How to Understand the Ukraine War

We live in an age, sadly, where most of the MSM is unreliable. Promoting their own political agenda (BBC), obsession with clicks (Express, Mail), journalists who don’t understand the subject […]

Covid Vaccines Are Brilliant and Safe

The Covid vaccines are incredibly safe. With 11,934,316,168 doses administered and tens of millions of lives saved we know a lot about them. They have been transformational, allowing us to […]

Useful Idiots in Bristol

What we have now is a jury of lefties in Bristol usurping our national Parliament and making new law to suit their own ridiculous political agenda. It is now perfectly […]

Ten Reasons We Don't Have a Lockdown

Thoughts on lockdowns: 1) Our economy is so fragile that they daren’t do it. Previous over-reactions have cost trillions. 2) Omicron is happening so fast that it is probably already […]

Omicron Update #4

Things are really interesting just now as we start to get to grips with Omicron. And things are (possibly) looking far, far less bad than many had been thinking. So […]

Sajid Javid's Red Team

Military forces need to train as realistically as possible. In 1871 Helmuth von Moltke said  that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, so it is normal to fight […]

Why Boris Is On His Way Out

In the Chesham and Amersham by election the swing against the Conservatives was 25%. In North Shropshire it was 34%. No Conservative MP now has a safe seat. And all […]

Omicron Update #3

A really good analogy for an epidemic is a forest fire. It rages out of control until it runs out of fuel. Each tree catching fire spreading it on to […]