The NHS is ONLY safe with the Conservatives

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The NHS is an awful institution. Management experts from around the world have analysed it and said that the only solution is to get rid of it and start again. It was created by an Attlee government who couldn’t run a bath and runs along Marxist lines. There is no clear philosophy about who it exists for. Certainly not the patients. It is so bad that no other country in the world has been stupid enough to copy it. Most first world countries do it far better, most notably Holland and New Zealand. Yet it is so monolithic that we are stuck with it. It costs over £309 million every day of the year to run and is the largest organisation of any kind in Europe.

One thing is very, very clear. The NHS is utterly unsafe when run by Labour governments.

  • Civil servants and Labour politicians have mostly never worked in the real world or had a proper job. They should not be trusted to negotiate contracts. So Labour’s 2003 GP contract was an immense disaster, effectively doubling GP pay for far less work. Making an immense hole in NHS finances.
  • My sister and brother in law were GPs. I know from staying with them over the years that they provided 24/7 care in the patient’s homes. Labour changed this to a 9 to 5, 5 days a week office job, leaving many patients with no option but to use A&E, throwing a huge burden on hospitals.
  • To try and control the NHS the Labour party employed armies of managers (so our taxes were spent on suits instead of hips) who instituted an immense system of targets. So the NHS then existed to create millions of numbers instead of to care for patients. This result in very many disasters and thousands of deaths. 1,200 of these at Mid Staffs alone, but very many other hospitals fell into this scandalous trap. They were supposed to care for people, not kill them. Labour Health Secretaries were asked 81 times for an inquiry into Mid Staffs and they refused every time.
  •  Before Labour lost the 2010 General Election Alistair Darling was planning to cut NHS spending by 5%, around £5 billion pounds, that is £13 million a day! When the Conservatives came to power they ring fenced NHS spending, then increased it, despite Gordon Brown’s immense recession.
  • As noted before, Labour cannot be trusted to run anything. With the NHS they tried to implement a IT system, against best advice, when they did not know what they were doing.The inevitable disaster cost £12bn, that is £12,000,000,000.With nothing to show for it. This would have paid for 60,000 nurses for a decade.
  • Gordon Brown discovered Private Finance Initiatives (PFI). With this he could spend immense amounts of money on needless vanity projects without having to pay for them and without them showing on the national debt. So he bought lots of shiny new hospitals (plus some other things). But PFI is an incredibly expensive way to do anything, 12 times more expensive than conventional financing, and now the NHS is being crippled by their need to fund Gordon Brown’s profligacy. £54.7bn was borrowed under PFI, mostly for hospitals, but the total cost to the taxpayer will be £301bn. Payments will peak at £10.1bn a year. Utterly staggering figures and amazing incompetence.
  • Of course Labour IS running a NHS in Britain today, that is the one in Wales, where they are in power. And it is a complete train crash, as you might expect. Patients are being kept for hours (and are dying) in parked ambulances because there is no hospital room for them. Waiting lists have become astronomical, 42% of patients in Wales wait six weeks to be seen compared with just 1.8% in England. And death rates have shot up, just as they did at Mid Staffs. You really don’t want to be ill in Labour controlled Wales and if Labour get control of the English NHS then you won’t want to be ill here. And remember that  in the last three years the Welsh government has spent more than £1.5 million of taxpayers money on NHS staff doing trade union activities, instead of caring for people.

As you can see from the above anyone who could ever need to use the NHS would be utterly mad to ever consider voting Labour. They are the party who damage patients most. Now let’s look at the Conservative NHS successes:

  • Bringing in high quality external management (not privatisation, like the lefties claim). Profit is the reward for looking after customers. So it is brilliant that the NHS uses profit as the mechanic to ensure the NHS is run in the best possible way for patients. Just look at Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Just over two years ago this was a  “financial and clinical basket case”, the Royal College of Surgeons called it “dysfunctional”. One of the worst hospital’s in Britain as a result of Labour’s stupid policies. Then external, profit making, management was brought in and very rapidly Hinchingbrooke became one of the best performing hospitals in Britain. A remarkable and rapid turnaround. The Conservative policy of contracting out management is a winner for patients when it is done properly. And remember that GPs have always been privately employed.
  • In 2010 the UK had amongst the lowest cancer survival rates in Western Europe.The Conservatives set up the cancer drugs fund, also they transformed cancer diagnosis so the NHS now tests 1,000 more people for cancer every single day. So far during this parliament the NHS has treated nearly three quarters of a million more people for cancer than during the whole of the last one. An incredible success story.
  • In 2010 fewer than half of those with dementia got a diagnosis, meaning many missed out on vital medicine or support for their family. The Conservative NHS has now diagnosed an extra 80,000 people. The Prime Minister hosted a G8 summit to get the drug companies to do more to find a cure. And the NHS is working with the Alzheimers Society to enroll one million dementia friends to tackle stigma, with half a million signed up so far.
  • With A&E the NHS has halved the time people wait to be assessed and are treating nearly 2,000 more people every day within the four hour target compared to 2010.
  • In our world financial crisis Italy cut health spending by 3%, Greece by 14%, Portugal by 17% and Labour was planning a 5% cut for our NHS. Instead the Conservatives ring fenced spending, then increased it. NHS funding rose 0.3% in 2011/12 and 0.8% in 2012/13, then by a further by £2.7bn in 2013-14
  • The number of managers and senior managers has declined in each of the past four years and stood at 36,360 in 2013, the lowest total since 2003.
  • Over the past three years the number of patients waiting longer than a year for treatment has declined from 20,097 in September 2011 to just 362 in September 2014.
  • The Conservatives have funded 6,500 extra doctors and  3,300 more nurses.
  • The creation of NHS England, their task is the budgeting, planning, delivery and day-to-day operation of the commissioning side of the NHS using a powerful chief executive, good management practices and minimum political interference.

As you can see the Conservatives have been magnificent and have turned around a NHS that was failing in so many ways. It is not perfect yet (it never will be) and the Conservatives have plans in place for even more improvements after they win the next election. But the biggest factor for the NHS is affording it, which means a successful economy. And everyone in Britain knows that the Conservatives are by far the best at economic management.

Labour make empty promises. But we know from the fact that they already have plans to spend their Mansion Tax several times over that these have no credibility whatsoever. We do know, however, that they have failed badly with the NHS in the past and that they will screw up the economy, so that they won’t have the money. And that in Andy Burnham they have a shadow Health Secretary who is a proven failure at the job.

