Why All Major UK Political Parties are Left Wing

The Conservatives and Labour are trying to park their tanks on each other’s lawns. Fighting for the left of centre, where the LibDems and SNP also abide. All socialists. This will very obviously not end well because there is no differentiation, no real choice for the voters. Whatever box you cross on your ballot paper you end up with the same nasty thing.

The Red Wall voted for the Boris in 2019 because they saw their way of life being destroyed, mainly by uncontrolled immigration of an alien culture (something that the Metropolitan “elite” fail to understand or accept). But he is now destroying their way of life even faster than before, he has broken his promises. So a Conservative Red Wall is now just a fluke that happened without the Conservative Party understanding how or why and which will not be repeated.

Middle England voted for Boris in 2019 because they were frightened stiff of Corbyn. But with rampant inflation, eye watering taxes and pension theft, a very sizeable number of them will be voting LibDem or abstaining at all future elections. They are disgusted with Boris and the Conservative Party for abusing their trust.

The Welsh and the Scots are a combination of bigotry and wanting lots of free stuff paid for by English taxpayers. So they are institutionally Labour/SNP, no matter how corrupt and incompetent these parties are.

Boris would lose well over 100 seats in a GE tomorrow. And it is going to get much, much worse for the Conservatives as their economic incompetence and fiscal incontinence bite. A Labour/SNP coalition seems inevitable. Both of these parties deny it now, but when the opportunity to seize power comes they will grab it.


  1. Without a true Conservative party on the horizon I fear the worst.


  2. Are you perhaps schizophrenic? Both parties are two sides of the same globalist neoliberal coin. Would love to know how the conservative party advocates for workers ownership of the means of production.


  3. “The Welsh and the Scots are a combination of bigotry and wanting lots of free stuff paid for by English taxpayers.”

    Everyone wants free stuff paid for by anyone but themselves, but Welsh = bigotry? Perhaps a little bigotry of your own surfacing here?


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