The disability gravy train

Nationwide Building Society advertising campaign featuring characters from British comedy series Little Britain

Professor Steven Hawking was Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for thirty years yet he was almost completely paralysed with motor neurone disease. Sir Frank Williams is principal of the Williams F1 team and travels to the races all over the world yet he has been a paraplegic since a car accident in 1986. David Blunkett is a Labour politician who rose to the roles of Education Secretary, Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions yet who was blind from birth. Douglas Bader fought as a fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain yet he had no legs.

Compare and contrast the above with the 81,670 people who are claiming various incapacity benefits in Britain because they are alcohol or drug addicts or are overweight. More than a quarter of these have not worked for a decade.

The UK has a working population of a lot less than 40 million yet under Labour the disability benefits numbers rose to nearly 3 million. So more than one in 13 of the working age population was purportedly so disabled that they couldn’t work! Impossible. Now obviously there are genuine claimants but it is also obvious that the majority could work. And there are even websites that give instructions on how to play the system. So hard working people are having their taxes taken off them to be given to people who can’t be bothered to work.

In Britain working and contributing to society is still entirely optional. This is the wonder of socialism. If you don’t want to work and would rather be parasitic on others then it is astonishingly easy to do so. Once you are inside the system they pay your housing costs and often even provide you with a car, as well as giving you money to live off. And annoyingly many people who do this still work and earn money in the cash economy. And more annoyingly very many economic migrants come to this country and plug straight into the system.

Supposed disability isn’t the only way that parasites abuse hard working tax payers, single mothers are another huge burden on society, with successive pregnancies carefully timed to maximise benefits. Once again misguided socialists have set up a system that is more often abused than it is used as originally intended. The TV drama Cathy Come Home has cost Britain very many billions of pounds.

For a society to prosper it needs as high a proportion of people as possible working productively in the private sector generating wealth with the minimum parasitic public sector draining taxes from them. This has been proven countless times, it was how America built its great wealth and is how China is building its giant economy right now. In fact it is how Britain became great. And if we want to become great again this is the only way to do it. We must change to rewarding enterprise and hard work instead of the current system where we reward indolence and sloth.


  1. Shame the courts don’t agree with you.

    And, for the record, Frank’s been to a handful of overseas Grands Prix since the accident, despite having a support team around him capable of moving 3 F1 cars and several tons of equipment. If a millionaire chief exec can’t/won’t do it, what chance would a former teacher or builder have?


  2. As I see it the only solution is for local authorities to become the ’employer-of-last-resort,’ assessing, educating and training these people to do whatever jobs are available and they are capable of doing. It will be very expensive though and I doubt that the electorate would be prepared to accept any resultant tax increases.


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