George Osborne is soaking the rich

Osborne 512

To understand this article you have to understand two concepts. The first is the Laffer Curve. If a government increases a tax rate from a low level it will collect more money. However once a certain tax rate is reached any further increase will lead to a REDUCTION in money collected, as people avoid the economic activity that attracts that tax. This has been proven many times. So after a point high tax rates are very silly and can only be applied as punishment or envy of those being taxed. They very certainly reduce government income by a huge amount.

The second concept is globalisation. People can very quickly move their money, their income or even themselves to another country where the tax rate is lower. Then we collect no tax. Many very high earners have moved from the City of London to Singapore, Dubai, Switzerland etc. Philip Green is the Chairman of Arcadia which owns Top Shop, BHS, Wallis, Burton and much more of the high street. He is worth £5 billion and lives in Monaco to avoid our taxes, as do many others. French people who work hard and earn well pay 66% tax, with their employer being forced to top this up to 75%. So the wealth creators have voted with their feet and left the country. London is now the sixth largest French city.

These two factors mean that George Osborne has his hands tied in how much he soaks the rich. Overdo it and the country will receive far less tax revenue. But he needs the money to pay for Gordon Brown’s disasters, so is going after the rich as hard as he possibly can. Already people earning over £160K a year,  just 1% of the population, pay a third of all British income tax. Let’s look at what he is doing.

  • In 1974 the top rate income tax was raised to 83% by Labour. With the 15% investment income surcharge added the top rate was 98%. These rates applied to incomes from over £20,000. Which resulted in the government collecting far less tax. Margaret Thatcher cut the top rate to 40% in the 1988 budget and so government tax income went up massively. Gordon Brown kept this 40% top rate right through 13 years of government, then, in a panic, increased it to 50% for the last few weeks of their government in 2010, this sharply reduced government income, two thirds of millionaires just disappeared. The Laffer Curve biting government income when the tax rate is too high. George Osborne kept the 50% rate until the 2013/4 tax year, when he reduced it to 45%. This will increase the amount of money he collects. It is not just the tax rate, it is at what income level the high rate is applied. In 1997/8 this was £26,100. By 2009/10 Gordon Brown had increased this to £37,400. George Osborne has reduced this to £31,865. So the facts are irrefutable, on income tax, under George Osborne the rich are being soaked more than under Labour and Gordon Brown. In fact Gordon Brown soaked the poor by getting rid of the 10p tax rate. Whist George Osborne has rapidly increase personal allowances from 6,475 in 2009/10 up to £10,000 now. massively favouring poor tax payers. Rich people do not get these personal allowances, punishing them further.
  • Let’s look at stamp duty on house purchases. From 2000 the top rate under Labour was 4%. In April 2010, as part of the Labour panic, they introduced a 5% level for houses over £1 million. George Osborne has kept this and has not increased the threshold with inflation. So that is £50,000 in tax for every £1m in house value. A very big soak on the rich. In 2012 George Osborne introduced a new rate of 7% for houses over £2m. Soaking the rich even further.
  • Now inheritance tax. In 1997 the threshold below which this wasn’t paid was £215,000 by 2010 Labour had increased this to £325,000, a sharp increase. George Osborne has not increased this. The tax rate is 40%.
  • Next, Capital Gains Tax.  Basic rate taxpayers are charged CGT at 18%, higher rate taxpayers are charged CGT at 28%. This higher rate was introduced on  23 June 2010 and has remained ever since.
  • Vehicle excise duty (road tax). In 2009/10 this was band A £0, B £35, D £120 through to M at £405. Now it is A £0, B £0, D £0 then ramping up to M at £1,090. So George Osborne has reduced car tax for poor people with small cars to £0 and has more than doubled it for rich people with big cars.
  • Rich people sometimes use loopholes to reduce their tax. George Osborne is closing these. Overseas investors avoided capital gains tax, this applied to UK expats selling property while based overseas. This has been closed. We have seen celebrities in the news repeatedly as George Osborne closes their complex tax dodging schemed and makes them pay. Tax reliefs for things like charity giving, business “losses” and mortgage offsets were used massively to create loopholes. Osborne has limited these to 25 percent of their income or £50,000 – whichever is greater. These are all massive soaks on the rich and something that Gordon Brown could have done, but didn’t.

Most millionaires are self made and people become rich by hard work, enterprise, investment and risk taking. Soaking them with high taxes like this is punishing them for everything that they do. Our long term economy would be best served by far lower taxes on the rich, thus rewarding success and allowing the creation of wealth in society. But we can’t do this just now due to the incredible mess that Gordon Brown created when he trashed the British economy.

Now let’s take a look at Hong Kong. A HK$ is worth about 8 pence. The personal income tax allowance, on which no tax is paid, depends on family size. It starts at HK$ 1,620,000 pa and rises to nearly HK$6 million pa for a medium sized family. If you earn more than that income tax starts at 2%, rising to 17% for the very highest earners. No wonder that, excluding the value of their homes, Hong Kong has 124,000 millionaires and that this number is increasing at 27% a year. The Hong Kong government does not work with socialist envy, it works with trying to make as many people as possible as rich as possible.

This is the best way forward for Great Britain, instead of punishing rich people why not make a lot more people rich?

Who on earth would ever vote Labour?

a 26

History has taught us, repeatedly, that voting Labour is always a form of self harm. Like shooting yourself in the foot with a 12 bore shotgun or like turkeys voting for Christmas. Every Labour government increases unemployment. Every Labour government trashes the economy. Every Labour government reduces Britain’s place in the world. Every Labour government makes British society more dysfunctional. Labour governments have been a far bigger disaster for Great Britain than World War 2 was. And any future Labour government will be exactly the same. Or, looking at Ed Miliband, even worse.

That Labour will always fail badly is because they are not driven by reality, they are instead driven by a dogma called socialism. And every single time that socialism has been tried anywhere in the world it has failed. Just look at Cuba, Venezuela and what is happening to the NHS in Wales right now. I wrote an article explaining the comparison of the recent history of Cuba and Hong Kong. The difference is so huge and socialism causes so much harm that any implementation of it must be considered utterly immoral.

