume. Part comes from the immense toilets taking away valuable seat rows. So extra capacity is available by using better designed trains.

8) HS2 runs mostly on a new, straight, route across the countryside. So building it will have an immense environmental impact. Huge drainage schemes will be required and building tunnels, cuttings and embankments in a great swathe means that the length of the country will be a mammoth building site.

9) Once the line is in operation it will create a wide corridor of very high levels of noise pollution. Something the size of a train traveling at 225mph violently rips a big hole in the air that is an order of magnitude louder than Pendolinos. The economic model for HS2 is for 14 trains an hour in each direction, rising to 18. So 36 trains an hour. Or one every 100 seconds. It is worth noting that no other high speed train in the world runs with such high frequency and that the short spacing between 225mph trains leaves very fine margins for error.

10) The government say this will cost £30 billion. But it won’t. Government is bad at running anything and especially bad at running big projects. The London Olympics were originally budgeted to cost £2.4 billion. They ended up costing at least £9.3 billion, a fourfold increase. The Typhoon fighter project for the RAF was originally budgeted to cost £7 billion, the latest figure is £37 billion and that is for less aircraft. A fivefold increase in cost. So you can bank on HS2 costing at least double what they say, which for every person in the UK is an average of about £1,000. Or about £2,000 per member of the workforce.

11) HS2 is highly redistributive of wealth from the poor to the rich. Whilst a rich couple in Birmingham will be able to pop down to London for an expensive meal and the theater they will be massively subsidised. By factory workers in Newcastle, by farm workers in Devon and by anyone else not using the service.

12) If better railways really are a good idea then much more can be achieved for far more people far more cheaply in far less time and with vastly less environmental impact by electrifying the Chiltern line and increasing the speed and capacity of the East Coast line, which was designed to run at 140mph but can’t because of a lack of investment in in cab signalling.

13) Once HS2 is operational the West Coast express trains on the existing lines will be replaced by slow, stopping trains. This will wipe out a huge part of the transport infrastructure for a lot of towns and cities. Places like Rugby and Coventry will be very badly hit because they will no longer be a viable London commute. Many other towns will have the hearts ripped out of them.

14) HS2 is Britain’s second high speed line. The first, HS1, runs to the channel tunnel. And passenger loads on this line are running at 30% less that the projections that were used to justify the line. In other words would it have even been viable to finance had they known how many passengers they would really have?

15) After the Labour under investment there are huge deficiencies in our transport infrastructure. The biggest is the lack of a high capacity hub airport in the South East. This is costing the UK economy very many billions of pounds every year. People are taking their business to other countries that do have this facility. We desperately need a 6 runway airport to be built in the Thames estuary. This would be cheaper than HS2 and a vastly better investment into the future of this country. A 6 runway airport would make Great Britain the transport hub for Europe and would bring enormous wealth and business to the country. Turkey realises this benefit and is building a 6 runway airport near Istanbul.

One final point. The argument against HS2 is not helped by rich NIMBYs driving round with “Stop HS2″ stickers on the back of their Range Rovers. Fifty plus years of Labour politics of envy and BBC social conditioning mean we have here the highest levels of schadenfreude in Europe.

There are many high speed railway systems around the world and they are all bottomless money pits and they all move wealth from the regions to the centre. Great Britain will not be different.

Also physically moving people around the place is rapidly being replaced by technology. Meetings are held electronically. So a banker can be talking to his Hong Kong and Singapore teams in the morning and his New York and Chicago teams in the afternoon. Whilst sitting at home. This is vastly more efficient, so the transition is happening very quickly indeed, to the point that the need for business travel will decrease a lot. For social use there is Skype which allows people to chat to many different friends all over the world whilst sitting on the settee. HS2 will be largely obsolete before it is built.

In a modern transport infrastructure passenger trains are fantastic for one job and that is shipping vast numbers of commuters into city centres. Crossrail is a fantastic project and it should be followed by Crossrail 2 & 3. It would make a brilliant part of the infrastructure of a 6 runway Thames Estuary airport. This is how we should be spending money on transport.

The more you look at the facts the more ridiculous HS2 becomes. It needs cancelling immediately.

Why is Israel attacking Gaza?

