The EU is utterly awful. The EU is amazingly good

Typical Bulgarian lady

Typical Bulgarian lady

The European Union is in the news a great deal these days, so it is time to bring some order to proceedings. Overall my views are very ambiguous. My wife is European, my parents lived in Europe for 30 years. I have traveled very extensively throughout Europe for decades and have very much enjoyed the culture and the people. It is a big part of the rich tapestry of my life. Very many people feel the same. I wrote an article on here in 2011 about it and things haven’t changed much since then.

Let us first look at what is wrong with the EU:

  • The EU is supposed to be a single trading area and this is known from economic history to bring huge benefits in growth. But the reality is that the EU has massively underperformed economically when compared to the rest of the world. The EU has substantially disadvantaged the life quality of those within it. This is a huge conundrum, why is an economic institution that should do so much good actually doing so much harm.
  • The basis of how the EU works is that Germany and Great Britain pay huge amounts of money for the EU bureaucracy to spend on itself and waste on underperforming countries. In return Germany gets a huge market for its manufacturing based economy. In theory the UK should benefit from having a single market for our services based economy. But for some reason we don’t have a single market for services. Try insuring your car with a company in Barcelona, investing your PEP in a provider in Frankfurt, or getting a company in Milan to manage your SIP pension. So the whole mechanic of the EU is fundamentally skewed against the UK.
  • A core purpose of the EU is “equalisation”. Enabling poor countries to join the EU and for them to then become rich countries. This has worked spectacularly well in, say, Spain and Ireland and is a very good thing, creating a huge and vibrant market. This equalisation could be achieved by the market alone. In reality it mostly is. But the EU thinks that tax and spend is the answer. Take the money off the rich countries and spend it on the poor countries. The result is that most of the money disappears in vanity projects and corruption. The EU solution is socialism. And we know that socialism never works.
  • The Euro currency is an utter disaster. John Major’s finest hour was when he opted the UK out at Maastricht in 1992. Many nations have used the cheap money provided by the Euro to be fiscally incontinent, to have a party on other people’s money. With the properly managed countries of the North paying for it. And thus it will never be a viable concept. The Euro is so badly flawed in so many ways that it would be easy to write a book about it. I am sure that some people have.
  • The EU civil servants are supposed to help create a single market. Part of the way they achieve this is forcing uniformity on us. So now we buy meat in kilos and milk in litres. But they abuse this power to micromanage and to interfere in the business of sovereign states. We don’t need a standard height for toilet seats or a maximum power for hairdryers. Common sense should suffice. This is much worse for the UK because our civil servants gold plate every EU command, adding their own wish list, so we get bogged down with massive bureaucracy. Whilst countries such as Holland pay minimum attention. And Greece says yes to everything and then just forgets to apply it.
  • The EU is incredibly, amazingly wasteful of our money. Brussels is full of expensive restaurants where our taxes are spent feeding legions of functionaries with the very best food and wine. The EUs accounts never pass audit because there is so much endemic corruption. It has made socialists like Kinnock and Mandelson into very rich men. The whole organisation is utterly incontinent with other people’s money.
  • There are very many free trade areas in the world. The EU is the only one with a parliament. This isn’t needed for free trade, it is needed because we have creeping federalism with the goal of becoming a super state. This is not going to work so we should just stop it now. The EU parliament and all the other instruments of federalism need removing immediately.
  • The EU continues to utterly mismanage fisheries and to distort our agriculture so that food costs far more than it should.

Now lets look at the EU within the context of current events:

So where does this leave my thinking? Where will I vote in the 2017 referendum? The answer is to leave, unless we can get enormous changes that remove the creeping federalism and trappings of a superstate. And the reason I want out has nothing to do with the bigotry and xenophobia of the ridiculous UKIP. My problem with the EU is that it is fundamentally socialist. And we know how evil socialism is and the harm that it causes. In theory the EU should make us all more prosperous but because of its socialism it makes us all poorer.

How come Ed Miliband still has his job?

Miliband Scotland 5

Looking at the raw data of opinion polls is very interesting. YouGov are especially impressive. They tell us that LibDem support has collapsed, that UKIP has about twice their support and that the Conservatives and Labour are running neck and neck. This is fabulous news for the Conservatives who should be doing far worse at this stage of the electoral cycle.

However the raw data does not reflect what happens on election day, for lots of reasons. Firstly the UK is not one homogeneous constituency, it is 650 separate ones, each with local issues, personalities and changing demographics. Many people vote tactically. Then there is the way people balance self interest against tribal loyalty on polling day. And of course there is the inevitable cycle of protest votes and mid term blues that greatly skew by-elections.

So there is a whole science to interpret, understand and discuss what is really happening below the raw data. This science is called Psephology. And we are very lucky that Steve Fisher, Associate Professor in Political Sociology and the Fellow and Tutor in Politics at Trinity College, University of Oxford is now blogging his analysis.  You can follow him on on Twitter @StephenDFisher. His latest blog predicts Con : 337 Lab : 265 LD  : 21 Con majority of 24. But that was based on Labour polling 38%. And now they are polling 33/34 %. So Labour are in huge electoral trouble.