Let’s look at some of the highlights of Labour’s abysmal failures:

  • Attlee 1945-51. Continued wartime austerity, when countries like Germany and France didn’t. During WW2 food was rationed from January 1940 till VJ day in August 1945. Five and a half years. Attlee rationed food from July 1945 till the Conservatives started rolling it back after their election victory in October 1951. Six and a half years. And Attlee rationing was far stricter than wartime rationing, bread was rationed for the first time and calorie intake was reduced as they mismanaged the economy. Right to the limits of starvation. Attlee nationalised about 20% of the economy, which then went into terminal decline. And in 1947 there were widespread power cuts. The USA threw money at Europe in the Marshall Plan to aid post war recovery. Germany received one and a half billion dollars (an immense amount then) and used it to rebuild their industry, from which they still benefit. UK received over twice as much and frittered it away on socialist dogma. Attlee created a massively generous welfare state where people received benefits if they didn’t feel like working and where the state thought it could spend people’s money better than they themselves could. Attlee borrowed immense amounts of money from USA and Canada, 6 billion in 1946 alone, which was wasted on fiscal incontinence and dogma and which took many decades to repay. Attlee vastly increased taxes, taking earned money out of the economy and greatly increased the number of people paying income tax with the introduction of PAYE. Gross financial mismanagement led to the huge 1947 “Sterling Crisis” which ended Great Britain as a global economic superpower.
  • Wilson. 1964-70, 1974-76. Callaghan 1976-9. You would think it would be very difficult to screw up Britain far worse than the Attlee government had, but these two tried their best. Notably their socialist dogma of envy led them to punish people who succeed. They increased income tax to 83% for the rich, which vastly reduced the amount collected (see Laffer Curve). Not only that they added a surcharge of up to 15% for investment income, which they spitefully called “unearned income”. So the top tax rate became 98% and there was no longer any point in working hard, succeeding and building wealth. So Britain suffered very badly. As always under Labour the economy was massively mismanaged, which led to another crisis with Sterling and to the 1967 devaluation of 14.3%, which made everyone in Britain worse off. Labour tried to dictate what people were paid, the prices of goods in the shops, currency exchange rates and much more. This cause immense dissatisfaction. Just about every public service went on strike in the Winter of Discontent, dead bodies were not buried, hospitals were closed to patients, mountains of garbage piled up in the streets, 29,474,000 working days were lost directly and many more indirectly. Great Britain was trashed.
  • Blair 1997-07. Brown 2007-10. Having supposedly learned the lesson of previous Labour disaster the new Labour government promised to follow and continue the very successful economic policies of Ken Clarke. But they couldn’t help themselves and gradually at first, but eventually at a massive rate they trashed the British economy. Their first problem was to effectively remove all control over financial markets with the creation of the supine Financial Services Authority, this obviously stored up immense disasters such as the RBS purchase of ABN AMRO, the creation of trillions of pounds of complex and ridiculous “derivatives” and the bundling of dodgy debts to securitise them on an epic scale. In addition Labour became increasingly fiscally incontinent, borrowing whilst the economy was booming (breaking Gordon Brown’s own Golden Rule) and spending money on an epic scale that they didn’t have and which they didn’t even have a costed budget for. Then they discovered that with the Public Finance Initiative they could borrow billions more “off balance sheet” to throw at vanity projects at immense real financial cost, to be met by future generations. The economic recession that their behaviour dropped us into was one of the worst in British history and the immense mountain of debt and structural deficit they built will take many decades to get under control. Here is a great academic paper that explains it all.

Labour governments have been so utterly abysmal that it is difficult to choose which is the worst. Certainly it is utterly amazing that anyone ever votes for them again. And immoral, because voting for them harms everyone. So who votes Labour and why?

  • Tribal people. These tend to be either unintelligent or badly educated. Sometimes both. They live in working class tribal communities and vote according to what the tribe says, not thinking for themselves. The tribal message is “us and them” class warfare. They don’t seem to have caught on to the fact that Labour is run by a rich metropolitan elite, most of whom have never had a proper job and who utterly despise the working class tribes.
  • Young people. Our society has two institutions, the BBC and the state education system, that brainwash young people into the lie that socialism has merit. Largely because the people in these institutions have no real world experience. So the polls show that young people, due to their ignorance of reality, are predominantly Labour voters. Then as they grow older and gain experience they become wiser and more knowledgeable, they realise the error of their ways and decreasingly vote Labour.
  • “Academics”. Some young people never leave school, they just go on to become teachers, lecturers and professors. So they never get any real world experience. So they continue to be deluded that socialism has any merit.  In 2004, a poll of university academics rated Clement Attlee the 20th-century’s greatest prime minister, with an average mark of 8.34 out of 10. Winston Churchill was second, on 7.88. That is all you need to know about how deluded and plain ignorant they are.
  • People who believe in “social justice”. These people believe Labour lies that they will, for instance, be better for child poverty. When all the historical evidence says the opposite. They believe that Labour will somehow be nicer and fairer. When we know that this just is not true. Labour are the nasty party. They always seek to punish successful, hard working, enterprising people. Whilst the Conservatives want to make everyone rich. Margaret Thatcher reduced the Basic Rate of Income Tax from 33 per cent to 25 per cent, and the Higher Rate from 83 per cent to 40 per cent. So people could keep the money they had earned, build wealth and create good lives for their families. George Osborne, despite Gordon Brown’s immense recession, has increased personal tax free allowances from £6,475 to £10,500, which especially benefits people climbing from the bottom of the pay ladder. Cameron’s policies have created 2 million new jobs. More than in the whole of the rest of Europe put together. The Conservatives are the party of social justice.
  • Failures. There are two types here. Firstly middle aged people who have not succeeded as they would have wished. They blame this on the rich, who have succeeded and so seek to punish them. They never take responsibility for themselves and blame their own laziness, stupidity or incompetence. These people really are utterly immoral. Then there are old people who look back on their lives of under-performing and who blame it on those who have outperformed them. Once again bitter, nasty and utterly stupid.
  • Envious people. An emotion that occurs when a person lacks another’s superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it. These people are nasty, bitter, twisted and deeply unhappy. They think that the state should punish people who are more successful than them. Unfortunately socialism fosters and breeds this evil emotion, so there is a lot of it about in Great Britain. Strangely if someone is paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a week for kicking a football it is OK, yet earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year creating wealth for society is seen as evil. This envy is a cancer deeply embedded in British society by decades of socialism and you can hear it used in every speech made by a Labour politician. They really are the nasty party.
  • Carpetbaggers. People who become very rich or richer from espousing the evils of socialism. Ed Miliband is a millionaire and lives in a £3 million house. Michael Meacher has a property portfolio of ten homes. Margaret Hodge with £18 million of Stemcor is the richest woman in Parliament. Shaun Woodward sold Sarsden House, his Oxfordshire pile, in 2006 for £24 million. Tony Blair is worth £70 million. Gordon Brown earned £1.37 million last year. Tony Benn left £5 million when he died, carefully engineered to minimise estate duty. Geoffrey Robinson MP is worth £10m. And so on. Good on them, building wealth is an excellent endeavor. However the stink of their hypocrisy is unbelievable.

