Unison union think they run the country

Protesting miners.

Anyone who lived through the three day week and the winter of discontent knows just how evil the unions are, they have massively damaged this country. Fortunately, due to the superb reforms of Margaret Thatcher, union power was mostly removed from the private sector. However in the parasitic and woefully inefficient public sector their power continues undiminished, something every taxpayer in Britain is punished for.

Now we have a sensible government who want to bring in some modest and much needed reforms. The unions see this as an opportunity to show their power with industrial action. No surprise here, this is their normal Pavlovian reaction. However the public employees do so little that matter that the real world won’t notice very much difference when they are on strike. There is also little sympathy for them because they already get paid more than equivalent workers in the private sector and have far greater benefits, despite being vastly less productive. What we really need is to remove all employment protection and so to free up the labour market, that would benefit everyone.

One very good thing is that we taxpayers won’t be paying them when they are on strike. Perhaps they could strike on alternate weeks henceforth, that would give an excellent result.

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