But it gets even worse. Over very recent weeks we have seen two huge shifts away from Labour. Firstly in Scotland, where they have 40 seats. By gross mismanagement they have become extremely unpopular, nearly as toxic as the Conservatives in the region. With a huge shift to SNP. This is not some overnight whim, it is a massive change in public opinion. For decades you could put a red rosette on a chimpanzee in Scotland and they would get elected to Westminster, as we have seen many times. At the 2015 General Election Labour will be very lucky to retain 20 seats, and this alone could decide the election.

Labour 1400 reasons

The second slow motion train crash for Labour is the North of England. Here the metropolitan, middle class Labour party has totally lost any connection with their traditional blue collar support. Instead it is now UKIP that resonate best with the politics of a great swathe of voters and we are seeing it reflected in huge swings to UKIP at every electoral opportunity. Events in Rotherham have further alienated these voters, to many the Labour party has become toxic. The North will now definitely return UKIP MPs, it is just a question of how many. Anything from 5 to 50! Whatever, it will take a huge chunk out of Labour’s capability to get an majority.

If I know this and can write about it then you can be sure that every Labour MP knows it, so there is a lot of dissatisfaction being voiced by them in Westminster, often now in public and to the press. There are reports of open revolt and of plots for a coup d’etat, hardly surprising when they are just a few months away from electoral meltdown.

So how did Labour get into this disastrous situation at such a critical time in the electoral cycle? The answer is one man, Ed Miliband, who is such a disaster that he now receives huge ironic cheers from Conservative MPs every time he stands up in Parliament. They know full well that Miliband is ensuring a Conservative election victory.

Miliband became leader against the wishes of party MPs and of party members in the country. He is a trade union placeman and he owes his position to the power and patronage of just one man, Len McCluskey of the Unite union. So if you listen to what Len says on any issue you know that is what Miliband would deliver if he was Prime Minister. And this really is not what the vast majority of people want.

Balls always wrong 512

Ed Miliband is intellectually very clever, of that there is no doubt, in fact some would say that he verges onto the autistic spectrum. His personality seems to be based around control freakery, the condition known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is exactly what a leader does not need. He very quickly alienates other intelligent people, which is why you won’t find any in the shadow cabinet. Clever Labour MPs, like Alan Johnson, refuse to work with him. And we end up with ineptitudes like Ed Balls in senior positions, further dragging Labour down by being utterly useless at their jobs.

A huge problem for Labour is that they won’t tell us their policies. Obviously this is because these come from Red Len and will be unpopular. So we have the amazing sight of rich middle class metropolitan elites espousing the outdated politics of class warfare instead. The incongruity is immense. For example Miliband is promising to punish people who achieve in life with a Mansion Tax, but already he and his ministers have allocated the proceeds of this to over ten different areas of spending. It is a shambles and the voters of Britain can see that it is a shambles.

So Ed Miliband, purely on the strength of his own inability, is leading the Labour party to electoral oblivion, which has to be a very good thing for the best interests of Great Britain. In fact if he stays in charge (which we all hope) we could see UKIP emerge as the opposition party. For all their nastiness, xenophibia and bigotry nobody can deny that Farage is an incredibly effective politician.

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Why the CSA inquiry will not uncover the truth

Freemason leaders 512

The United Kingdom child sexual abuse panel inquiry is  an overarching investigation into a series of cases in the United Kingdom concerning allegations of historic child sex abuse within government and other institutions. The reason we need this is that there are vast quantities of evidence, not least from the victims, of large scale organised paedophilia, principally within children’s homes but also in other places, both historic and reaching to the current day. We need this inquiry because all previous attempts to investigate have failed. Some may say that they were sabotaged.

The famous Elm Guest House List

The famous Elm Guest House List

The alleged perpetrators are the establishment. Senior figures whose names you would recognise. Others less famous but with huge power. And they are being investigated by the establishment. The inquiry was to be chaired by Baroness Butler-Sloss. On 14 July it was announced that Baroness Butler-Sloss was standing down from the inquiry, and on 5 September it was announced that it would be chaired by Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor of London.

The fact that we have the establishment investigating the establishment should be massive cause for concern. But it gets worse, much worse. The harsh reality is that the perpetrators also seem to be freemasons, as you can see from the video above. And freemasons wield immense power in the UK. Certainly far more than the electorate think that they themselves do.

Freemasonry deliberately recruit those in positions of power so as to add power to themselves. Their members include Royalty, most members of Government, most of MI 5, most senior politicians, most policemen, most lawyers, most judges and many senior people in control of the press (so you will only learn about the truth by doing your own online research). Rupert Murdoch is a senior freemason as are most British Prime Ministers.

