963,000 NEETs

Keep your coins, I want change.
Graffiti by Banksy

So the latest figures are out and we have nearly a million young people Not in Education Employment or Training. Yet we have well over a million recent immigrants from Eastern Europe and elsewhere who have no problem finding jobs and contributing to the economy. What is going wrong in Britain that so many young people are unable to find a job, why is more than one in five unable to do something productive with their lives?:

From the above you can see that the main cause of the NEET problem is politicians and their actions, especially the post war Labour government who put the socialist state in place and the Blair/Brown disaster that looked like it was trying to legislate the SME private sector out of existence. There are seven points above, each of which need to be addressed by the government. If they did so the economy would grow rapidly and unemployment would drop very quickly indeed.




  1. Out of interest, when were you last in full-time education, employment or training, Bruce?


  2. @Richard
    I work more than 35 hours a week, pay my taxes, receive no state benefits and am a nett contributor to the state.


  3. “I work more than 35 hours a week”

    Doing what exactly, and for whom?


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