Why Did Boris Go So Wrong On Climate?

Once upon a time Boris Johnson had sensible, well formed, science based views on climate. But now he has gone over to the dark side of the pseudoscience warmists and ecofascists. A disaster for him. A bigger disaster for the people of Britain. He is trashing our quality of life and costing us trillions.

Writing about the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami Boris said: “There is no evidence that the planet is suffering from the extreme weather patterns associated with climate change.”

On 19 December 2010 Boris wrote an article in the Telegraph supporting the climate scientist (he ran the weather forecasting company WeatherAction) Piers Corbyn and his anti warmist stance.

In 2012 in the Telegraph, writing in support of fracking Boris said we shouldn’t be: “crucifying our landscape with wind farms which, even when they are in motion, would barely pull the skin off a rice pudding.”

Then in January 2013, again in the Telegraph, Boris wrote: “I wish I knew more about what is going on, and why. It is time to consult once again the learned astrophysicist, Piers Corbyn……….he thinks we should be paying more attention to the Sun. According to Piers, global temperature depends not on concentrations of CO2 but on the mood of our celestial orb………..When the solar acne diminishes, it seems that the Earth gets colder. No one contests that when the planet palpably cooled from 1645 to 1715 — the Maunder minimum, which saw the freezing of the Thames — there was a diminution of solar activity.”

Also in 2013: “As a species, we human beings have become so blind with conceit and self-love that we genuinely believe that the fate of the planet is in our hands – when the reality is that everything, or almost everything, depends on the behaviour and caprice of the gigantic thermonuclear fireball around which we revolve.”

In December 2015 he returned to the theme in the Telegraph: “I can’t stand this December heat, but it has nothing to do with global warming”.

But then this year in a speech at COP26 Boris said: “The clock is ticking to the furious rhythm of hundreds of billions of pistons and turbines and furnaces and engines with which we are pumping carbon into the air faster and faster.” He said the emissions are “quilting the earth in an invisible and suffocating blanket of CO2, raising the temperature of the planet with a speed and an abruptness that is entirely manmade”.

So why and when did it all go wrong for Boris? Moving over to the dark side and giving up on the science. Becoming hysterical.

The answer, as so often, is a woman. Carrie Symonds (now Carrie Johnson). At university she studied art history and theatre studies, which makes her an expert on science. And ideally suited to climate activism. She began an affair with Boris, then the foreign secretary, in 2018 while he was still married to his second wife, Marina Wheeler. In July 2019, Boris became prime minister and both he and Carrie officially moved into 10 Downing Street. Now they are married.

Poor Boris, like most of our political class, doesn’t have the faintest idea when it comes to science. But he can speak Latin. So he does whatever the person speaking loudest says. And Carrie speaks loudest.


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