Oil rig. Offshore

You may have noticed that in recent weeks one of the world’s most advanced military machines has been relentlessly attacking the civilian population of Gaza. There has been no pretence at precision in these attacks, whole districts were flattened. More children were killed than Palestinian fighters. Nearly 2,000 Palestinians were murdered and 10,000 injured, in what can only be called genocide. Over half a million people were displaced and 12,000 homes were totally destroyed. International law was broken incessantly.

One feature of the war has been an immense online propaganda campaign by the Israelis with their Hasbara organisation recruiting literally thousands of Israelis to sit at computers and use crib sheets to spread lies and drown out debate. One lie was about Hamas using human shields. Another lie was that Palestine has never been a state. There are many more. A wall of Zionist lies and propaganda hitting the world. IDF (Israeli Defence Force) also release many untrue statements, these are often taken up and repeated by the Western press as being the facts. So your newspaper and TV news are lying to you.

It is very strange that Israel attacked Gaza. Hamas want peace. In mid July they offered a ten year truce in return for the restoration of basic human rights to Gaza, in a way that would not damage Israeli security. Many in the West do not realise that Gaza is a concentration camp. Look up the dictionary definition and that is Gaza. 1.8 million people have been herded into a narrow strip of land and then had their human rights removed. Netanyahu refuses point blank to talk to Hamas because he calls them a terrorist organisation. Yet they are the democratically elected political party that runs Gaza and represents the people there.

So why was Gaza attacked:

  • To stop Qassam (the military wing of Hamas) rockets. These have been launched at Israel in the thousands for nearly 14 years now. They are glorified fireworks, totally unguided and with very small fertiliser warheads. They are the only means that Gaza has to resist Israeli oppression yet they are so ineffective that in all these years they have killed just 28 people. Hardly sufficient cause for the destruction meted out on Gaza.
  • To stop the tunnels. IDF propaganda says that these tunnels were offensive, so Qassam could kill Israeli civilians. Yet no civilians have ever been killed because of them. They are defensive tunnels, against Israeli attack. In the recent conflict they proved very effective, enabling a very lightly armed Qassam to out-fight the heavily armed Israeli army on the ground. IDF propaganda says that the tunnels were financed with Western aid money. This is ridiculous, Hamas raise most of their revenue from smuggling with Egypt.
  • To disarm and demilitarise Gaza. Israel never even tried to do this one. They just wrought destruction, one estimation says the explosive power of the bombs and shells used was twice that of the Hiroshima bomb. Also it is impossible, weapons can be buried for later use and new weapons can be made or smuggled in.
  • Because of three murdered Israeli boys. Hamas always take responsibility for their actions and they deny having anything to do with this. Also it happened a long way from Gaza. And Gaza is a concentration camp. So this is a false pretext. But one used by Israel to imprison hundreds of Palestinians without trial. Collective punishments like these are war crimes under the Fourth Geneva Convention yet Israel does them all the time and the world says nothing.
  • As part of Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing. Israel was “given” to the Jewish race by the British with the Balfour Declaration. The big problem was that the land was already owned by other people, the Palestinians. So to make their state the Jews had to steal the land. This is the history of Israel, land theft and ethnic cleansing. 650,000 Israelis live illegally on Palestinian land on the West Bank and in Jerusalem alone, for instance. There is a continuous ongoing “settler” movement who spearhead this ethnic cleansing and land theft. They have a long history of killing Palestinians without punishment. But even for Israel ethnically cleansing 1.8 million people is a bit much. Their  previous record is over 700,000 in one go and world opinion wouldn’t allow them to do that again.

So it looks like Israel has no good reason for meting out death and destruction on a civilian population on such a large scale. But there is one and they are not telling the world about it. Israel pulled out of Gaza in 1994 under the terms of the Oslo Accords, whereupon governmental authority was transferred  to the Palestinians. Back then the Israelis did not realise that there are huge oil and gas reserves offshore of Gaza. And now they want to steal them back. Just as they have always stolen Palestinian land. Israel has an energy crisis and is desperate to get its hands on fuel. To them killing thousand of Palestinians is a small price to pay.

The reality is that Gaza could be immensely rich from its energy reserves. A Kuwait in the Eastern Mediterranean. Instead it has been bombed to rubble by a genocidal aggressor out to steal its prime asset.


