Useful Idiots in Bristol

What we have now is a jury of lefties in Bristol usurping our national Parliament and making new law to suit their own ridiculous political agenda. It is now perfectly legal for me to destroy anything that I “take offence” at. Like the Nelson Mandela statue in Parliament Square, he was a murdering Communist terrorist. Or Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate Cemetery, his ideas killed at least a hundred million people and made everyone on Earth far poorer.

These activists are classical useful idiots. Orwell even warned them about their actions. They are walking down a road that will lead to their own slavery. If you narrow all our history, all our literature, all our thought down to what a minority of cancel culture activists decree then it is the end of democracy. We will be just like modern day China.



  1. Four people – Rhian Graham, 30, Milo Ponsford, 26, and Sage Willoughby, 22 and Jake Skuse, 33 – were prosecuted for pulling down the statue during a Black Lives Matter protest on in June 2020. A further six were given “restorative justice” outcomes and ordered to pay a £100 fine, undertake unpaid work and fill in a questionnaire about their actions.


  2. I’d like to make two points here:
    (i) The verdict is indeed ridiculous as ‘the four’ are clearly guilty of vandalism;
    and, unrelatedly,
    (ii) The place for contoversial statues (and similar) are museums where proper explanations are provided. Just imagine for a second the furore that would arise if we’d discover a Hitler’s statue was displayed in a public square in Germany!


  3. Edward Colston wasn’t a slave trader. He was a shareholder. He did NOTHING illegal during his lifetime. He died 300 years ago, FGS. His statue was erected to honour his vast philanthropy. The way he has been demonised is disgustung.


  4. Nelson Mandela was a hero. Compare his activities to those of the apartheid regime and only a fool would consider him to be the terrorist. Or were said regime entitled to murder, imprison and make the life of the natives hell?


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