What is wrong with the police in Britain

Happier times
Ian Tomlinson experiences modern policing

UK fraud is running at £38 billion annually which is £765 a year that every law abiding UK adult is worse off. Feral youths commit untold numbers of antisocial crimes in our city centres and housing estates, blighting the lives of millions. The internet is full of Nigerian conmen, fake pill sellers and masses of other criminal activities that virtually nothing is done about. It is usually cheaper and quicker to buy illegal recreational drugs than legal ones. Big crime bosses flaunt their position and wealth because they are untouchable. Ordinary citizens have their rights routinely abused by police in a totally arbitrary manner. What is going wrong?:

ACPO. The Association of Chief Police Officers. Seemingly a harmless talking shop, they have been given successively more and more powers to the point where they could now possibly be described as an undemocratic state within a state. It is a private company immune from the Freedom of Information Act, it has a Confidential Intelligence Unit that spies on politicians, it has commercial activities including selling Police National Computer information, and it is currently being investigated to see if it broke the law with undercover police activities. ACPO even had the temerity to issue a press release saying they objected to Conservative police policies.

Freemasonry. The freemasons are a secret society whose members, via many ceremonies, are pledged to look after each other above and before everything else. Other freemasons come before family, employers or the law of the land. Obviously if a policeman were a freemason there would be a huge conflict of interest, yet many (perhaps most) of them are. The handbook of masonry says: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations“. Freemasonry works by recruiting people in positions of power, two of our recent Prime Ministers are freemasons, and the police are the pawns at the bottom of the masonic powerbase. Criminal freemasons, who may have received more police attention had they not been members, include Kenneth Noye, Harold Shipman and Thomas Hamilton. Some say that being a freemason makes a criminal “untouchable” and that many top crime bosses are masons.

The Police Federation. You probably have not thought about it but the misdemeanours of individual police officers only make the press if they have been found guilty in a court of law (which in itself may be difficult to achieve, see freemasonry above). They seem to be above criticism whatever they do, certainly they are usually above the scrutiny of the press, which is a major democratic failing. In my opinion this has been bought about because the Police Federation very aggressively use our outdated, one sided and punitive libel laws to suppress all criticism. So newspaper editors mostly won’t even publish valid police criticism in fear of a libel action. It is a form of censorship. Russell, Jones & Walker are solicitors who specialise in doing this work for the Police Federation, on their website they say: “…….often assist in trying to keep defamatory stories out of the media. We are well known to all the major media organisations through our dealings with them on behalf of police officers over many years, so they take our involvement in a case seriously.

Politicians giving the police too much power. If you give police powers they will always abuse them, this is just human nature. So we should be careful what powers we give them.The last government gave them anti terrorism stop and search powers that were grossly abused on a massive scale, in fact they were very rarely used for their intended purpose but instead were used to harass the public in general. Another abuse of power involved the widespread confiscating the memory cards out of the cameras of people just taking tourist snapshots. And then there is kettling, detaining citizens, most of them perfectly law abiding and some of them not even demonstrators, for many hours without food or sanitation against their will. Then you have to look at the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson to wonder if the police can go round killing totally innocent people with no fear of punishment.

Independent Police Complaints Commission. Most organisations welcome constructive criticism because it enables them to improve, but not the police who, presumably because they think that they are always right, see it as an unjustified nuisance. The IPCC exists to distance the police from their critics, to act as a buffer. If you have a grievance the IPCC acts as a catharsis by being emollient about your claim. Most investigations are done by other policemen (see freemasonry above) so lack real credibility. The overall effect is to make the police far less answerable for their bad behaviour than they should be.

So what is the answer, how do we get an effective police force that is democratically accountable and does not abuse its power?

Firstly we desperately need two sorts of police force. We need local police who sort out the feral youths, petty crime, antisocial behaviour etc. These police need to be under strong local democratic control so they are doing what the public want them to do. Ex policemen should be banned from ever putting themselves up for elected power here, otherwise it would be the police having control over the police.

Then we need a national police force to look after organised crime, the internet, our borders, terrorism and everything else that can’t be properly handled on a local basis. This force should come under home office control and the activities of ACPO should be incorporated into it. ACPO can then be disbanded.

Secondly police need to be more accountable at every level. This means giving the IPCC far stronger teeth and lots of independent investigators. They need to be able to genuinely police the police. And their feedback should lead to genuine improvements in policing. Also the libel laws need massive reform so they cannot be abused to prevent public debate and freedom of speech. Banning “corporate” ability to bring libel action, so organisations like the Police Federation are taken out of the system, would be an excellent measure for our society.

Finally the police should be banned from being freemasons, in fact everyone in the criminal justice system should be. There are obvious massive conflicts of interest that must stop the system working properly and must lead to a shortfall of justice. It is ridiculous that the police are banned from being in the BNP (an ACPO rule, typical of their undemocratic powers) which is a legal political party, yet they are allowed to be members of a secret society that has interests that are directly contrary to them doing their job properly.


  1. Thanks for this well intentioned informed blogspot. Something in the BIG SOCIETY Conservative government programme is to initiate populist elected Police Commissioners. Very little vibe being made to highlight the shortcomings of such a proposal. Anyone who has read history – UK history – knows its a stupid initiative. Its like the Tory Crime Maps that it is said will produce police accountability. We all know very well how and where Ian Tomlinson was killed – that info sure didn’t produce meaningful police accountability.


  2. Just thought I would add Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith to the list of freemasons reported to the police and not acted against.


  3. And also with regards to police behaviour the cases of Lynette White and Plebgate are deeply worrying and disturbing. The police are supposed to be the servants of society yet so often act as the complete opposite.


  4. The handbook of masonry says: “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations“

    What a preposterous load of rubbish! Give us all a link to something credible to prove this ridiculous statement !!!


  5. Utter tripe, written with no basis other than extreme paranoia, personal ill Will and grievience.

    Vast generalisations and not one scrap of credible ‘

    Poor. Very poor


  6. Please let us have the title of the handbook of masonry that you have taken your quotes from…..I doubt you can because you have talked utter rubbish. Made up facts show you as the sort of journalist that should remain out of the public domain.


  7. Good article. I disagree about Noye – he was implicated with John “OJ” Davidson a notorious bent cop. In essence nothing wrong with masons but deeply worrying that affinity lodges can and do rule the judiciary.


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