Feminism is an utter joke

I don't need feminism

Firstly let’s get a definition out of the way. The word “equality” gets bandied around a lot, indiscriminately, and with little thought. In our society there are two main sorts of equality that enter political debate and it is very important to distinguish between them.

Equality of opportunity. This is only moral and right. Our society should seek this to the absolute maximum. It is in all of our interests that the right people get the right training to fill the right  jobs. So we should all be seeking and welcoming this. A good example of someone who took maximum advantage of equality of opportunity is Margaret Thatcher.

Equality of outcome. This is where people receive positive discrimination so that less capable people get advancement on the basis of a totally unrelated factor, such as their race, parentage or gender. This is utterly disgusting, both for the more able people who lose out and for society as a whole ending up with less capable people doing jobs. A good example of equality of outcome giving a horribly bad result is Labour all women parliamentary shortlists.

Only the world’s biggest fool would not recognise that there are major differences between men and women. Men tend to be far bigger and far stronger. Only women can get pregnant and bear children. These differences are a result of evolution. This process of natural selection favored characteristics that gave a competitive advantage. So men and women became completely different, physically and mentally, optimised to carry out their own respective and different tasks in a hunter gatherer society.

Men have far better hand/eye co-ordination and spatial awareness for hunting and usually have a black/white attitude to truth because any ambiguity could be fatal. Men have hormones that drive behavior patterns necessary to physically defend the family.

Women usually have far better manual dexterity and memory. As a result of  living among many other women all the time in the hut/cave they evolved to see the truth as shades of grey. This gave them far better social skills.

In our modern society many of these characteristics continue, though, as we are evolving faster than ever before, this will gradually change. What is for sure is that there are some jobs that women are better at and some that men are better at. Some say that man, in inventing and creating machines, has produced a society where most jobs favor the characteristics of women! Certainly in social skill jobs such as the law and teaching the women seem to be taking over. On the other hand men have the huge advantage of the maths gender gap, so tend to be better at anything scientific or technical. But these characteristics are not cast in stone, there are women who are brilliant mathematicians (Marie Curie) and men with superb social skills (Tony Blair).

What this means is that, in a fair society, for any school place, any degree course, any job, any promotion the best person should be chosen, regardless of gender, race, age or any other extraneous factor. If this results in 100% females on a course or 100% males doing a job there should be no problem. As long as the best candidates are winning. If we do this then it is better for all the individual people involved and better for our society.

Which brings us to the problem of equal pay. Of course if two people are doing the same job to the same standards and with equal productivity it is only fair that they are paid the same. But this rarely happens. One gender will often be more productive in a job the the other. This is where women are often at a huge disadvantage from being the sex that carries children, from their monthly cycle and from being physically weaker. Legislation to force equal pay for the genders when there is unequal output is just outrageously stupid.

And so to Feminism. This movement was founded to address gross injustices that existed in society and it largely achieved this a long time ago. So now it has become the natural home for intellectually impoverished politically correct marxists who hate men. Often now they are referred to as Feminazis. People who jump on any slight perceived example of “social conditioning” whilst totally ignoring the world wide shame of female genital mutilation. Feminism has become a nasty thing that does nothing for women. No wonder we have a huge “I don’t need Feminism because…” meme running in the world right now.

Fortunately there is a movement which far better addresses social injustice than Feminism does and that is Humanism. This has a far more coherent intellectual basis and seeks a fairer society for all. And it isn’t full of politically correct marxist misandrists.


Wiki: Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking and evidence (rationalismempiricism) over established doctrine or faith (fideism).

Margaret Thatcher: “I hate feminism. It is poison.”

Socialism is Evil – 7 articles

Ed miliband is evil

For thousand of years humanity has advanced, we have become vastly richer and enjoy ever better life quality. Even major calamities like wars, epidemics and natural disasters are quickly overcome. All this is largely down to the market. A simple but effective mechanism that puts the customer first, providing the goods and services that the customer wants at the price and quality that they need. This mechanic also ensures that the most efficient possible use is made of all resources, from labour and capital through to crops in our field and minerals in the ground.