Freemasons are not only taught to lie, they are taught that it is essential, because freemasonry is a secret society. So right from the beginning they are taught to dissemble to family and friends about what happens at their meetings and what freemasonry is all about. The handbook of masonry says: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations“. So you can never believe anything a freemason says, even if it is under oath.

Then there are the blood oaths that freemasons swear and the charades they act out to reinforce their hocus pocus. These oblige every freemason to look after all other freemasons before all else, before their family, before their employer, before the law and before all other oaths. As you can see this is an immense obligation and one that is taken incredibly seriously. It is the core of freemasonry and why people join.

So as you can see a freemason is above the law. When gangster Kenneth Noye was master of a freemason lodge he could get away with any crime, until he murdered a member of the public in full public view. Freemason Harold Shipman was reported to the police for mass murdering and they did nothing, leaving him to continue his killing spree. Serial paedophile freemasons Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith were reported to the police repeatedly for their crimes and, obviously, nothing was done. And in this video you can see how the North Wales police have treated these crimes:

It must be very clear now to anyone reading this why all the previous inquiries have failed. The freemasons have such enormous power from who their members are and what those members’ obligations are that any sort of truth was never going to emerge. And there is no reason why this new inquiry is going to be different.

But there is more. Go to the internet and start searching for the alleged names of the alleged perpetrators (here is a start) and pretty soon it becomes very obvious indeed how much damage the truth would do. It has the potential to bring several powerful national institutions tumbling down and to lead to several others being massively reformed. It would damage the whole heart of the British establishment. And you know that they really are not going to allow that to happen. So this is a battle for the survival of the British establishment. And you can be sure that they will use all their immense freemasonry power to win.

And still there is even more. This is also a battle for the survival of freemasonry as it is currently constituted and the enormous power they wield. If the truths gets out they would be pretty much finished. And you can be sure that they really are not going to allow that to happen.

So the inquiry will be sabotaged. In every possible way. Kincora in Northern Ireland and Haut de la Garenne in Jersey have both already been excluded from the inquiry. And both were favourite haunts of some very powerful and famous paedophiles. The internet will tell you who. But this is just the beginning. At every turn the inquiry will meet obstacles, lies, false evidence and so much more.

What can we do about this? Nothing really. Freemasons have far too much power. The only vague chance would be to employ a non freemason judge from Australia or Canada to be in charge. But remember that the last big threat to freemasonry in Britain was found hanging under Blackfriar’s Bridge.


Please read my previous article Freemason paedophilia for more information on this powerful cult.

A good overview of freemasonry.

Lots of information about freemasonry.

Falling Masonry. UK information.


Israel’s “moral army” at work

Any real moral person will find this disturbing, and quite rightly so. Here you will see the truth of the horrific, racist and incredibly vicious Israeli army and their treatment of Palestinians, who the Talmud and Israeli propaganda tell them are sub human. Israel say that they have a “moral army”, but the truth is that they have perhaps the least moral army in the world, who fights for a creed that is very similar to Nazism.

The really depressing thing is that there are many hundreds of videos like this. That this is the normal behaviour in this land and has been for decades.

Please come back to this article. I will be updating it.

Ebola update

Ebola_2014 graph

Sometimes, with a long drawn out event, we get news fatigue and stop paying attention, even though the calamity is getting worse and worse. So it seems with Ebola.

The fact remains that Ebola is the biggest threat to human life since the 1918 Influenza epidemic, which killed 50-100 million people. Ebola is still doubling in number of infections every 20 days exponentially and it is still killing about 70% of those infected. CDC epidemiologists say it will infect 1.4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone alone, which means around a million dead. Cases are popping up around the world now and much vaunted Western public health systems are failing when tested. Politicians and the mainstream media have significantly understated the proven science.

Let’s look at the basic statistics of contagion. If each contagious person infects more than one additional person the epidemic will increase. If each infected person infects less than one additional person the epidemic will fade away. This number is known as the basic reproduction number and is called R0 by science. Measles has an R0 in the range of 12 to 18, which explains how massively contagious it is. HIV has a R0 of 2 to 5, which explains its spread. The 1918 Flu had a R0 of 2 to 3. For Ebola currently the R0 is 1.5 to 2.2.

In the West we have sophisticated public health systems that should keep the R0 below one. In Africa they are trying to reduce R0 by educating people on how to prevent contagion and by throwing foreign medical resources from USA, UK, Cuba etc at the problem. This is where we have failed most. We could have brought R0 down far sooner. We have the resources, we just lacked the political will. We still do. In all 20 previous major outbreaks of Ebola the R0 was brought below one by quarantine, by letting nobody in or out of the village or town till the disease had run its course. Unfortunately with the current epidemic we are far too late for that.

The press have been touting the good news about Ebola being beaten in Nigeria and Senegal, but lets look at the reality. In Nigeria it was one infected man, Patrick Sawyer, who flew there from Liberia. He managed to infect 20 people, 8 of whom died, before public health measures stopped the spread. Senegal closed its border with Guinea way back in March, a very wise move, but one student got through, who subsequently recovered. So these are not massive success stories, they are just a case of disaster averted.

