This country desperately need workfare

Yobbish behaviour and intimidating groups taking over public spaces

Currently in Britain we have around a million NEETs (youths not in education, employment or training) which are a direct result of our education system failing to prepare these people to be of any productive value to society and of the socialist dogma that has blighted our society since 1945. Meanwhile many hundreds of thousands of Poles and other Eastern Europeans come here and have no problem finding jobs, working hard, contributing to our society and paying the taxes that pay for these NEETs. But then the Eastern Europeans have far more useful skills and, most important of all, a far better attitude.

Our current, socialist, welfare system is engineered to reward failure. This is it’s defining function, people get paid whether they work or not. The current Coalition reforms are just playing around at the margin, they still leave a system that allows those who don’t want to work to live off the state acting as parasites on those who do want to work and do want to contribute to society.

We have created a feral, dependency underclass to whom making a baby is seen as a way to boost their income. These people often have successive generations who have never worked, they just exist to leech off others. And the youths hang around in city centres and housing estates wearing their expensive shell suits and with their sociopathic attitudes conduct vast numbers of low level crimes that blight the lives of millions.

There is a better way. Instead of the state paying people to do nothing we should pay them to do something. This is called workfare and it is an absolutely brilliant policy. So good that many other countries have adopted it with outstanding success. Here are just a few of the advantages of making the unemployed work:

  • Taxpayers can see that they get some value for money from paying their taxes.
  • The unemployed gain the disciplines and attitudes necessary to prepare them for a proper job in the real world.
  • It removes the feral, feckless youths from our town centres and street corners.
  • Crime will be reduced because those who now commit many of them would be otherwise engaged.
  • The very many who are fiddling the system by working in the black economy whilst claiming benefits will be forced to desist.
  • It provides a labour force to make our world better. Picking up litter, removing graffiti.
  • It would also provide a work force for much of David Cameron’s “Big Society”.
  • Their work could fill gaps created by reductions in government spending.
  • It would give claimants a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work, possibly for the first time in their lives.

As you can see Workfare is a fantastic alternative to our current stupidity of just throwing money at people to do nothing. So why don’t we have it? The answer is that the disease that is socialism is so deeply embedded in our society that we no longer do what is sensible and right. Instead we follow left wing dogma, no matter how idiotic and costly it may be.

Finally there is a form of workfare called military conscription, but that is a whole different story.

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  1. It depends what you mean by ‘workfare’ Bruce. If you mean being forced to work for 40 hours per week irrespective of what benefits you’re receiving I’m not in favour of that…it’s called slavery. I had to undertake such a scheme for six months and in effect was working for less money than I had previously received (due to additional costs) – at a rate of about £4 per hour…and of course had no opportunities to actually look for work.

    However, if you are advocating some sort of ’employer-of-last-resort’ programme whereby people work for local authorities or charities for a number of hours per week based on their level of benefits so that, in effect, they would be receiving minimum wage; than I would fully support that proposal.

    Of course, both proposals would be extremely expensive and are unlikely to be enacted in a time of budgetary restraint.


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