We Brits don’t like foreigners

23% of us think that immigration is the country’s biggest problem, 59% of us think that there are too many immigrants, about 70% think the government is doing a bad job with immigration and about 25% think that legal immigrants shouldn’t have access to the NHS and state education. These figures are a national disgrace. So I would like to make the following points:

  • My wife is an immigrant, she is also a doctor, so this country gets the benefit of her massively expensive education without having to pay for it. Whilst here she has spent around £25K of her own after tax earnings doing an MBA. In other words she wants to improve herself and get on with life, contributing ever more to the British economy. Her story is not atypical, large numbers of immigrants have bought skills and enterprise here that benefits the whole of society.
  • In the past we have allowed in too many people (though still a very small minority) who do not add value to UK plc, economic migrants who come to abuse our welfare system. For instance how many illiterate Bengali farm workers do we really need? Hopefully the government is now getting a grip on the quality of who is let in.
  • In Britain we have a large, feckless, dependency underclass who do not want to work or contribute to society in any way. They live a life of entitlement where they are pure parasites on hard working people. These people cannot find jobs yet hundreds of thousands of Poles came here and found jobs with no problem. This is the best evidence I have ever seen for cutting the benefit system right down to just a minimum safety net.
  • The Daily Mail and their ilk spew out xenophobic propaganda that, inevitable, cause a lot of problems. Unbelievably great swathes of middle England actually believe what the Daily Mail publishes. This is something we could do without.
  • Our last government spent a fortune on a misguided socialist policy of diversity, it has become an entire parasitic industry. This whole apparatus needs to be got rid of. Instead we should do what this country has always done successfully in the past and that is to integrate. It worked with the Jewish and Polish migrants from Eastern Europe in the 1930s, it worked with the Huguenots, it worked with the Ugandan Asians and it worked with the Windrush generation from the Caribbean.
  • Intermarriage between races is a good measure of social integration. It is very easy to see that some immigrant groups have succeeded with this and that some have totally failed. Our society should actively encourage more mixed race marriages, they are so beneficial  in so many ways.
  • Immigration is a huge nett contributor to UK plc. The City of London is full of the best and brightest from around the world generating hundreds and hundreds of billions of income for this country. The national health service would cease to work if you removed all its immigrant labour. British cuisine, which just a few decades was bland beyond belief, is now amongst the finest in the world due to the fusion of many influences brought in by immigrants. Our arts and whole cultural world is likewise enriched. And always hard working immigrants are prepared to do the low income work that native Brits are too workshy to contemplate.
  • Immigration is a two way street. Huge numbers of Brits live and work abroad. Go virtually anywhere in the world and you will find a community of expats. It is the simple laws of economics with resources, including human skills, moving to where they are most needed. The more we allow this sort of free economy the richer we all become.

So there we have it. British society as a whole needs to learn, adapt and enjoy the benefits. Politicians should get rid of stupid laws and stupid policies. And the media should grow up and become more liberal.


  1. “For instance how many illiterate Bengali farm workers do we really need?”
    You sound like a Daily Mail columnist yourself. Please provide some facts/figures about illiterate Bengali farm workers and how many are claiming benefit or working.


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