As you can see, voting Labour is something to be ashamed of. It makes nearly everyone in our society far worse off in every way. It is also self harm just as surely as slitting you wrists with a razor is.

Deficits by chancellor

PFI graph 512

Socialists Hayek 512




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Britain’s biggest political failure

This is an immense failing of all shades of government. In the London area a family home that costs around £100,000 to build now sells for a million pounds and costs £36,000 a year to rent. This makes it impossible for the vast majority of incomers to live and work in London, creating an immense commuting infrastructure and holding back the whole British economy. This stupidity extends  nationwide, so that the taxpayer has to intervene to pay the housing costs of millions of households.  It is the second biggest cost for the taxpayer, totalling £23.8billion in 2013-14 – almost 30% of the entire welfare bill. All utterly ridiculous.

What has gone wrong here is very simple. The law of supply and demand puts prices up when there is insufficient supply. And Great Britain does not have enough houses. In the 1950s, with Harold Macmillan as housing minister, the UK built around 300,000 new homes every year. This increased to 425,000 new homes a year by 1968. Last year 122,590 homes were started, the biggest number since 2007, and up 23% year on year. So we are building a tiny fraction of what the country needs.

What has gone wrong? Basically the real shortage is of building land that make it incredibly difficult, vastly time consuming and immensely expensive to build. Yet the UK has huge amounts of spare land. Power up Google Earth and fly round Great Britain a bit and you will find that, amazingly, very little land is used for housing to accommodate the human beings who live and work here. The best measure is from the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA), they calculated that 6.8% of the UK’s land area is now classified as urban, 10.6% in England, 1.9% in Scotland, 3.6% in N. Ireland and 4.1% in Wales. But in England 78.6% of this urban area is designated as natural rather than built so the percentage of England’s landscape which is actually given over to homes is a ridiculously small 2.27%.

So how did we get into this ridiculous situation? The answer is the highly restrictive 1947 Town and Country Planning Act and conservation fascists like the Council to Protect Rural England (CPRE) who really are the enemy of everyone in Britain wanting a home. We could double or triple the amount of land given over to homes in this country and it would still be a green and pleasant land.

And what is the answer?:

  • Repeal the  1947 and 1990 Town and Country Planning Acts.
  • Target a minimum of half a million new homes per annum.
  • Maximum period for planning permission (just a rubber stamp) should be two weeks.
  • Protect all National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Trust land with the existing system.
  • Get rid of greenbelts and encourage home building on farm land.
  • Build a string of Eco cities between Cambridge and Oxford, linked by a new motorway and train line.
  • Scrap Section 106 and all other stupid, onerous and restrictive planning constraints. Let the market work.
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The last, Labour, government are mostly to blame for destroying house building in the UK. The current Government has had the immense problem of inheriting Gordon Brown’s vast economic recession. Yet their answer to the housing market, Help to Buy, it utterly the wrong solution. It uses taxpayer’s money once again when there is no need and it increases demand without increasing supply which merely increases house prices. What is needed are the radical reforms listed above that will massively increase the supply of homes. It really is the only solution.

And there are very many other benefits this would bring to our economy, as you will find in this previous article on the subject.

Rochester and Strood. A great day for the Conservatives

Labour Stroud van 512

Firstly in House of Commons politics this will have zero effect. Mark Reckless will be wearing a different badge in the House but he will be thinking and acting the same. The Conservatives are well rid of loose cannons like him, they cost the party a lot of votes.

Secondly the really huge story is Emily Thornberry revealing to the world what the commentators already knew. Labour these days are a metropolitan elite clique who see themselves (misguidedly) as intellectuals and who have total, utter contempt for the working man, who they see as being well beneath them. They have lost touch with the reality that their jobs require the votes of these same working people and that they should be afforded the uttermost respect. Thornberry has opened the world’s eyes to the reality that Labour really are now the nasty party, who do not deserve anyone’s vote. This is a worse moment for them than Gordon Brown’s “bigot” gaffe.

Now to the results.

Mark Reckless (UKIP) 16,867 (42.10%)
Kelly Tolhurst (Conservative) 13,947 (34.81%)
Naushabah Khan (Labour) 6,713 (16.76%)
Clive Gregory (Green) 1,692 (4.22%)
Geoff Juby (Lib Dem) 349 (0.87%)

In 2010 it was:

Conservative: 23604 (49.2%)
Labour: 13651 (28.46%)
Liberal Democrat: 7800 (16.26%)
Green: 734 (1.53%)
English Democrat: 2182 (4.55%)

In 2005 the constituency was almost identical but was called Medway:

Rochester and Strood boundaries 512

Bob Marshall-Andrews Labour 17,333 (42.2%)
Mark Reckless Conservative 17,120 (41.7%)
Geoffrey Juby Liberal Democrat 5,152 (12.5%)
Bob Oakley UK Independence Party 1,488 (3.6%)


Some analysis:

Mark Reckless had a terrible day. He was the sitting MP plus he had the advantage of by-election protest votes. Yet his vote share went down from 49.2% to 42.1%. Come the 2015 General Election when voters are voting for the Prime Minister and the economy he will surely lose his seat. Nigel Farage, as ever, came out with a disingenuous lie. He tried to extrapolate this results to hundreds of seats won at the General Election. But in those seats he doesn’t have the sitting MP. And, of course, the senior BBC correspondent didn’t pull him up on this.