Then along came the evil of envy. Manifested with punishing the hard working, enterprising, successful people by extorting their wealth to give to the lazy, uneducated and feckless. To achieve this requires that the state takes control of most things with the supreme arrogance that they know better than the individual. They take control of the individual’s life from cradle to grave and regulate his every action. This envy based system fails every time it is tried. It is called socialism.

Britain is a socialist country, we have a socialist government, some of the biggest sectors of our economy are run badly by the state using socialist principles, the NHS, the education system, the BBC, much of out transport system etc etc. Under Gordon Brown the state grew to be 52% of the economy. So the enterprising, wealth generating 48% was having to work to pay for the larger parasitic sector. This is why we pay such massive, outrageous taxes.

Earlier I wrote seven articles to explain some of  the many evils of socialism. Here they are collated in one place:

Why socialism is evil #1, equality

Why socialism is evil #2, envy

Why socialism is evil #3, control freakery

Why socialism is evil #4, financial ineptitude

Why socialism is evil #5, they think they know better than the market

Why socialism is evil #6, they pretend to be nice

Why socialism is evil #7, financial sleaze

Read the above and you will understand that the Labour party truly are the nasty party in British politics. They have done immense damage to Great Britain in countless ways by applying their evil and discredited dogma. Their fellow travelers are the trade unions, about whom I wrote this article:

What have trade unions done for Great Britain?

What is in these articles is not an exhaustive study of the evil these people have committed, that would take several books. It is merely a quick overview. But enough to realise how morally wrong everything they do is.



Our broken prison system


The huge success of Homo Sapiens as a species derives largely from us being social animals. However any society needs rules in order to function and that implies some sort of sanction when such rules are transgressed.

Primitive societies tend to use physical punishments, beatings, removal of body parts and death. We British did this in the middle ages, many Islamic countries still do it today. As we became more civilised such barbarities became unacceptable so the only available options were to deprive people of their liberty for a period of time, or send them to Australia. This deprivation of liberty was a pragmatic response to the problem that back then there was usually nothing else they could be deprived of, this is not true today.

So lets firstly look at why we put people in prison:

  • Crime and punishment (retributive justice). The government exercises its power over us by creating large numbers of unnecessary rules. These rules then need to be enforced with punishment. So large numbers of people end up in prison just to prove the power that the state has over us. For instance in Britain 10% of all criminal prosecutions are for non payment of the BBC license fee. This is utterly ridiculous.
  • Revenge. In reality this is the main driver of incarceration in our society, just read the red top newspapers howling for vengeance when they “take offense” at some high profile criminal case.
  • Re-education. The idea is that people should be sent to prison to be reformed by learning new skills. The reality is that these skills are then often applied to their criminality. Meanwhile prisons are a hotbed of criminal networking and training. A neophyte criminal when jailed will quickly gain the skills and attitudes of a hardened criminal. A further problem today is that our prisons have become hotbeds of radical Islam, so a moderate Moslem will often be converted into a jihadist.
  • Deterrence. Well this just doesn’t work, otherwise our jails would not be so full.
  • Preventing recidivism. When my sister lived in Chorley the local police inspector told her that when one particular individual was out of jail the crime figures shot up. He was a prolific criminal. When he was in prison society was safe from his actions. In Britain we are quite soft on such people, in many other countries recidivism is far more strictly punished. Here 47% of adults are reconvicted within one year of release. Reoffending by all recent ex-prisoners in 2007-08 cost the economy between £9.5 and £13 billion.
  • Removing dangerous people from society, usually criminal psychopaths such as mass murderers and paedophiles.

All this incarceration is incredibly expensive for society. We pay for it in our taxes. There is something like 90,000 people locked up in England and Wales (this is a doubling of the number imprisoned in the mid ’90s). This costs on average about £40,000 per prisoner per year. But the cost to society is far greater because whilst these people are in prison they are no longer tax paying members of the economy.

In Britain we put a very high proportion of people in prison, far more than many other countries. Here is the incarceration rate per 100,000 of the population of a few countries:

  • England and Wales 148
  • Scotland 146
  • Australia 98
  • Ireland 89
  • Holland 82
  • Germany 78
  • Sweden 60
  • Norway 72
  • Iceland 47
  • Japan 51
  • Finland 58
  • Liechtenstein 19

As you can see we are doing it very wrong. Our high incarceration rate doesn’t make us more law abiding. It’s main effect is to cost the taxpayers huge amounts of money and to blight the lives of tens of thousands of people. It is an utter disgrace.

