How to Understand the Ukraine War

We live in an age, sadly, where most of the MSM is unreliable. Promoting their own political agenda (BBC), obsession with clicks (Express, Mail), journalists who don’t understand the subject they are writing about (most of them). This applies especially when it comes to the Russia/Ukraine war, two little understood countries that most people are unfamiliar with. And then there are the billions that Putin spends creating and spreading misinformation. He has a huge psyops team that create and distribute tropes that are latched onto and repeated by gullible fools in the West. Just look at the  Ukraine biolabs story, for instance. HERE is a list of some of the most common ones.

So where can you get information that allows you to actually know what is going on?

Firstly the MSM is not all bad. The Guardian, surprisingly, has been exemplary. Presumably because they perceive Putin as being right wing. Their coverage is HERE.

Next let’s look at the discussion forums. These allow a wide range of views and they link to a massive range of sources, if you choose the right ones then many of the posters have special knowledge and experience that provide some exceptional insights. Also they are right on top of events as they unfold, well ahead of the MSM. The army forum ARRSE is especially active and well informed HERE. The military aviation thread HERE is a lot slower, but has its own special expertise. And the general forum HERE is very wide ranging and has lots of specialist knowledge.

There are a lot of pundits and “analysts” out there. Some of them sound like 14 year olds who haven’t even fired an air rifle. Not so the Institute for the Study of War (HERE), which is very professional. Timothy Snyder is the Levin Professor of History at Yale and brings real intellectual and academic authority to the conflict (HERE). Also the Perun channel (HERE) on YouTube is very widely respected and goes into considerable depth. And the military blog The War Zone (HERE) has a lot of articles explaining military issues in depth.

Some one off sources of information deserve special mention and are well worth a bit of time. THIS FT article is insightful on how the war started and how Putin thinks. The horrors of his use of rape as a military weapon are in THIS film. The post apocalypse landscape of some Russian towns and cities can be seen HERE. Imagine this happening to where you live. And the harrowing Bel Trew documentary (HERE) on the widespread murder, torture and rape that Putin has inflicted on the Ukraine people.

Reddit is also worth a look (HERE) as it provides an ongoing narrative by posting and discussing most events in the war. So it serves  as a newsfeed.

Well, that is a lot to digest. Feel free to add more in the comments below. But please, no Russian psyop trope sites, they are only for the gullible.




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  1. Volodymyr Zelensky is the most amazing and brave leader ever. We should all be mortgaging our homes just to send him as much money for his impeccable governance of Ukraine as we can. The price of democracy and freedom is steep, but worth it!


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