1. Lebanon, not a democracy? You’ve been drinking too much CNN recently.
    As for Iraq, guess why there’s no democracy over there? Something tells me that phones wouldn’t change much to it. IF only they could afford any to begin with…

  2. Angry_Rhino

    John Dvorak’s column today nailed it: “The Chinese actually think that people complaining online is going to make a difference. Why? It has never made a difference anywhere else. Well, unless you believe the tale that somehow Twitter and Facebook are the reasons for the overthrow of the Tunisian and Egyptian governments. How many people actually use Twitter in Egypt? Most people in the U.S. don’t even use Twitter, and it was invented here.

    “I suggest that cutting off of the net in Egypt caused the actual revolt, as addicts to phone service and the network went berserk, needing their fix. The best bet is to let the information flow so people are stuck at their terminals soaking it all in and making derisive tweets, thinking that does any good. Note to China: people cannot kill you if they are sitting at home in front of a terminal.”


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