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This is not a news website, it is a campaigning website, written by me, Bruce Everiss, based on a lifetime of observation and a healthy dose of cynicism.  I had a major role in creating and building two multi billion pound industries and have traveled the world very extensively. Now I am an art history student. If you cannot handle ideas this is the wrong place for you. Everyone will disagree with some of what I have to say. Experience tells me that there are many evils, the state is vastly too big, that the freedom of individuals has been taken away to an enormous extent and that we have a dependency culture that saps enterprise. Religion, Common Purpose, freemasonry, trade unions, crony capitalism and other vested interests cause immense harm. This is written to make you think, often outside the box. If you are laden down with prejudice or dogma or your brain is full of propaganda lies you may well struggle.

This blog is on the side of social justice (which socialism certainly isn’t), freedom, compassion, decency, fairness and tolerance.

Here are some of the evils that this website campaigns against:

Zionism. And here.
Socialism. And here. And here.
Freemasonry. And here.
Illiberality. And here.
Our horrendous penal system.
Trade Unions.
The over powerful state.

And many more. You will see that this does not fit within the beliefs of any one political party and that the views are sometimes at odds with the zeitgeist. This is what happens when you are capable of thinking for yourself. Try it.

As the aim of this blog is to increase knowledge and understanding please feel free to copy or use anything from it. A credit would be nice, but not essential.

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  1. Bruce – interesting stuff – but the picture of Bush Putin and the Chinese premier was taken at the 2006 APEC summit during a press photoshoot, not at a secret masonic lodge meeting! booboos like this don’t help your crediblity


  2. Bruce ok forget whats introduced either natural or forced, what about the publics right to know what they are eating (u can email me if you prefer also the part about greens and your not green that has to do with how certain traits are broken down, what about carrots i drink tons and feet and hand are orange, what about all the gut disorders, yes we can toss studys back and forth, but key is i have a right to know whats in my food.


  3. People did not drink out of vases at mid staffs hospital this is a myth, if you want to know the real truth then please ask before posting compleat nonsense I would be more than happy to furnish you with the true facts


  4. Vases havent been allowed on wards for bloody years! Typical bullshit from those wanting to slate Labour.


    1. Thanks Alex,

      Not a word from Twitter. They just suspended a very popular account with no reason. Sell your Twitter shares.

      Meanwhile try @Gigaliving


      1. That’s not what I heard on rllmuk. They’re saying it’s because you libelled someone or something.


          1. You should totally get them to stop it then.

          2. SPirnk

            HOW? I have complained to their management repeatedly.

        1. Except that’s a lie isn’t it? I just read that thread from start to finish (it isn’t very long) and noone has said that. A few people wondering why it happened and one person suggesting maybe it’s because of the “people going to fight for ISIS” article on here. (can/would twitter do that for content on another site? Maybe if it was linked from them?)


          1. Choddo

            There are five areas that people of power might take exception to and get me suspended from Twitter.
            The first is Zionism and articles like this:
            Put “Israel” into the blog search and you will find plenty more.
            The second is the evil freemasons and articles like this:
            Once again the blog search will reveal many articles.
            The third is the so called intelligence community. The spooks who persistently break the law to spy on all of us. Articles like this:
            The fourth is my attitude towards the nasty Saudi regime:
            And fifth is my thought out, evidence based attitude towards ISIS:

            Twitter refuse to give me any reason whatsoever for suspending my account.
            It is interesting to note that an article on here disappeared without me doing anything. It was about the putrid Khalifa gangsters who run Bahrain as their private fiefdom. Who has the power to get into the back end of my blog like that?

          2. Well I saw several people on rllmuk saying they were going to report his twitter account. You can’t say that’s a lie.

    2. Simple. They suspended him for hate crimes, because that is what he has been reported for by a shit load of people (I’m actually just surprised “they” didn’t take his site down at the same time). You know, it’s terribly simple: nazi propaganda is forbidden by Twitter terms and regulations. So if you keep posting nazi propaganda, just like Witless Bruce here, that will get your twitter account closed down sooner or later. Not much of a mystery, really.