Now it is time to look at who is in prison:

  • Innocent people. Our freemason police have a long tradition of fitting up innocent people. High profile cases include the Guilford Four, the Birmingham Six, the Cardiff Five, the M25 three and Stefan Ivan Kiszko. Here is a list of more high profile cases. Obviously there are very many lower profile cases and very many cases that are never discovered.
  • Stupid people. Around a quarter of prisoners have an IQ of less than 80. Obviously the police are better at catching stupid criminals than they are clever criminals.
  • The mentally ill. This is what the prison reform trust says: “Many prisoners have mental health problems.72% of male and 70% of female sentenced prisoners suffer from two or  more mental health disorders.20% of prisoners have four of the five major mental health disorders.10% of men and 30% of women have had a previous psychiatric admission before they come into prison.Neurotic and personality disorders are particularly prevalent - 40% of male and 63% of female sentenced prisoners have a neurotic disorder, over three times the level in the general population. 62% of male and 57% of female sentenced prisoners have a personality disorder.”
  • Foreigners. About 13% of the total prison population.
  • Ex servicemen are about 10% of the prison population.
  • About 30% of prisoners are from ethnic minorities. Part of this can be attributed to poor adaption to our society, especially the evils of multiculturalism and the wonders of Islam. But black men are 26 times more likely than white men to be stopped and searched by police, black and Asian defendants are more likely to go to jail than white people when convicted of similar crimes and are given longer sentences.
  • Drugs. Drug dealers, drug importers, drug growers, possession of drugs and crimes committed to pay for drugs. This could account for between a third and a half of the total prison population.

By now you must be realising that our prison system is a national disgrace. Here are some ways to fix it:

  • Treat mental health properly, as a disease. This is far cheaper and more humane than using the prison system.
  • Legalise all drugs. The government has no right whatsoever to tell us what we can put in our own bodies. Then treat drug abuse in the medical system, not the prison system. Taxes from drugs would go to the governments and the whole drug infrastructure would be decriminalised.
  • Use fines for punishment instead of incarceration, people now have vastly more wealth and possessions than when the prison system was created. Putting people like Rolf Harris, Andy Coulson, Chris Huhne etc in prison is plain stupid, they are no danger to society. They should be hit with big fines instead, hundreds of thousands of pounds if necessary. The fine for ABH should be say £5,000, for GBH £10,000, for graffiti or vandalism £5,000 and so on. Then people pay back into society for their crimes instead of costing society in expensive prisons. Bank accounts and possessions should be seized immediately for non payment. The worst sociopathic recidivists should be reduced to penury. In Holland the 1983 Financial Penalties Act (FPA), stresses the use of fines instead of incarceration. We need the same.
  • Reform our police to be non racist and ban them from being freemasons.
  • Immediately repatriate foreign criminals. Get them out of the country and don’t let them back. Revoke awarded British citizenships in the worst cases.
  • Use far more and a wider range of non custodial sentences. Tagging, community service, suspended sentences etc
  • Reintegrate ex-servicemen into our society far more thoroughly. They have been institutionalised and need proper preparation for the real world.
  • Use chemical castration for sex criminals. They are often the very worst recidivists.
  • Restorative justice. Forcing criminals to undo the wrongs they have perpetrated.

Our immediate aim should be to halve our prison population so it doesn’t compare so badly with that of other civilised countries. Then we should strategically work to halve it again. We would have a far better society if we did this. Our target should be to better Liechtenstein.

Now here is an idea that would be an immediate fix. Allow existing prisoners to buy their way out of jail. If they pay the state say £1,000 per month of their remaining sentence. Obviously this wouldn’t apply to the worst recidivists and sociopaths. By doing this the government would get a huge lump of income and their cost of running the prison system would drop sharply. Remember that in 1939 we released all prisoners with less than three months remaining of their sentence and all Borstal boys who had already done six months.

Freemason paedophilia

Cyril Smith Freemasaon Paedophile

Before we start it is important to point out that correlation does not imply causality. In Australia the annual shark bite and ice cream sales graphs follow very similar curves. Only a fool would say that they are directly related.

