In Syria today

Friday is the Islamic holy day, so people are not at work. They go to the mosques to pray then they demonstrate against the brutal dictatorship of the Assad family. And every Friday the security forces of the dictatorship shoot at random into the unarmed crowds, sometimes from helicopters. Also they grab stragglers from the crowds and give them a good beating.

The effect this has is to make the demonstrations bigger every week. They are in cities right across the nation and the biggest ones now comprise of hundreds of thousands of people, so there are probably millions on the streets today. Some of whom will be buried tomorrow, victims of the crimes against humanity committed by the Assad family.

Exceedingly brave are those who video what is going on and who then post it to YouTube, often very shortly after it has happened. These videos let the world see the truth of what is going on. The Western media has news fatigue over all of this and is more interested in the story of private detectives listening to mobile phone voicemails five years or more ago.

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