20 Reasons Electric Cars Are Worse than Diesel Cars

    1. Car batteries have a vastly lower energy density than diesel fuel. This is fundamental physics. So electric cars are about a third heavier. This means they use far more energy. They also wear out tyres and brakes faster, as well as damaging the roads.
    2. When flying you cannot check in appliances with rechargeable batteries such as lap tops into your hold luggage. Because they sometimes spontaneously combust. As do battery powered vehicles. Never park one near your home.
    3. The performance of your laptop degrades over time. 12 hours use becomes 6 hours then 3 etc. Same applies to your electric car, its range will steadily decrease from the day that you buy it.
    4. Stated electric car range is a joke. In the real world knock a third off. If you drive sportingly knock two thirds off. This is why you see so many electric cars driving slowly up the motorway.
    5. When an electric car runs out of power it does so suddenly and without warning. Interesting if you are in the fast lane of the motorway or pulling out of a busy junction.
    6. After just a few years you will need to replace the battery. This will cost far more than the car is worth. So electric cars have a short economic life.
    7. Electric cars are not zero carbon, they recharge using mains electricity, which is often nearly 100% carbon fuel generated. Diesels can run on plant based fuel. In fact pump diesel is already partially plant based.
    8. In the real world most electric cars are lucky to make 200 miles range. Then they have to queue for an available charge point. Then wait for the recharge. Long distance electric car use is a nightmare. Diesel cars often have a range of 600 to 1,000 miles and can be refueled in minutes at any of a vast number of filling stations.
    9. Electric fuel is cheaper than diesel because of government tax blackmail. But they need the revenue so this cannot last. Road pricing is coming soon.
    10. Rechargeable electric batteries don’t work when they are cold. Electric cars have battery heaters (wasted energy) to get round this. But they only have a limited capacity. If it gets really cold your electric car won’t work. And expect range to be cut by as much as 50% in the winter.
    11. We have decommissioned fossil fuel power stations. Windmill power is intermittent. Your home car charge point works through a smart meter. If the government is short of power (it will be) it will not allow your car to be charged. Great if you are planning to go to the airport in the morning.
    12. When connected to the mains through a smart meter the government can suck the electricity out of your car to use elsewhere. Plugged in cars effectively become the national battery.
    13. Windmills have a service life of just a few years. The huge plastic blades are then cut up and put into landfill. Millions of tons of plastic going into the environment.
    14. Diesel cars are made to the Euro 6 pollution standard (Euro 7, stricter still, is coming soon), which is incredibly clean. Catalysts, particulate filters and Adblue remove virtually all pollutants. Here is the standard:
      CO: 0.50g/km
      HC + NOx: 0.17g/km
      NOx: 0.08g/km
      PM: 0.005g/km
      PN [#/km]: 6.0×10 ^11/km
    15. Mining for the nickel, cobalt and lithium used in car batteries is already an environmental catastrophe. Which is going to get much worse. This is wreaking huge destruction to our planet. Compared with an oil well that can pump successfully in the middle of a residential area without the residents being aware that it is there.

16. There is no capacity to recycle the dead batteries at the end of their life.
17. We currently don’t have the charging infrastructure for the new electric cars hitting the road, never mind the huge numbers planned. Tens of billions of pounds needs to be spent fixing this. And, one way or another, you will be paying for it.
18. If you are away from home on a calm winter evening do not expect charge points to even work. There just will not be the electricity to power them. Unlike diesel which can be easily stored and distributed through excellent existing infrastructure.
19. Electric recharging cables are very expensive. And very easy to steal. This criminal activity is growing very rapidly.
20. The batteries take up a lot of the internal space of the car (low energy density, remember). Electric cars tend to be bigger so as to still give you adequate accommodation. So more difficult to maneuver round town and to park.

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  1. Great information Bruce. Hydrogen seems the better option but sticking with petrol until they price me out.


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