      1. Sakkiko

        Oh yeah, the label “Hate Crime” is now the extremely popular and convenient tool, the Zionist controlled Mainstream Media, and progressive leftist/Democrat, (but also extreme right, the warmongering Neocons) uses to shut down free speech, here-under expressing any criticism of the leadership of Israel and Zionists Jews !
        No one are as racist as the Zionist Jews themselves, and few has been as ruthless in their pursuit of driving the indigenous people of Palestine as the Israelis, who since their illegal foundation systematically have used terrorism and torture to accomplish their goal.
        You really have a lot learn about the history of the origin of WW2, like so many other gullible political correct do-godders here ! I suggest you start with watching: “How the Jewish Rothschild Zionists Created Modern Israel:
        Wake up, watch, read and learn and you may help prevent the totalitarian One World Government the Zionist has as their agenda, help avoid enslavement of your grandchildren


  5. Just straight up send them a legal threat. You don’t have to follow through on anything, but it’ll stop them libelling you at least. Otherwise they just have carte blanche to say anything.


  6. Very keen to have a ‘thinking’ competition with you.

    go on!


  7. Dear readers, this serves as a friendly reminder that extremist right wing people have a long history indeed of lying and cheating in their propaganda to make their hateful and inhumane views more suitable for the general public. So anything and everything you read on this page should be consumed with great amounts of scepticism and, if possible, only while checking on the actual facts at the same time.

    Also, here’s a free tinfoil hat for you, Bruce. Thanks to your blog I just managed to complete my “total conspiracy nutter” bingo card. Twice. 🙂


      1. I love this pyramid. I have stolen it! Thank You!


  8. The whole world is now being threatened by terrorism. Most people do not know the ‎roots of this terrorism, that is, the one committed by ISIS and sisters. There are many ‎in the news media who have been misleading the public by shifting the blame to this ‎and that, hiding the truth with which they are fully familiar.‎

    I have written a 34-page research about Wahhabism which I extracted from a number ‎of classic sources in Arabic and English. It is an in-depth dissertation about the ‎founder of Wahhabism which lies at the roots of terrorism nowadays. Wahhabism is ‎espoused, funded and promoted by the corrupt rulers of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf ‎states. These corrupt rulers enjoy the full support and protection of the Western ‎powers in general and that of the U.S. in particular. The latter support and protect ‎these rotten governments in exchange for keeping the oil market flooded with cheap ‎oil, and they use them as tools to create what is called “constructive chaos” so that ‎‎“Israel” may remain the dominant power in the region. Israel and the U.S. bear the ‎responsibility for the terrorism that is plaguing our world these days, and this cancer ‎will gradually devour the same folks who planted it in both Syria and Iraq, just wait ‎and see.‎

    Western societies blindly believe in the news media which has for years been ‎misleading them, and there is no way to reverse this status quo. These societies are ‎unaware of the fact that this media is managed and directed by International Zionism, ‎that the Jews now have the upper hand over the foreign policies of most Western ‎governments, especially the U.s. and Europe. Some of these governments are ‎directly responsible for creating terrorist organizations, such as al-Qaeda having ‎been created by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the U.S., and ISIS is ‎nothing but another face of this terrorist organization which is also supported by the ‎U.S. government although the latter claims it is fighting it while, in all reality, it is using ‎it as its tool to achieve certain regional objectives on top of which is ensuring that ‎Israel remains the “superpower” in the Middle East. Those who play with fire will ‎sooner or later be burnt by it, and this is what is now happening to the U.S. and ‎Europe: They created “Israel” and are now creating terrorist groups that serve their ‎objective of keeping this “Israel” safe and secure at the expense of the safety and ‎security of the Arab countries, the world and their own selves. In other words, they ‎created the Frankenstein which they can no longer control it.‎

    You are free to use the information in this file as you see fit, and I encourage you to ‎circulate it to the mostly misled and brain-washed people, those whom the news ‎media has been brain-washing for so many years.‎

    So, if you would like to receive my research in PDF format, just write me; my email is: ‎‎

    Have a great day.‎


    Yasin T. al-Jibouri
    writer, author, editor, translator/interpreter and publisher at self
    Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.‎


    1. Extremely accurate. Well said.


  9. freedom of speech, freedom of express feeling, but why the one that have this great idea, were offended by burkha ??? so paris has banned burkha ??? so where is freedom of worship , freedom to express our faith in public, if you free to speak why they can be free to wear burkha couse their believer, so why burhka or veil offend you so much ?? about identity, you have DNA or finger print in your data base, you can see it in the data base, why did you worry about that ??


  10. a “reasonable person’s sensible commentary on the political environment” haw haw haw! When you don’t like the oppositions view you resort to bullying. Pfft go blow some gas out of your a*s @Bruciebabe


    1. Kommandeur

      Comments on this website all have to be approved by me. Now go and look at all the criticism I have approved. How is this bullying?