Kelly Tolhurst did brilliantly. The Conservatives always do badly in by-elections, when the results don’t really matter. Yet she has gone from zero to nearly 35% of the votes. This must have all the other parties very worried indeed. General election day will see her easily win.

Labour are in utter meltdown. Look at the effect of their leadership on this constituency. Tony Blair 42.2%, Gordon Brown 28.46%, Ed Miliband 16.76%. The party really could be finished, they have lost all relevance to their previous voter base and have a leader who is universally laughed at.

Liberal Democrats. Goodbye. 349 votes. The lowest ever in history for a party that is in power. General Election day 2015 will be a huge train crash. And there is no way out.

The election really does confirm my previous analysis, why the Labour party could be in terminal decline and why the Conservatives will win the 2015 General Election. Both those articles were written before  Emily Thornberry revealed the contempt that Labour have for their voters. So my position has now been further reinforced.

Labour MP background 512


Terrorism. A word that is massively misused and abused

Earlier I wrote an article about how the press and politicians use the word Troll completely out of its true meaning and that real internet Trolls are a good thing. Terrorism is a word that is even more massively misused. To Benjamin Netanyahu it is anyone who disagrees with him, it is just a pejorative insult! Many Western politicians are little better. And it is very important to remember that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter, as I pointed out in an earlier article about the Taliban being the good guys.

Firstly let’s look at what the word terrorism really does mean. Wikpedia says: violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutral military personnel or civilians). Oxford Dictionaries says: The unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.

So firstly let’s look at the biggest act of terrorism of our times, the invasion of Iraq by Bush and Blair. After 9/11 Bush described Iraq as part of an “axis of evil”, which was an utter lie. A lie your press and politicians did not protect you from. Saddam Hussein was in reality one of the most powerful forces in the world at fighting Al-Qaeda yet Bush told the world the opposite. Both leaders then made up a pack of even more lies to justify their actions, Blair’s dodgy dossier and Bush sending Colin Powell to lie to the UN. Then they illegally invaded Iraq with no objectives or understanding of what would happen when Saddam was removed. The result was well over half a million civilian deaths, which have continued till the present day. The definition of terrorism is met perfectly by what Bush and Blair did.

Then let’s look at what probably isn’t terrorism but which the press and politicians insist is. I am obviously talking about the creation of the Islamic State out of the political and military vacuum of Syria and Iraq. They use land theft and ethnic cleansing to create their country. This is exactly what Israel has done in Palestine or what USA did to the Native Americans. Some say that the Islamic State are barbaric. Well they should look at what the governments of our friends and allies in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are doing. Equally barbaric, on a far bigger scale. And remember that France was cutting people’s heads off till 1977.

Israel sniper T shirts 512

One huge recent example of terrorism was the incredibly disproportionate attack on the Gaza concentration camp (look up the definition) by Israel. This involved using their Dahiya Doctrine of collective punishment and is a result of their propaganda successfully dehumanizing the Palestinian people in the minds of Israelis. So to Israel it is a good thing to deliberately target and kill 577 and injure 3,374 children (both numbers far more than the Islamic State has), to destroy homes at random with their families still in them and to especially target pregnant women “two kills with one bullet”. All against international law. Yet your press and politicians ignore this very real terrorism.

Another ongoing terrorism campaign is being waged in semi secret by the use of drones by the CIA in a whole swathe of countries including Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia that the USA is not at war with. These are relentlessly killing and injuring children and other non combatants and seem to be conducted to create fear of the all seeing eye and the instant death from the sky arriving 24/7.

Western hypocrisy and double standards knows no bounds. David Cameron seeks to remove the passports and prevent the return of British Muslims who go to help the Islamic State, even in a humanitarian role. Yet British communists who fought in the Spanish Civil war were treated as being heroes and nothing is done about the British citizens who go and fight in the terrorist Israeli army.

Palestine map. Big

Finally let’s look at Hamas, a political party in the Gaza concentration camp who are far more democratically elected than the Israeli government, despite Israel’s continuous efforts to prevent Palestinian democracy. They represent a people who have had most of their land stolen and who have been relentlessly ethnically cleansed (look up the definition) since Black Sunday in 1937. Hamas are definitely freedom fighters and Israel are definitely the terrorist state. To try and suggest otherwise is to totally ignore the facts.

A good example of why the EU will never work

Greek smoking 512

The EU tells us: “According to conservative estimates, over 79 000 adults, including 19 000 non-smokers, died in the EU in 2002 due to exposure to tobacco smoke at home (72 000) and in their workplace (7300)”. This is a huge and obvious public health problem. Smokers go through life poisoning other people and if there were any justice they would all be dragged outside and shot in front of their families  ( © 2011 Jeremy Clarkson). The EU came up with the more moderate measure of a Council of Ministers recommendation in 2009. As a result 17 EU countries have comprehensive smoke fee laws. But the reality in different countries is startling.

In the UK our legislators and civil servants “gold plate” EU legislation. They piggy back all sorts of extra measures on and then implement in a statist authoritarian manner. We citizens need to be controlled and told what to do. So our government have enforced the EU measures very strictly indeed with all public enclosed spaces and very many open places deemed smoke free. Pubs have been forced to erect external open sided structures for the addicts to use. The penalties for ignoring the rules are huge and rigidly enforced. This is how the British state works, lots of laws rigorously enforced so the state has total control over us. Our attitude to playing a straight bat with the EU also makes us a major financial contributor.

In France they have enacted and enforced the rules to the minimum. Bars and restaurants have huge glass and plastic structures like conservatories taking up most of the pavement, with big permanently open doors leading from them into the interior. These structures are counted as being “outside” so everyone smokes like crazy in them, filling up the whole place, inside and out, with smoke. So there is no such reality as “smoke free”. This is the French attitude to the EU, comply with the letter of the law but don’t enforce it in a way that would actually work. Extended to the EU budget France has always arranged things so as to contribute far less than Germany or the UK. Exactly as you would expect.

In Greece they like to pass all EU laws to the letter and then to totally ignore them. Then if asked totally lie about their failed enforcement. So it is with smoking, from 1 September 2010 Greek law bans smoking and consumption of tobacco products by other means, in all working places, transportation stations, in taxis and passenger ships (in trains, buses and airplanes smoking is already prohibited), as well as in all enclosed public places including restaurants, night clubs, etc., without any exception. But go to Greece and they still have ashtrays on the tables of bars and restaurants and the police will happily smoke away in the supposedly banned places, the law is completely ignored. The Greeks only interest in the EU is to have our money to finance their corrupt state.

