President Dmitry Medvedev does irony

This is an absolute classic, talking about the current disgusting government violence against unarmed citizens in Syria, Medvedev said that the Syrians should: “carry out urgent reforms, come to terms with the opposition, restore peace and create a modern state”. He could get a job as a stand up comic.

This is what Amnesty International said about Russia in their latest report: “Human rights defenders and independent journalists continued to face threats, harassment and attacks, and investigations yielded few concrete results. Freedom of assembly and expression continued to come under attack, including through the banning of demonstrations, their violent dispersal and the prosecution of individuals under anti-extremism legislation. The security situation in the North Caucasus remained volatile. Attacks by armed groups and persistent human rights violations, including killings, enforced disappearances and torture, continued to affect the region. Across Russia, there were frequent reports of torture and other ill-treatment by law enforcement officials.”

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