Have the Americans suddenly decided that they like democracy and human rights?

As I have written on here previously America has a long tradition of bringing down democratically elected governments and of giving massive support to rather nasty dictators. They found this to be the most pragmatic way of projecting their power in the world. Dictators can be paid to toe the line whilst democracies might do something America doesn’t like.

Now, as a result of the Arab Spring, the American president, Barack Obama, has announced a 180 degree policy U turn. In future they are going to support democracies and not dictatorships. Not only that, they are going to stop the nasty Israelis from being an oppressive apartheid regime. You have to say that Obama is a master of rhetoric but is there any chance of him actually meaning what he says? Well I have posted some videos from Bahrain at the top of this article, have a look at them and then ask yourself why are the Al Khalifa ruling family there such big friends of the American government?

And then there are the Saudis.

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