Also it is important to know that the freemasons are a secret organisation. We don’t know who their members are and what they do. It might just be a knitting circle for pregnant women. So this whole article is just about pure speculation.

So who is in the freemasons? Allegedly and according to rumour it contains several members of the Royal Family, most Prime Ministers, most policemen, most of MI5, many MPs, most  judges, many lawyers, many newspaper owners and many senior civil servants. The organisation recruits people in positions of power. If this were all the case then freemasons would comprise a secret power structure within Britain, who could act without our knowing. These people have supposedly sworn many secret oaths to put freemasonry and brother freemasons before all else, including the law.

Why do people join? Self advancement and power are the most obvious. In some organisations there is allegedly a glass ceiling in promotion that requires freemason membership. Also there is the possibility that freemasonry takes people beyond the law. So criminals can act with impunity. London gangster Kenneth Noye was the master of a lodge and was untouchable till he killed someone in public. Other freemason gangsters were not so silly.

Freemasons also seem to have a penchant for mass murder. The following are all thought to possibly be freemasons: Harold Shipman, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), Anders Behring Breivik, Fred West and Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper).

 Anders Behring Breivik

Anders Behring Breivik

So now to the subject of the article. Here is a list of names that have been reported to be freemasons, obviously this could just be scurrilous tittle tattle: Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter), Stuart Hall, Owen Oyston and Alan Freeman. You might notice a bit of a trend here.

Which brings us nicely to to alleged freemason paedophilia within Westminster, both historic and current. Obviously, such is the power of freemasons, they could have suppressed the knowledge of this for all time and some would say that they nearly did. It has come to light mainly because of the online investigative news website Exaro News and because of the insistence and diligence of the MP Simon Danczuk. Our mainstream media have been reluctant at best to tell us what they must know. As things stand 141 MPs have asked for an inquiry into matters. Obviously these MPs are not freemasons!

The accusations centre around industrial scale abuse of children who were in local authority care, whose safety was the responsibility of government. The locations include: Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland, Bryn Estyn in North Wales, Cambridge House in Rochdale, Elm Guest House in London and many more across Britain. In many cases there have been investigations and every single time it looks like those investigations could have been sabotaged. Who has the power to do that?

Bryn Estyn is interesting because a victim and a former policemen in this interview confirmed that it was freemasons:

Elm Guest House is interesting in that the landlady Carol Kasir drew up a list of the alleged attendees to alleged paedophile parties there, this list comprises mainly of obvious freemasons (if our suppositions about freemasonry are true). You can Google this list to see it for yourself. It is a freemason tactic to pour derision and scorn on critics, you can see them do it on social media. So it is no surprise that Kasir’s list has been the subject of such treatment.

So now for some pure speculation, why do freemasons like paedophilia, if of course they do?

  • Freemasonry attracts people who like power. Paedophilia is a form of power.
  • Paedophilia forms part of the structure of freemasonry. Maybe only in the higher degrees.
  • Paedophilia is a shared secret adding to all the other masonic secrets, strengthening their bond.
  • Paedophiles join the freemasons to get protection from the police and from the law.
  • The hocus pocus and charades that make up freemasonry engender an attitude that encourages paedophilia.

Now into the realm of utter pure rumour and speculation and that is the deaths surrounding this paedophilia. Carol Kasir died under extremely suspicious circumstances once she started telling the wider world about Elm Guest House. Jill Dando was believed to be investigating freemason paedophilia when she was shot. MP Geoffrey Dickens, who compiled a dossier of this abuse had his homes ransacked and his name was found on a hit man’s list. Then there are the child victims who committed suicide as a result of their mental trauma and those who just disappeared. Two (now dead) alleged freemason paedophiles supposedly killed their victims during their sex acts, either for ritual reasons or for enjoyment.

Obviously we need an investigation into all this, both the dreadful acts allegedly inflicted on children and the power of freemasonry within our society. It is self evidently very wrong that policemen are allowed to be freemasons, the conflict of interest is too great and can only damage law and justice in Britain. All public servants who are freemasons should have to state the fact on a register available freely to the public. And this includes politicians, local, national and EU.