Talking about public health it is worth looking at the GDP per capita of some of these countries. (CIA World Factbook 2013). Liberia $400, Guinea $600, Sierra Leone $800, Senegal $1,200, Nigeria $1,700,(USA $52,800. UK $39,600). So you can see the paucity of their ability to control the outbreak by education and public health measures.

The very good news is that, in the laboratory, we know the Ebola virus extremely well indeed, we have been studying it since 1976. We are very familiar with the clever mechanics it uses to disable the human immune system till a cytokine storm is triggered that kills 70% of those infected. So we can very easily create and manufacture a vaccine. Tens of thousand of doses of this will be ready by the end of the year. By when CDC think that a million people will be dead in just two countries. And the populations of the infected countries are Liberia 4.3 million, Guinea 11.7 million and Sierra Leone 6 million. Total 22 million. Immunisation in society only works by bringing R0 below one. It needs to build up herd immunity. So tens of thousands of doses won’t do that, it will only be enough to protect key health workers. We need millions of doses and whilst we are making them Ebola will continue its exponential spread.

This week we had some very compelling evidence that our governments have been understating the problem. CDC were forced to announce a very big change in the protocol that medical workers should follow to prevent infecting themselves. This was a tacit admission that the dangers of contagion of the virus were much greater than they had been saying before. Something that was already evident from laboratory research.

So Ebola is now a public health and statistical problem. A matter of applying a number of mechanics to get R0 below one. It is widely thought that Western public health systems are robust enough to maintain this. So there are two elephants in the room. The first is what happens if (or when) Ebola reaches China, India or even Indonesia. Do they have the public health resources to contain it? The second is virus mutation. Right now several tens of thousands of  people are carrying the virus. In their bodies it is multiplying many of millions of times an hour. So very many mutations are happening, just as they happen with Flu viruses. The big dangers are that the disease increases in contagion and that it evolves to beat the vaccine. So we still need to be very worried.

So there you have it. Still don’t relax and still don’t fly.



Ed Balls doesn’t understand basic economics

Balls always wrong 512

In my industry, which is video games, large numbers of technical staff (who UK taxpayers had paid to educate) left to work in Canada and pay their taxes there. This was because our then Labour government thought that this industry was irrelevant whilst the Canadian government realised how economically important it is. The game industry is bigger than the TV or Film industries, which the Labour government did support like crazy and which did do well here.

We live in a world where labour and capital are very highly mobile. Both can switch country overnight and will do so given good reason. So for the UK to prosper we need to give labour and capital very good reason to be here. And with the current government we are succeeding, just four years ago our economy was trashed, now it is creating more jobs than the rest of Europe put together.

Conservative 1.8 million more in work 512

Let’s look at France, who are currently burdened with the awful socialist government of François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande. They believe that envy should be a government policy, that successful people who have generated wealth for themselves should be punished. Work hard and earn well in France and you pay 66% tax, with your employer being forced to top this up to 75%. So the wealth creators have voted with their feet and left the country. London is now the sixth largest French city, 50% of young French people want to emigrate, their prospects are so bleak. This is the evil of socialist dogma in action. And this is what Ed Miliband and Ed Balls want to bring here.

Envy 3 512

UKIP talk about British jobs for British people, but this really is dogma for the hard of thinking. We are, for instance, desperately short of engineers. At ARM in Cambridge, at Jaguar Land Rover in Coventry, at Dyson in Wiltshire. So we are importing large numbers of them from all over the world to work here, add to our economy and pay our taxes. Does Nigel Farage think that our badly educated feckless dependency underclass are capable of doing these jobs? Remember that 20% of British adults are functionally illiterate and 40% are innumerate. Perhaps the best thing that we could do would be to replace our teaching “profession” with immigrants.

The British problem here isn’t immigrants. It is a massively over generous benefits system that encourages British people not to work and encourages a small number of foreigners to come and live here as parasites. This creates a bad press because the vast majority of immigrants come to Britain to build a life, to work hard, to pay taxes and to become a part of British society. We are lucky to have them here.

The two most important things in a modern economy are profit and productivity. Maximise both and the country becomes a better place for everyone. It is no surprise that our awful trade unions, who have trashed our economy so many times and cost the jobs of millions, hate both these concepts.

Red Robbo

Profit is the reward for looking after customers. For providing people with the goods and services that they want. Profit is the generation of wealth that pays for new jobs and for investment. When I was young a doctor or architect had a lower standard of living than a bus driver or shop assistant has today. This immense improvement in life quality has been paid for by profits earned by British businesses. You might say that you work in the NHS or Police service, so what do profits matter to you? Well it is other people’s profits that pay your wages. Profit is the oxygen of our economy without which nothing else is possible.

