Yet more Syria videos

These are immensely important. Syria is one of the most repressive states on earth, the ruling dynasty do not allow basic, fundamental human rights to their population. They also have a long history of violently putting down all dissent. Now the population of Syria have taken to the streets to try and change things. This is immensely brave as the Assads have turned the secret police, snipers, the army and everything else at their disposal to suppressing this popular expression of dissent. Many hundreds of unarmed people have been murdered by the state and many thousands beaten up, arrested and tortured.

Meanwhile the rest of the world looks on with the occasional slight murmur of disapproval, the world’s politicians are being a total disgrace. There is no difference between Libya and Syria yet we acted to protect the people of one and we are leaving the people of the other to be brutalised by the Assad family. Tanks are shelling civilian population areas as you read this.

The only way that the people of Syria can promote their cause is to bravely make videos and distribute them to the world. These videos are often harrowing and, shamefully, they are being largely ignored by the mainstream media. Celebrity adultery is more important to them than the harsh nastiness of what can be seen in these videos. So we owe it to the people of Syria to distribute these are much as we can, by bringing home the awfulness of events we might be able to get something done.


Army firing at peaceful unarmed protestors: Homs – Syria May 6, 2011

Assads forces shooting unarmed people.

Raw Video: Victims of Syrian Crackdown

Daraa Sniper on Rooftop

Daraa Home Destroyed by Syrian Army

Hama – Man killed by security forces during peaceful protest 5-6-11

Syrian government tanks outside Jassem.

Syrian Security Forces Open Fire on Sit-in.

Massacre in Nashabya village near Damascus airport in Syria

There are loads more. Just go to YouTube and search for Syria. For “sort by” select “upload date” and you will see what is happening almost in real time. It is amazing how few views these videos have had. It is almost as if the whole world has become ostriches and is burying its collective head in the sand. It is shameful that we are not doing more to protect these people against brutal oppression.

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