What we see with smoking you can extrapolate to every area of policy. National attitudes and behaviour towards the EU are utterly and completely different. We throw a fortune at Spain (why?), Portugal, Greece and Eastern Europe so they love sitting there being crony benefactors. France and Germany believe the EU stops them fighting each other whilst Benelux and Scandinavia try to be good citizens. The obvious disparities and frictions are immense and it will never work as a super state, which is what so many EU politicians and civil servants want. It will only ever work as a free trade zone, the national disparities are just too huge.



This website is being sabotaged

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This is not my first blog. Bruce on Games started in August 2007 and has had 1,879,220 user sessions, Bruce on Shaving started in July 2010 and has had 642,548 user sessions. Bruce on Politics is a little baby with just 84,497 user sessions thus far. I have written over 1,000 blog articles in total across all my blogs and they have averaged well over 2,000 readers each. So, with all modesty I can say that I am an experienced blogger. All this time Google Analytics has been used to keep an eye on traffic, so visitor behaviour is well understood. People have spent an average of 5 minutes 29 seconds reading the article Can Zionism be compared to Nazism, for instance.

Analytics has a real time capability. It is possible to see how many people are using a website right now and what they are doing. This is very interesting, but nothing to obsess over. Bruce on Politics being a little baby website tends to run in low single figures of visitors at any one time. Tweet a few links and this gets into the low teens. Create a bit of a fuss and the most that has been seen is 47 simultaneous users. Then I started writing about the evils of Zionism and one day the traffic collapsed. Flatlining a lot of the time and only getting into low single figures when a url  had been retweeted multiple times. This website is being very severely throttled.

Then I get Tweets like this from @meadstweet “Chapta text is missing, I can’t access the link – this happens a lot atm”. So the users are experiencing this throttling.

This website is hosted in a very good place, in the USA, with a good server and a huge amount of bandwidth. During the throttling they have reported no technical problems. None of my other websites hosted there are experiencing any problems. So the throttling is happening right on the internet backbone, they are hitting traffic from the whole world. This is not the work of a hacker, no matter how skilled, this is the work of a top level national security organisation. And which country would not like articles critical of Zionism?

Analytics allows the examination of individual countries. Towns and cities even. So lets have a look at Israel. Since Monday there have been just 72 sessions from there, a ridiculously low figure considering the article content I have posted. Then look at where these people are: Tel Aviv, where the Government offices are, 62 visitors, mostly with normal session lengths, then  Jerusalem 3, Haifa 2, the other cities just 1 each, with session lengths mostly of 0 seconds. So the people of Israel are being prevented from reading my blog and the Israeli Government are keeping a very close eye on it. I am flattered.

This is how Zionism works, they act to prevent people like you getting the truth. They censor everything critical of them at every opportunity. They control most of the world’s print and broadcast media so they can manipulate what the mainstream media tell you. Only the internet has the truth and they use their Hasbara propagandists to spread their lies there. Now we know that they use their security agencies to censor a website written by a British person and hosted in America. Think how much more of the internet they are censoring. What they are preventing you from seeing.

It gets worse. The Israelis have close intelligence co-operation with British and USA agencies. So our governments know that this is going on. Also GCHQ and NSA can see it. Yet they do nothing. They should be working to protect free speech and to protect your rights, instead they are co-operating with the toxic, pariah Israeli state to mute what you are allowed to read. A very good insight how the governments that we vote for really work. Certainly not in your interests.

The answer to this is very simple. Please feel free to copy and use anything I have written on here. Stick it in places like Blogger, WordPress and Facebook. They cannot censor the whole internet. You can be Spartacus.

Palestine. Israel. Gaza. A complete education

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Modern Israel was a present from the British Government to European Jewry in thanks for their help in bankrolling WW1. As is obvious from the Balfour Declaration of 1917:

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

“His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it beingclearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

As we know the British honoured their side of the agreement and the Zionists didn’t. As soon as they arrived in Palestine they started terrorism against the indigenous population and against the British. To the level of ethnic cleansing. This has continued to the present day. So Zionist are European colonialists who steal land and commit genocide against all other races. Israel provokes conflict as a tactic to steal land and to ethnically cleanse. They have stolen land from all their neighbours, not just from Palestine. The two big episodes of land theft/ethnic cleansing were in 1948 and 1967. But it is a continuous process, as we see today.

I have written articles that are supported by fact. They usually tell a different story to the lies of the Zionist mass media. But if you engage your intellect and use Google you will rapidly see that what I say is the truth.

Let’s look at some of the articles on this blog (13 articles, click the headlines to see them in new windows):

Israel doesn’t like democracy

This article explains the structural problem in the way that Israel is run so that religious extremists always have control. This makes a civilised non bigoted state impossible. Continuous terrorism against others is an inevitable part of the Israeli government.

Why is Israel attacking Gaza?

This is well worth a read because the answer is not what you think it is.

Zionism is a problem for all of us

An article that gets to the root of why we have the Israel terrorist state in the Middle East, causing massive problems for humanity.

Can Zionism be compared to Nazism?

Zionism and Nazism came from the same historical and philosophical background. What they do as political movement is startlingly similar. They are both very bad news indeed for other people.

Digging through all the lies in Israel

The huge powerful propaganda and lie machine by which Israel brainwashes its own population and also that of America. Europeans have seen it all before with Nazism, so are a bit more sceptical. It is amazing that otherwise well educated people believe the lies of Zionism.

The true history of the country of Palestine

Intellectually curious Israelis will read this and the evidence it presents and they will have the scales removed from their eyes. The Israeli state dehumanises Palestinians to justify barbaric behaviour against them. Part of this process is to deny their national existence. The Zionist have created a mountain of lies about Palestine in their attempt to re-write history. Educated people are not fooled.

What is happening in the Middle East

The whole region is a nasty neighbourhood, largely due to the actions of Israel and of America acting on Israel’s behalf. This article paints a broader, contextual view.

Zionism = Nazism, internet memes

Zionists control most of the World’s print and broadcast media. So they are able to brainwash globally. However with social media they have lost control and their true identity as a toxic, pariah state is clear for all to see. These memes are part of social media’s mechanic for conveying their utter repulsion for Zionism.

