Prepare for the Ice Age

The climate on this planet has always had warm periods and cold periods, there is no “normal” temperature. Warm periods include the Minoan, the Roman, the Medieval and the Modern, […]

Meghan and Harry Go Postal

This blog accurately predicted that Meghan Windsor would cause a constitutional crisis and why she would do this (click HERE to see that article). Now it is happening. They say […]

Boris Completely Changes EU Deal

A huge meteorite has landed right in the middle of this election campaign and most people have not noticed. Boris has abandoned his modified Theresa May deal with the EU […]

Some Great Movies

Just recently all the main news outlets (especially the BBC) carried the fake news story that 11,000 scientists were predicting climate change disaster. The prediction was just about as unscientific […]

The Marxist Party of Islington.

Currently the worst disaster to befall the people of Great Britain is the Attlee government, which we are still massively suffering the effects of. Because of him we still don’t […]

Tactical Voting in GE19

On 1 August this year there was a by-election in the Brecon and Radnorshire constituency in Wales which contains very harsh lessons and warnings for the upcoming General Election. Let’s […]

In the UK we have suffered a succession of Prime Ministers who were inept at best, but mostly just incompetent, useless and anti British. Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May. […]