Productivity is the amount of work that a person gets done. The history of human advancement since the beginning of the industrial revolution had been the relentless increase in productivity. It is only by our society making more stuff that the people in it can have more stuff. Our Luddite trade unions don’t understand this simple truth and seek to have less work done by more people, inflicting vast economic damage and harming everyone in the country. The Chinese do understand productivity, creating ever more goods as efficiently as possible, often growing their economy at 20% per annum. Putting many unproductive union bound British manufacturers out of business. And the Chinese people are benefiting like crazy, already the average Chinese apartment has a far bigger floor area than the average British house.

Socialists Hayek 512

Just now the trade unions in Britain are campaigning for everyone to be paid more money. Without earning it. They want us to have the rewards of increased productivity without actually delivering that productivity. If the trade unions actually understood economics and really worked in the best interest of their members then increasing profits and productivity would be at the top of their agenda. Instead they vehemently oppose both. Socialist envy blinds them to the truth.

Now Ed Balls has an answer to giving people more money. He is going to extort it from the “rich” in yet another display of nasty envy with a Mansion Tax that will mainly be paid by apartments and semi detached houses in London. But already successful wealth generators are massively overtaxed, people earning over £160K a year are just 1% of the population, yet they pay a third of all income tax. And we know from France exactly what the results will be, large numbers of the people who power our economy will emigrate and take their money with them. To New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, wherever the government isn’t run on envy. And everyone in Britain will be poorer.

a #20



Ebola science. Facts even worse than thought

This is the third Ebola article on this blog.
The first, Ebola, gave an informed overview of the disease based on proven scientific facts. Some people criticised this, they preferred the lies in the popular press.
The second article, It is probably time to really worry about Ebola, is fully cross referenced to scientific facts. Yet still it received criticism. Cognitive dissonance at work when some people are confronted with  truths that differ from what Fox News says.

Let’s now look at the latest thoughts on transmission. The disease is doubling exponentially every 20 days, despite everyone trying not to catch it. It is killing lots of health workers who are trained not to catch it. So Ebola is vastly more contagious than some other viral infections, like Aids. Senator Rand Paul is a medical doctor, he has looked at the science and he thinks our governments are misleading us. The fact is that Ebola is airborne, you can catch it by breathing in droplets created when a contagious victim coughs or sneezes. The only debate is whether it only persists in large droplets, which fall to ground, or in miniscule aerosol droplets that remain suspended in the air. This University of Minnesota fully cross referenced article looks at the facts and concludes that it does and that health workers need a high level of hazmat protection to counter this.

The Minnesota article references a paper in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, “The survival of filoviruses in liquids, on solid substrates and in a dynamic aerosol” which you can read to see the full scientific method. One of its many conclusions is that Ebola virus in aerosols decays at 3.06% per minute, becoming 99% ineffective after 104 minutes. And remember that it just takes one virus to infect you. So a contagious passenger sneezing at the front 0f an airliner could theoretically infect everyone on it. When this fact sinks in people will surely be less enthusiastic about flying.

A problem with Ebola is that previous infections have been relatively small and in Africa, so our scientific knowledge is not great, especially knowing about the medical effects within human beings. So until very recently indeed it was thought that the incubation period was a maximum of 21 days. All our public health measures are based on this and it is what the CDC website is still telling us. Now the WHO say that this is true for 95% of confirmed cases, however the incubation period can be as long as 42 days. This means that everything we have been told about the spread of the disease and the risks from travelers coming from the infected countries is wrong.  And 21,000 students from these countries just arrived in the UK.

Reading about the disease it is obvious that the single most effective prevention measure is keeping the virus from our hands. Frequent washing is good. Alcohol based hand cleaners are not very effective and their efficacy does not persist. The technology that does work is Byotrol, which gives up to 6 hours of protection. This is available in a wide range of products, as you can see from their website.

At long last our governments are starting to take notice of the severity of the situation. The USA and UK government have acted coherently and thrown lots of resources at it. Most other countries are still sleepwalking. We have the capabilities to contain and defeat this disease before it goes truly pandemic. It would help if the press and our governments were more honest with us.

Ebola #2 512

Internet Trolls are great

UKIP tweet 3 512

I have been using social media avidly since before Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin existed. I was one of the first to join all three when they became available in the UK. My @Bruciebabe account has nearly 4,000 followers and over 100,000 Tweets. My Linkedin has 1,335 Connections. I founded and have been running it since 2006. I have been very active on many other forums. I have been involved in social media marketing for a number of companies.

All the above is not a boast. It is just my credentials when it comes to understanding Trolling. Trolling is not what the press and politicians seem to think it is. Trolling is writing something that will annoy someone. So if a stupid leftie (the only kind) is on Twitter and I tell them that Margaret Thatcher was the greatest ever British Prime Minster (which is the truth) or that Gordon Brown trashed the British economy (also the truth) then that is Trolling.

