Why Boris Is On His Way Out

In the Chesham and Amersham by election the swing against the Conservatives was 25%. In North Shropshire it was 34%. No Conservative MP now has a safe seat. And all the damage to the party has been caused by Boris. Let’s look at what he has done wrong:

  • Massively incompetent mismanagement of the Covid-19 pandemic. Boris does not understand STEMM at all, so he was in completely over his head. And he is famous for never being in command of his brief, relying on bluster instead. Which is no way to run a country.
  • Making the NHS a Covid only service. This will kill a lot more people than Covid will. The NHS never needed saving, it never got anywhere near capacity, the Nightingales were empty.
  • Fiscal incontinence. Total lack of control of the public finances. For instance a huge percentage of the fortune given out on Covid support was stolen. There were no fraud checks. This is money that we have to work for. He has no respect for this.
  • Sleaze. Number 10 flat redecoration, holidays abroad paid for by other people. Boris is expert at spending other people’s money. Especially on himself.
  • Lies and broken promises. Sometime it appears that Boris is a stranger to the truth. He says what he thinks people want to hear.
  • Authoritarianism. The behavioural scientists in Sage, the Army’s 77th Brigade, the BBC and the Behavioural Insights Team are engaged in social engineering and behavioural modification. They are the enemies of the British people.
  • Mass, uncontrolled immigration. Large swathes of Britain are no longer British. The indigenous people are not happy.
  • Illegal channel crossings. Thousands a day. These people will never contribute to this country and have a very high crime rate. Australia, Greece and Poland solved similar problems. It is almost as if Boris wants these migrants to come here.
  • Pension triple lock gone. Our pension level was already an utter disgrace, robbery from those who paid into it all their lives. Virtually every other developed country does better, often far better. Pensioners are not happy.
  • Carrie Johnson and Friends of Carrie have disproportionate control of No 10. Boris often looks like their poodle. Their policies are a very long way from being Conservative.
  • Christmas parties during lockdown. And lying about them. Whilst fining students £10,000 for having a few friends round. And preventing people sharing their loved ones’ dying moments. The moral bankruptcy here is just stunning.
  • Patrician attitude. Honed at Eton and Oxford. Boris really does think he is born to rule. A class above others. That we are the little people. This shows up a lot. And it is nasty. He is our servant and he fails totally to comprehend this.
  • Big state. Boris thinks that government is the answer to every problem. When usually it is the problem. Everything that government does it does badly. We all know this from our personal life experience. And the bigger the parasitic state is, the smaller the private sector, which generates all the wealth, is.
  • High tax, big spend. This is not Conservative. It is socialist. And we have to work for the money he gleefully steals from us.
  • Mismanaged Brexit. Fisheries and Northern Ireland being the most egregious issues, but there are plenty more. We voted out. And out means out.
  • Ecofascism, greenery and warmist extremism. Boris is wasting trillions of our money on this and the measures he is introducing will massively reduce our quality of life. He has utterly lost the plot on reality.
  • Populism. Doing what the press, focus groups, polls and social media say. Instead of leading. Instead of having principles. Just look at who he gives knighthoods, MBEs, CBEs etc to.
  • Getting rid of democracy. The Coronavirus Act 2020 removed most Parliamentary powers. They were taken over by four people (the Quad of PM, Health Secretary, Gove and Rishi), a Junta who ruled by diktat. This was a disgrace and totally unnecessary.
  • Taking away our rights and freedoms. Will we ever get them all back? Of course not. Political authoritarianism is out of control in Britain. We must do what we are told to do.

If there were a General Election tomorrow the Conservatives would lose it. We would be governed by a Labour/SNP/LibDem coalition which would re-join the EU, increase mass immigration and break up the United Kingdom. And it would all be due to Boris.


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  1. Some people say that it is in the very nature of Boris that he is good at every job he is given, but it is only when he gets the top job that he excels. We saw this when he was a two term Mayor of London. He did the job brilliantly. The evidence for this is irrefutable, just look at the slow motion train wrecks of his predecessor, Ken Livingstone, and his successor, Sadiq Khan, who were both abject failures who failed to meet the challenges of the job. Those who were close to Boris during his tenure say that his especial brilliance was in putting teams together and getting them to work. Exactly what is needed from a leader in government.


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