  11. Hi Bruce. I follow your good work from Turkey. I appreciate your essays on almost everything. In one of your twitter feeds you said that you read the economist magazine cover to cover every week. I wonder how can you do it? It is my weekly challenge but I couldnt achieve so far.


    1. I am looking for representation in very complex matter. Masons have taken place in my life for a calculated amount of time. In my case it involves a biker organization, trade unions, law enforcement entities, banking, judicial officers, real estate, state entities and more. It is not the entirety nor is everyone at these areas involved. If you may be able to help please forward them my information. Tim Petrozzi (360) 292-0467. The main part of the Mason’s involved comes from the Drug Dealing Portion out of Mason County Washington Shelton. They’ve been transporting large amounts of drugs through the Lumber Logging Industry. Funneling them to the streets through private business, churches & various law enforcement in prisons.

      In 99-2000 a Drug Deal ripoff took place. I had nothing to do with it but know the individuals involved. I tried to stop one from hurting the other thinking both were my friends. Shortly after I received “Death Threats, Threats to Cut my 2 year old sons head off & how I was through.” I still have these messages to this day. I called back after hearing the messages and just received more threats. I was then told to bring my car and title. At this point I just hung up the phone. Later, my father was attacked by the two individuals in a Safeway parking lot. My father called the police. At that time they accused me of stealing money. I told the truth. Reiterated it had to do with a drug deal ripoff, that I had nothing to do with. Lacey Police to my knowledge did nothing and I was free to go. Not thinking anything of it I went about with my life.

      The drug dealer and I played in the same football league and eventually played on the same team. I confronted him about the situation and he said “yeah, we’re good” but refused to shake my hand. I believe this is the “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” I can trace and have proof of individuals involved inviting themselves in my life since this date. I have “Papered, Certified, Documented, Lineage proof from 99/2000 to current involving this organization calculating and attacking me.” I married a women involved. Have children with her and went through a process I was told would happen by another in Divorce proceedings. Shortly after the Divorce I stopped at “Cheers before a softball game to eat and have a beer.” The drug dealer from the rip off and threats, shows up. I wake up in Thurston County Jail not knowing much to a certain point in the night. A HitNRun took place. I asked teammates from softball and I am told I tried to play softball and in charging documents they say “I did not smell like Alcohol” I asked the drug dealer when going to his house “what happened?” still thinking we were friends and him and his wife say “a girl showed up saying she was going to drive.”

      I am then urged to work in a Trade by another invited, connected person, going as far as even giving me a vehicle with signs of the “Drug Deal” posted on it. Ive worked in this trade since January 2014. During this time Ive been harassed by things people shouldn’t of known about me, the drug deal rip off (I have picture proof) and statements I was going to be set up for “Rape & Child Pornography” like the friend who urged me into the Trade said to me one day “if I were them I’d set you up for Rape & Child Pornography!”

      This has progressed to more harassment to which I have voiced my displeasure about things. It’s been progressing more and more rapidly. They vandalize my car. Steal my property and have been drugging me off and on. Poisoning my food. On April 5, 2016 they Attempted Murder. I recorded the attempt after discovering. I was asked to leave and given two different reasons why. This was the only time I worked for that company and it was staged. Even going as far as working me at a company called “Stage Plan”.

      This is by no means the entire story. I have limitless amounts of proof both “Admissable and Non Admissable” I believe there in a proper investigation more will come out. Please call me so we can go over things. (360) 292-0467 my name is Tim Petrozzi.

      Thank you for your time! If you may not be able to help a referral would be greatly appreciated.
      YouTube Links:
      Murder attempt
      Gas Lighting
      Attempt at Gas Lighting
      Breaking into my car


  12. How can I write you a letter


  13. Interesting stuff. Everyone I know is coming to the same conclusions. Good to see mainstream parties’ support collapse over Brexit. May the EU collapse! One in the eye for the NWO and common Purpose “Borg”!


  14. Bruce you are an extremely lonely man please get a girlfriend. get out mums basement Bruce. xx


  15. Bruce – you are truly a complete narcissistic moron. The scope of your stupidity and ignorance is breath taking. Wow. I have read opinions from a lot of fools but I would be hard pressed to find another writer as misguided and naïve as you. Stop writing Bruce. You are embarrassing yourself.


    1. Mike, here is the pyramid of intellect.
      Try and work out where you fit on it.


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