Thatcher personal attack 512

Instead the press and politicians seem to think that Trolling is being abusive and/or threatening. They are wrong. Personally I really like it when people are abusive to me online. It means that I have won and that they have lost. That they have no answer to my arguments, so all that they can do is to be abusive. Obviously I tell them this, then I get rid of them by blocking or muting. There is no point in continuing to engage with them if they have lost and are so limited in their intellect. I have even received a Twitter death threat, from the typical online scouser “victim”. This took all of 2 seconds to block. And the poor sociopathic soul would fill his pants if he met me in the real world. Start Tweeting about Hillsborough and debating where the “blame” could lie and you will soon have a timeline full of badly educated, low IQ inadequates. Talking about Madelaine McCann and her self evidently inept parents who deserted her to go boozing and you can invoke a similar response.

UKIP tweet #2 512

One thing that is very annoying is when manipulative attention seekers use these abusive Tweeters for their own self publicity. Engaging with them, replying and retweeting to wind the fools up. So their Tweets become more and more abusive. Then, once they are really bad, simultaneously going to the police and to the press. You all know the manipulative people I am talking about. I think that these are the real nasty people on Twitter. They are the ones who should go to prison (hyperbole) for entrapment and provocation. It takes 2 seconds to mute someone and deprive them of a voice. Instead these attention seekers do their uttermost to put the abusers in prison for their own publicity purposes.

Trolling 512

Now I would like to talk about the richness of the English language, the language of Shakespeare. We use many fantastic figures of speech in our daily conversations, hyperbole, irony, sarcasm, facetiousness, satire, mockery, lampoon, pastiche, caricature, parody, ridicule and more. Many of these can be use for Trolling in the true sense of the word. They can also be used for “taking offence” by those who like to take offence. Personally I think anyone who takes offence should be taken outside and shot in front of their family. They are only using it as a mechanic to enforce their (usually politically correct) opinions and views on the rest of the world.

Take offence 512

Now Chris Grayling is talking about putting internet “Trolls” in prison for two years. The man is mad. We live in a world where there are many thousands of child victims of organised Pakistani and freemason paedophilia. The police have done little or nothing about this for decades, even on the many occasions that it has been reported to them. Yet being rude online is somehow more important. Online conversations are just like pub conversations, short term ephemera, quickly forgotten, of zero importance. Yet politicians want to waste police resources on rude inadequates instead of on real monsters. And the politicians conveniently ignore the self publicist wind up merchants who deliberately provoke the abuse. The world has gone mad.

What is really happening here is that we are having our freedom of speech taken from us. That the establishment don’t like the way that social media allows them to be questioned. So they seek to censor it. Even when the existing laws of incitement, abuse and libel are more than adequate to deal with any problem that might exist.

I don't need sex 512

Lord Freud got it right and Miliband was playing politics

Ed Miliband is in huge trouble, he is deeply unpopular within the country and even within his own party there are many calls for him to go. So he is desperate. And his behaviour yesterday at PMQs shows exactly how desperate he is. At a time when we have an Ebola crisis, when ISIS militants are bringing mayhem to a swathe of the Middle East, when the Russians are invading their neighbours and when we are trying to fix our constitution to restore English rights, all Miliband can do is make political capital by prevaricating and equivocating.

Miliband’s criticism of Lord Freud was disingenuous. What Lord Freud said was in a private meeting where policy was being debated. It was not a public ministerial speech. Miliband took Freud’s words totally out of context and utterly misrepresented them. Miliband was playing politics. No wonder David Cameron got annoyed.

Miliband quoted Freud as saying that some people “are not worth the full wage”. This is a true fact. If someone can only do half as much work they should not be paid the same as someone who does the full amount. Any employer would quickly go bust if they paid people for doing less. The second Miliband quote of Freud was “something we can do if someone wants to work for £2 an hour”. You can see straight away that Freud is trying to help “something we can do” is the big clue. And when he says £2 and hour he is talking about the employer paying that. Whilst the government pays the rest. This is called a disabled wage subsidy. So the disabled person gets the full wage, but the employer doesn’t have to pay out for someone who can’t work as hard as a full bodied person.

What we are talking about here is decency and compassion in society. What Lord Freud was discussing was how to give a group of disabled people back their pride and purpose. By allowing them to have a job, even if they aren’t up to doing it properly. By the government paying a disabled wage subsidy.

The core of this whole matter is the disabled wage subsidy a mechanism for the government to pay part of the wages of disabled people who cannot do a job as well as a full bodied person. This mechanism is already used by many countries. A quick look on Google throws up Sweden (apparently all the Scandinavian countries do it), Ireland and Australia.

Let’s look at the Irish website, it is very clear in its wording: Sometimes the nature of a disability can restrict an employee’s productivity in comparison with other staff, irrespective of his or her ability to do a job. In situations where this restriction results in a loss of productivity for the employer, the Wage Subsidy Scheme (WSS) allows the employer make up the shortfall through grant assistance. This is exactly what Lord Freud was talking about.

What the world should be asking is why does Ed Miliband think that this is a bad idea.


