EU, we must vote to quit

So David Cameron has done his EU deal and it is a bad one that makes little difference. He has not succeeded in his aims, despite holding all the cards. […]

Religion. The memes

Last year we let a million intolerant followers of a barbaric religion into Europe, this year it will probably be three million. Europe has a liberal secular society with largely […]

Junior doctors ridiculous strikes

Firstly many people don’t actually know what a junior doctor is. They think that they are doctors who are not senior. In fact they are doctors who are still being […]

London Mayor. No valid candidate

The upcoming London Mayoral election, on 5th May 2016, is Hobson’s Choice with no candidate that a reasonable person could vote for. Zac Goldsmith is a Zionist who believes: “We ought […]

Can Corbyn be compared to Hitler?

Both are/were extremist socialists with a dogma driven inner circle and thuggish supporters. Modern day socialists hate to be reminded that Hitler was one of them. The very word Nazi […]

Inequality, the facts

Look at the above graph and you can see how wealth inequality has tumbled down. This is largely down to the huge growth in the middle class and to punishing […]

Does moderate Islam exist?

According to the lies we are fed by our politicians and press the vast majority of Muslims are normal civilised people just like you and me and it is only […]