Open your eyes to Israel with these videos

Not all Jews are brainwashed Zionist trolls. Some are decent, intelligent human beings. And some of these Jews have made these videos. They are essential viewing for anyone who wants to understand the truth about Israel. Anyone with an open mind will see the horrors of Zionism revealed and their inhuman behaviour exposed. Every school child in Israel should watch these. It would make the world a better place. Every American red neck conservative should watch them also. But mostly these people are beyond redemption.

Is the Talmud the most evil book on earth?

The Talmud is a book, it is the “intellectual” basis for Zionism and it is an evil promotion of man’s inhumanity to man on the basis of race. This book is at the core of many of the world’s problems.

How ignorant Americans are one of the biggest Middle East problems

The Zionist genocide of Palestinians is paid for by American taxpayers. So that they are happy to do this they have been massively brainwashed by the Zionist press. Which means that they are incredibly ignorant about the truth of Israel. Yet they have been fed so much propaganda that they are deluded into thinking the opposite.

Israel’s “moral army” at work

Israeli propaganda calls the IDF a “moral army”. The exact opposite is true, they commit atrocities on an industrial scale and are just as bad as ISIS or any other extremist Islamic force. With the advent of camera phones these atrocities are increasingly being caught on video. YouTube has thousands of them. Here are just a few.

There are some intelligent Jews

Very many Jews are opposed to what Zionism is doing in their name. Either for religious or for moral reasons. Increasingly they protest to get their viewpoint over. One huge motivating factor is the huge rise in anti-Semitism globally that has been caused by the actions of Zionists.

All the knowledge and truth above may motivate you to want to tell others. If so feel free to copy and use any of it. I am very happy for anyone to take and use my content so as to open the eyes of the world. An occasional credit would be nice, but not essential!


There are some intelligent Jews

We all know that Zionism is an evil political creed which is very similar to Nazism. At its centre is European colonialists travelling to Palestine to steal the land and ethnically cleanse it. But not all Jews are a party to these crimes against humanity. In fact some actively oppose it. Please feel free to use and distribute these. The world will be a better place if more people see them.

Israel Jew stands with Gaza 512

Israel jews-against-zionism 512

Israel real-jews denounce war crimes 512

Israelis burn flag 512

Israel. I am jewish. Stop killing palestinians. 512

Israel zionism-problem not Hamas 512

Israel. Zionism is the main cause of ant semitism. 512

Israel does not represent Jews 512

Israel end of zionism = peace 512

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Rally in London against Israeli attacks on Gaza

Israel is insane 512

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Are the Labour party in their death throes?

Labour 1400 reasons

In Britain we have what is called a representative democracy, where each and every voter has a specific MP to look after their interests. Voting is in a simple first past the post (FPTP) system which favours two strong candidates and thus two strong parties. Long history around the world tells us that third parties have no long term future.

In Britain our two parties have for a long time been one of the left, the Conservatives and one of the even more left, the Labour party. Once one of these is in power they tend to stay there until they have annoyed the British public a lot. As James Callaghan, John Major and Gordon Brown found out. Third parties campaign for scraps with strong local candidates, single issue politics and by appealing to protest votes. Mostly they are politically insignificant. But just now British politics is going through a very strange  phase, which could turn out to be transforming. Simultaneously we have two strong third parties, the SNP in Scotland and UKIP in England. This situation is very unstable, so it cannot last too long. It will finish with us back in a two party system, it is just a matter of which parties those are and if the Scottish ones are different to the English ones.

Interestingly very many professional commentators haven’t got their heads round this, they still have Swingometers embedded in their brains. Though someone in the Conservatives was very incisive when they came up with their “vote UKIP get Labour” slogan because that really is the crux of where we now stand. Say a constituency is 60% centrist and 40% leftist. If two strong centrist candidates split their vote evenly at 30% each then the less popular lefty candidate wins. But even though the Conservatives were bright enough to realise this first it is Labour who could well be the biggest victims.

Labour’s problems are that they are very badly led by a deeply unpopular person and that they have a treasury team that is always wrong and which has no credible ideas to make Britain a better place. Labour’s advantages are embedded tribal attitudes in constituencies where voting habits are handed down from father to son and where critical faculties are never engaged. If they put a chimp up as their candidate in every seat they would still win a lot of them, as any examination of the Labour Commons benches proves. Labour have further weakened themselves with a sexist policy of girlies only constituencies, so they don’t even get the best chimps. Having trade union placemen parachuted into very many constituencies further weakens their intellectual pool.

Now let’s look at the constituency of Heywood and Middleton and their recent by-election. (Yes I know how unreliable by-election results are). This is a prime “chimp” seat in the North of England. And sure enough a trade union girlie was parachuted in to be the next chimp. So unsurprisingly Labour won and unsurprisingly the Conservatives came nowhere. What was the immense surprise was the immense 36% swing to UKIP. They only just lost with 11,016 votes to 11,633. So if just 309 more Labour voters had switched Miliband would have been out of a job. Luckily, for Britain’s sake, Miliband remains to fight and lose the 2015 General Election.

Then there is the Clacton by election where Conservative turncoat, Douglas Carswell, took most of that parties’ vote. But also Labour crashed from 25% to 11% of the vote. They lost more than half of their support.

UKIP are a very long way away from national breakthrough. My favourite pollsters are YouGov and their latest findings are for 30th Oct – Con 33%, Lab 32%, LD 7%, UKIP 15%. And for who would be the best Prime Minister (perhaps more important on polling day) Cameron 39, Miliband 16, Clegg 5.

Scotland is a different story. The recent referendum has massively politicised the Scottish population. Politics has gone from a background hum in people’s lives to becoming the main event. And as the scales have been pulled back from their eyes they have realised that they have been voting for chimps. For over 50 years. They are very determined not to do so any more. Last week there was a Ipsos Mori poll in Scotland. It gave SNP 52%, Labour 23%, Conservatives 10%, Liberal Democrats 6%, Greens 6% and others 3%. Extrapolate this across the constituencies and Scottish Labour go from 40 Westminster seats to 4. Wipeout. And if you go over to YouGov and drill down you will find that just 31 per cent of Scots who voted Labour in 2010 now think the party “represents the views and interests of Scotland today” very or fairly well. 59 per cent think Labour does this job very or fairly badly.