Lord Freud transcript:

“You make a really good point about the disabled. Now I had not thought through and we have not got a system for, you know, kind of going below the Minimum Wage. But we do have, you know, Universal Credit is really useful for people with the fluctuating conditions who can do some work – go up and down – because they can earn and get…and get, you know, bolstered through Universal Credit, and they can move that amount up and down. Now, there is a small…there is a group, and I know exactly who you mean, where actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage and actually I’m going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it’s working can we actually”

Lord Freud is a hero

Lord Freud 512

Lord Freud is is an unpaid Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. He is a great grandson of Sigmund Freud. He had a very successful career as a journalist and in the city. In 2006 Tony Blair appointed Freud to provide an independent review of the British welfare to work system. Many of his recommendations were implemented. Then in 2008 he produced a white paper for James Purnell, the Labour Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. In 2009 he joined the Conservative party and became a shadow minister for welfare. A subject he is obviously a great expert on. In the current government he is in charge of reforms to the benefit system. His ideas have been massively successful and are partially responsible for the mass return to work of vast numbers of former benefits claimants. Everybody in Britain should be grateful for his work, the country wins enormously from having people working instead of existing on benefits.

At the Conservative Party conference earlier this month Lord Freud was involved in a fringe meeting. I have been to these and enjoy them a lot, they are a great opportunity for everyone in the party to get stuck in to the nitty gritty of finding great policies to make Britain work better and to look after everyone in society.

The discussion was about what to do for the relatively small number of mentally ill people who are capable of doing something, but not capable of the work involved in a proper job. It would be really good for their self esteem if they could find a task to do and maybe it would also help their long term condition. The idea being floated was that they could be paid a wage lower than the national minimum wage by an employer with the Government making up the difference. So they would still get the minimum wage. Thus an employer would be able to employ someone with very low productivity who would not otherwise by economically viable to have in the business. All excellent stuff and typical of the caring, compassionate Conservative party. Remember that the Prime Minister had a disabled child so has an emotional engagement in this area.

Someone tape recorded the discussion and then made part of it public. Here is a transcript:

“You make a really good point about the disabled. Now I had not thought through and we have not got a system for, you know, kind of going below the Minimum Wage. But we do have, you know, Universal Credit is really useful for people with the fluctuating conditions who can do some work – go up and down – because they can earn and get…and get, you know, bolstered through Universal Credit, and they can move that amount up and down. Now, there is a small…there is a group, and I know exactly who you mean, where actually as you say they’re not worth the full wage and actually I’m going to go and think about that particular issue, whether there is something we can do nationally, and without distorting the whole thing, which actually if someone wants to work for £2 an hour, and it’s working can we actually”

As you can see this is all very good stuff. A Government minister doing his best to find a compassionate and sensible solution for this small group of people. Every educated person in Britain would approve wholeheartedly of what he is trying to do.

But not the Labour party. They saw a political opportunity to use these disadvantaged people as pawns. To selectively quote Lord Freud completely out of context. To be nasty and evil. As you would expect.

This was sprung on Cameron at PMQs and he said that the language used was not acceptable. Lord Freud has apologised to the House of Lords for any offence cause. But, let’s face it, nobody was really offended. The only people “taking offence” were Labour opportunists trying to embarrass the government for electoral advantage. And who care not one jot for the poor people who would benefit from a great idea.

It is probably time to really worry about Ebola

Ebola 512

Let’s look at the facts:

So lets look at a scenario. A Liberian person caught the disease two weeks ago and shortly afterwards flew to Brussels. A week ago he still had no symptoms and traveled to London on the Eurostar. Today he became contagious and traveled on the London Underground (who are not on strike today) during the journey he sneezed several times, the droplets from which were breathed in by 10 people. Many droplets landed on an elevator handrail where they will persist for a week, infecting people who use that elevator.

Similar scenarios to this are definitely happening around the world right now. We can’t see anything and we don’t know anything. We as a worldwide community are a very long way behind this disease, our pitiful efforts have had little impact on its spread. We have no credible plans to contain it. Looking at the maths the current number of people who have this disease and who are walking around without realising is in the many thousands.

This epidemic began in December 2013 in Guinea and has grown steadily ever since. Its exponential nature making its current impact seem very sudden. We should have put in place firewalls a long time ago. As it is we still largely have global freedom of movement. And this disease gets around in people.

Obviously the time has come for us to barricade ourselves inside our homes. But this would be an over-reaction and our society would grind to a halt. So what can we do? Probably the best thing is to buy and use Byotrol on our hands. This will kill 100% of the virus (many gels don’t) and it persists, killing the virus you pick up. It is the best known tool for the job.


Postscript. When I published this article some people cast aspersions about the stated facts. They did not think to use Google to check before displaying their ignorance. So I have now added links to the science for all the facts. Those with a genuine intellectual curiosity will find that these links also lead to far more additional information than I have room for in this short article.


UKIP “policies”

UKIP fruitcakes 512

Proper political parties have policies, ideas that they want to implement to make Britain a better place. These policies are thoroughly thought through and properly costed. They then come under intense scrutiny from other political parties and from the press. Before an election all the policies are bundled together to make a prospectus. If a party wins power it is held to this prospectus.

