The Evil Global Covid Conspiracy Revealed

I have been researching on the dark web and found the real reason behind these Covid jabs. It is a global conspiracy by the Rothschilds and Bill Gates to make our blood poisonous to vampires. These blood suckers have become a big problem to the global 1% elites due to global warming.

Professor Morone in America, who literally invented garlic, has done several podcast revealing the truth. And Professor Yarndon, who owned Johnson & Johnson has given many lectures. But they have both been banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube purely for telling the truth. They both say that the vaccines alter the mitochondria in our red blood cells. When vampires drink blood protected in this way they die immediately from blood clots.

The vaccines are unnecessary because large doses of TCP are more effective, as has been proven in India. A pint a day keeps the vampires away. You can keep up with the vampire truth at and Two highly respected websites that are often quoted on Conservative Woman and Daily Sceptic.

I know there are many reading this who will be keen to get these truths out to as many people as possible using their social media. And don’t believe the people who say it is conspiracy theory, they all work for the big banks.


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