If you want to investigate further the Google is your best friend. Searches such as “Max Clifford freemason” or “Bryn Estyn Freemason” will reveal to you vastly more than the brief synopsis here. Many (freemasons) will say that this is all conspiracy theory. But it is very funny that these conspiracy theories are often turning out to be the truth.

Once again I would like to point out that this article is all unproven supposition and may or may not have any relation to reality.


British immigration can be brilliant

UK immigrants #1

We all all immigrants, or descendants of immigrants. Britain was under ice and snow till about 10,000 years ago,  so all our “native” heritage has been created since then.

The biggest immigration impact was the Romans who ran us for 400 years and brought very many people here from all over their empire. This was the most significant cultural impact in British history. Then in 1066 very large numbers of Normans came here and were given the whole country and everything in it. The pre-existing population became serfs, little more than slaves. The Normans brought their culture and language and imposed it on us, in a diluted form.

In more recent times we saw big immigration from Huguenots in the late 1600s, in the mid 1800s the potato famines brought huge numbers of Irish here, then because of Nazi oppression lots of  Jews and Poles arrived before WW2.

These are just a few of the mass influxes that Britain has experienced over the centuries. They have made Great Britain, our culture, our language, our national identity. We are a nation of immigrants. Dig back in anyone’s family history and there will be immigrants.

So why the current ferment over the issue of immigration? Partly this is due the the sheer number of people who have arrived, due to government policy and the ease of modern travel. Partly down to sensationalising by the newspapers aimed at less educated people and by unprincipled opportunist politicians, such as UKIP. Partly down to government policy that has not sought to integrate new arrivals. Partly down to our excessively generous system of benefits and social care.  And partly due to the very nature of some groups of immigrants who seek to impose their way of life on us.

So lets look at who most of these immigrants are (with huge and inevitable generalisations):

  • Black Afro Caribbeans. Although small numbers had lived here since the days of the slave trade there was a deliberate government policy to bring very large numbers here to meet perceived labour shortages. It will be no surprise that this was done by a Labour government and the MV Empire Windrush, the first ship, arrived here in 1948. These immigrants are very Anglicised, coming from our former colonies, they speak English, are Church of England and play cricket. They have integrated well into British society with very high levels of inter-marriage and they have made great contributions to British life. We are very happy to have them here. The main problems are cultural, such as drug usage, gangsterism and paternal irresponsibility.
  • Indian Hindus and Sikhs. Once again very Anglicised. But not Church of England, not with English as their first language and not very good at inter-marrying with British natives. A big influx came with the Ugandan Asians expelled by Idi Amin in 1972. They then acted as a bridgehead for very many friends and family to come here. These tend to be well educated people who are businessmen. They are proud to be British and they want their children to be doctors and lawyers. They do not try and impose their values on us. They have contributed enormously to British life.
  • EU citizens. The principles of the EU are the free movement of goods, capital and labour. Anyone who understands even basic economics will understand the immense benefits of this to everyone. The people who come here have a vast common European culture but usually don’t have English as their first language, though they work very hard at this and usually quickly become fluent. They come here to work and to build a life. They are well educated and Britain wins enormously by not having to pay for that education. They fit in well, are happy to inter marry and mostly try to become British, unless they don’t intend to stay here long.
  • Moslems. These have arrived in immense numbers under the policies of the Blair and Brown governments. They tend to be poorly educated and come from places like Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, North Africa and the Middle East. They mostly do not speak English. They mostly don’t want to integrate, but want to lead their primitive lifestyles here, but financed by the British benefits system.  More than this they want to impose their lifestyle and values on the rest of us (Islamism). They don’t want to become British. So we have 170,000 girls who have suffered from female genital mutilation (FGM), we have forced marriage as the norm, we have widespread election rigging, we have honour crimes, we have suppression of women by burqa and hijab, we have sex grooming gangs and we have bombs in London.  They tend not to integrate and so form ghettoes in places like Tower Hamlets, Newham, Blackburn, Bradford, Luton, Redbridge and Slough. They have quickly risen to 5% of the population and, with very high birthrates and continued immigration, will soon reach 10%, then more. Most of our one million illegal immigrants are Moslem, so don’t show in these percentages.

The next question is why do we need these immigrants?