UKIP farage making it up 512

UKIP does not have policies. Instead it has a succession of populist ideas thought up by Nigel Farage then announced by him with no thought or costing. These ideas are often totally contradictory and many are unworkable. Until recently the BBC was promoting UKIP very hard, because they saw it as a way to split the conservative vote. So they gave UKIP and its “policies” no scrutiny. And the BBC have 50% of the total UK news reach.

UKIP bbc-always-have meme 512

All Nigel Farage wants is votes and money. So he says what people want to hear in order to get those votes. There has been no way he is going to achieve power, so he can say anything, he will never have to actually deliver. So Farage uses what in politics are known as “wedge” ideas. These are single issues of discontent designed to split off members from another party. Farage kept coming up with wedges designed to steal a certain kind of Conservative voter. He went after the older person who has not adapted to the modern world and he did this by blaming foreigners. This worked in a limited way, so that with PR voting for the European Parliament he was able to gain seats. However most Conservative voters are bright enough to see straight through him. So the strategy was ultimately limited in its potential.

UKIP always changing their minds 512

Then Farage saw another opportunity to steal votes from another party. The Labour party voted itself a very weak leader, imposed on them by the trade unions. Ed Miliband is part of the rich London political elite. He has no real world experience, doesn’t know what the working class are and doesn’t know where the North of England is. Farage has seized on this by creating wedges targeted at blue collar workers. Just listen to everything he says or look at UKIPs “policies”. And now this tactic is targeting less educated people who are more likely to believe him. After a while the BBC realised what was going on, so they did a quick 180 degree U turn from promoting Farage to demonising him. But late in the day. They have already created a huge profile for him. He has played them beautifully.

a 7

Last week we had the Heywood and Middleton (Jim Callaghan’s old constituency) by-election. A Labour safe seat. In the 2010 General Election  Labour came first with 18,499 votes, over the Conservatives with 12,528. In a mid term by-election you would expect this gap to open up. Instead Labour got 11,633, over UKIP on 11,016. A majority to Labour of just 617 votes for their hapless trade union candidate. It is pretty obvious that the once safe Labour seats of the North are now happy hunting grounds for UKIP. Labour MPs are going to lose their seats in the 2015 General Election.

a 16

UKIP had a “manifesto” for the 2010 General Election, full of Farage ideas designed to create wedges to recruit disaffected Conservatives, he was so proud of it that he signed it. With his subsequent switch to recruiting blue collar workers this manifesto was getting a bit embarrassing, so he disowned the whole thing.

So now we have laid the ground work let’s look at some UKIP “policies”.

UKIP WAG tax meme 512

The EU. UKIP really have had their thunder stolen on this one because only the Conservatives can and will deliver a referendum. So Farage has been reduced to lying to cast doubts that the Conservatives will actually do this. Anyone with a brain realises that Cameron desperately wants a referendum. It gives him a huge stick to beat the EU with in his renegotiations. And remember that only three British PMs have ever stood up to the EU. Margaret Thatcher and her rebate, John Major with his Maastricht opt outs and David Cameron with his Eurozone rescue opt out and his EU budget reduction.

a #3

HS2. UKIP utterly oppose this white elephant vanity project that is supported by both Labour and the Conservatives. They can project this as hard working Northerners subsidising rich Southerners (which is true). As a bonus they win many thousands of NIMBY votes along the HS2 corridor. Expect Labour to do a U turn sometime soon on HS2, even though it was their idea, they are desperate to get some votes back.

Immigration. UKIPs core is bigotry, they don’t care about the immense benefits that immigration has brought Great Britain, they just appeal to the ignorant by making huge noises about the small number of areas where immigration has been less than ideal. The UK is creating more jobs than the whole of the rest of Europe put together and needs people to do those jobs. UKIPs bigotry would massively damage the country. And Farage is married to an immigrant!

They say Westminster is the establishment, it is out of touch and it is corrupt. You could argue that UKIP is the most corrupt political party both in the EU and in local government. And they themselves are a Westminster party now!

Everything else is soundbites, pathetic populist wedges, or wrapped up bigotry. “The law of the land must apply to us all” for instance and “Prioritise social housing for people whose parents and grandparents were born locally”.

UKIP make your own policy 512

It is obvious that there are enough uneducated people and bigots in Britain for UKIP to progress. Farage is a charismatic, populist leader. However UKIP internally is an ongoing train crash that will continue indefinitely under his dictatorship. So far I think he has been good for the country because he has forced people to think and has questioned establishment stupidity. However if he ever got real power he would be a disaster for us, trying to run it like he runs UKIP and implementing policies based on populism and bigotry.

Carswell joining UKIP as an MP is interesting. Unlike Farage he has intellectual coherence and real beliefs. In the past Farage has destroyed such people in UKIP when he perceived them as threatening his position, he only wants yes men. But Carswell is an MP, which makes things different. And he is not going to jump when Farage tells him to.

UKIP very-different-political 512