With a lot of hard work and money Labour can pull back a bit from the 4 seats, but not much. Their rich London metropolitan elite shadow cabinet really are very lost once they get north of Watford and have no idea what the issues in Scotland are. What could be interesting is the potential of a Conservative revival, in Ruth Davidson they have their first exceptional leader for very many years. She is the only person who can consistently lay gloves on Alex Salmond in the Scottish Parliament. If the Scots really are applying critical thinking they will see that Conservative policies and the successes of the current government really do provide a superior political solution for everyone. After all it was Cameron who decided to have the referendum.


Then we come to Wales, where is doesn’t even take a chimp to get elected, a wooden rocking horse with a red rosette will win a seat. After Gordon Brown trashed the British economy you would have thought that the Welsh might have employed their critical faculties. But no, they unbelievably voted for a Labour government in the 2011 Assembly elections. This really was Turkeys voting for Christmas. Mass cognitive dissonance. And now they are reaping the rewards of their tribalism. Welsh Labour think that the answer to every problem is a bigger public sector. When countless economies around the world have proven the converse. So they are suffering a spectacular train crash with major services like health and education failing abysmally. But don’t feel sorry for the Welsh people, they voted for this.

We know from the psephology that the Conservatives are going to win the 2015 General Election. What is of interest is who will occupy the opposition benches. The SNP will go from 6 seats to as many as 42, which will change the whole complexion of Parliament. The LibDems will be rewarded for their treachery with a substantial culling of their representation. The Greens are a combination of two bankrupt political philosophies, they are socialists and they are Luddites. In local government they are having a disaster in Brighton, so let’s hope they lose their one MP. It is UKIP that are the key to the full extent of the Labour meltdown and it is the North where it will happen. Labour has punished the North very badly, Blair and Brown destroyed great swathes of their industry, the NHS failed completely in Mid Staffs and other trusts, industrial scale child abuse, enabled by socialist thinking, became the norm in the cities. UKIP will take tens of Labour seats, but how many depends on how much Farage can lift the scales from the eyes of tribal voters. It also depends how tactical the Conservatives are at not opposing UKIP candidates who have a good chance of beating Labour.

The House of Commons has 650 seats. The Conservatives will win around 350 of these, leaving around 300 for the opposition. Obviously it looks like Labour should still be the biggest opposition party, but by how much? If UKIP and SNP get to 150 seats between them it will be the end of Labour. The sheer political momentum will destroy them. Let’s hope this happens.

a 16




The EU is utterly awful. The EU is amazingly good

Typical Bulgarian lady

Typical Bulgarian lady

The European Union is in the news a great deal these days, so it is time to bring some order to proceedings. Overall my views are very ambiguous. My wife is European, my parents lived in Europe for 30 years. I have traveled very extensively throughout Europe for decades and have very much enjoyed the culture and the people. It is a big part of the rich tapestry of my life. Very many people feel the same. I wrote an article on here in 2011 about it and things haven’t changed much since then.

Let us first look at what is wrong with the EU:

  • The EU is supposed to be a single trading area and this is known from economic history to bring huge benefits in growth. But the reality is that the EU has massively underperformed economically when compared to the rest of the world. The EU has substantially disadvantaged the life quality of those within it. This is a huge conundrum, why is an economic institution that should do so much good actually doing so much harm.
  • The basis of how the EU works is that Germany and Great Britain pay huge amounts of money for the EU bureaucracy to spend on itself and waste on underperforming countries. In return Germany gets a huge market for its manufacturing based economy. In theory the UK should benefit from having a single market for our services based economy. But for some reason we don’t have a single market for services. Try insuring your car with a company in Barcelona, investing your PEP in a provider in Frankfurt, or getting a company in Milan to manage your SIP pension. So the whole mechanic of the EU is fundamentally skewed against the UK.
  • A core purpose of the EU is “equalisation”. Enabling poor countries to join the EU and for them to then become rich countries. This has worked spectacularly well in, say, Spain and Ireland and is a very good thing, creating a huge and vibrant market. This equalisation could be achieved by the market alone. In reality it mostly is. But the EU thinks that tax and spend is the answer. Take the money off the rich countries and spend it on the poor countries. The result is that most of the money disappears in vanity projects and corruption. The EU solution is socialism. And we know that socialism never works.
  • The Euro currency is an utter disaster. John Major’s finest hour was when he opted the UK out at Maastricht in 1992. Many nations have used the cheap money provided by the Euro to be fiscally incontinent, to have a party on other people’s money. With the properly managed countries of the North paying for it. And thus it will never be a viable concept. The Euro is so badly flawed in so many ways that it would be easy to write a book about it. I am sure that some people have.
  • The EU civil servants are supposed to help create a single market. Part of the way they achieve this is forcing uniformity on us. So now we buy meat in kilos and milk in litres. But they abuse this power to micromanage and to interfere in the business of sovereign states. We don’t need a standard height for toilet seats or a maximum power for hairdryers. Common sense should suffice. This is much worse for the UK because our civil servants gold plate every EU command, adding their own wish list, so we get bogged down with massive bureaucracy. Whilst countries such as Holland pay minimum attention. And Greece says yes to everything and then just forgets to apply it.
  • The EU is incredibly, amazingly wasteful of our money. Brussels is full of expensive restaurants where our taxes are spent feeding legions of functionaries with the very best food and wine. The EUs accounts never pass audit because there is so much endemic corruption. It has made socialists like Kinnock and Mandelson into very rich men. The whole organisation is utterly incontinent with other people’s money.
  • There are very many free trade areas in the world. The EU is the only one with a parliament. This isn’t needed for free trade, it is needed because we have creeping federalism with the goal of becoming a super state. This is not going to work so we should just stop it now. The EU parliament and all the other instruments of federalism need removing immediately.
  • The EU continues to utterly mismanage fisheries and to distort our agriculture so that food costs far more than it should.

Now lets look at the EU within the context of current events:

So where does this leave my thinking? Where will I vote in the 2017 referendum? The answer is to leave, unless we can get enormous changes that remove the creeping federalism and trappings of a superstate. And the reason I want out has nothing to do with the bigotry and xenophobia of the ridiculous UKIP. My problem with the EU is that it is fundamentally socialist. And we know how evil socialism is and the harm that it causes. In theory the EU should make us all more prosperous but because of its socialism it makes us all poorer.