  • To supply labour in industrial concentration of skills. The City of London is the world’s financial centre, it attracts the best and brightest from all over the world to work in it. We are very lucky to have them. Leamington Spa has the biggest concentration of video game companies in the world, over 50 of them in a town population of 50,000. This attracts game developers from all over the world.
  • To address skills shortages. For instance Jaguar Land Rover in the British Midlands is expanding very rapidly, as are its many suppliers. In many skills they have run out of people to employ so have no option but to recruit from abroad.
  • Demographics. Britain has a disproportionately ageing population as a result of the post war baby boom.  These people need to be looked after as they get older, taxes need to be paid to finance their pensions. And replacements need to be found to do their jobs when they retire.
  • The very low quality of the native British labour pool. Here a fifth of school leavers are functionally illiterate, two fifths are functionally innumerate. Large numbers of school leavers then get useless university degrees instead of valuable vocational qualifications. A high percentage of people have made the lifestyle choice of dependency culture, to exist fecklessly in our over generous benefits system. Many British people think they are too good to do jobs that immigrants are glad to do.

So is there a problem and what is it?

  • Multiculturalism, a society “at ease with the rich tapestry of human life and the desire amongst people to express their own identity in the manner they see fit” is a ridiculous and unattainable socialist ideal. Its implementation costs an immense fortune and the end result is ghettoes. What we really need is integration.
  • Political correctness. Another socialist idea. This means that if we discuss immigration we are racist. It means that all institutions and services have to practice positive discrimination. That we have to supply translators for every language under the sun and countless other such wastes of money.
  • Social cohesion. Often it is not the change but the rate of change. So a town or a city district becomes no longer British. It becomes uncomfortable for a native Britain to live there. All sense of community is fragmented.
  • European disparities. When a new country joins the EU we have the option of transition agreements which restrict the flow of labour. The UK had these in place for Bulgaria and Romania, but not for Poland. People in poor countries are incentivised to move to rich countries. But this effect is temporary as the once poor country catches up, as we have seen in Spain, Poland etc. Another example of an EU disparity is the French socialists punitively taxing the rich, so many have moved here.
  • Nasty, opportunist politicians who prey on people’s fears. UKIP implied that 29 million Romanians and Bulgarians would be coming to Britain. A huge lie that was believed by the hard of thinking. Such politicians are utterly despicable. They use exactly the same tactics of blame that have been used against immigrant minorities throughout history, often with tragic results. Anyone who votes for them should be ashamed.
  • Islam. This is not a religion, it is a way of life. And it is a way of life that is utterly incompatible with the liberal British way of life. So British Moslems need to adapt and make compromises in order to live here. Most of them do to a lesser or greater extent. But we need to massively increase the rate and the level of integration. Forced marriage has now been made illegal, this must be enforced, as must FGM law. Religion must be totally banned from all schools. There is no place whatsoever for Sharia law. Women covering their face in public must be made illegal, as it is in France. Muslims must not be allowed to get away with behaviour that other Brits aren’t allowed.
  • Available housing and infrastructure. Fly over Britain in a helicopter and you will quickly see that most of it is factory farms, very little land area is built on. Industrialised agriculture is more important here than the quality of life of the population. We have plenty of room to double, triple or quadruple our population. Our problem is archaic and ridiculous planning laws, not the people who want to come and work here.
  • Benefits and NHS tourism. People come from all over the world for free hospital treatment here, they can take on the identity of a friend or relative who lives here then present at A&E, or they can just throw themselves at the system and claim poverty. Either way this has become a big proportion of what we are paying the NHS to do. Likewise our over generous and ridiculous benefits system. If over a million natives choose it as a lifestyle choice it is hardly surprising that foreigners come here to also use it. Both these forms of tourism can be reduced very easily and eradicated with some effort. It just takes political will. The current government has already made some progress. It has to be said , though, that the vast majority of EU migrants come here to work. Only a very small percentage are feckless.

So, as you can see immigration defines Britishness, it enriches our society and nation in countless ways. Sometime it brings problems, but these are not insurmountable. If we make it so that people can only come here to work then the natural market of supply and demand will control numbers to be exactly what the nation needs. Immigration is also a two way street, very large numbers of Brits have chosen to live in countries all over the world. So it would be hypocritical to act against immigration without bringing all these people back.