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Cyril Smith Freemasaon Paedophile

Before we start it is important to point out that correlation does not imply causality. In Australia the annual shark bite and ice cream sales graphs follow very similar curves. Only a fool would say that they are directly related.

Also it is important to know that the freemasons are a secret organisation. We don’t know who their members are and what they do. It might just be a knitting circle for pregnant women. So this whole article is just about pure speculation.

So who is in the freemasons? Allegedly and according to rumour it contains several members of the Royal Family, most Prime Ministers, most policemen, most of MI5, many MPs, most  judges, many lawyers, many newspaper owners and many senior civil servants. The organisation recruits people in positions of power. If this were all the case then freemasons would comprise a secret power structure within Britain, who could act without our knowing. These people have supposedly sworn many secret oaths to put freemasonry and brother freemasons before all else, including the law.

Why do people join? Self advancement and power are the most obvious. In some organisations there is allegedly a glass ceiling in promotion that requires freemason membership. Also there is the possibility that freemasonry takes people beyond the law. So criminals can act with impunity. London gangster Kenneth Noye was the master of a lodge and was untouchable till he killed someone in public. Other freemason gangsters were not so silly.

Freemasons also seem to have a penchant for mass murder. The following are all thought to possibly be freemasons: Harold Shipman, Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane), Anders Behring Breivik, Fred West and Peter Sutcliffe (Yorkshire Ripper).

 Anders Behring Breivik
Anders Behring Breivik

So now to the subject of the article. Here is a list of names that have been reported to be freemasons, obviously this could just be scurrilous tittle tattle: Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Cyril Smith, Max Clifford, Rolf Harris, Paul Gadd (Gary Glitter), Stuart Hall, Owen Oyston and Alan Freeman. You might notice a bit of a trend here.

Which brings us nicely to to alleged freemason paedophilia within Westminster, both historic and current. Obviously, such is the power of freemasons, they could have suppressed the knowledge of this for all time and some would say that they nearly did. It has come to light mainly because of the online investigative news website Exaro News and because of the insistence and diligence of the MP Simon Danczuk. Our mainstream media have been reluctant at best to tell us what they must know. As things stand 141 MPs have asked for an inquiry into matters. Obviously these MPs are not freemasons!

The accusations centre around industrial scale abuse of children who were in local authority care, whose safety was the responsibility of government. The locations include: Haut de la Garenne in Jersey, Kincora boys home in Northern Ireland, Bryn Estyn in North Wales, Cambridge House in Rochdale, Elm Guest House in London and many more across Britain. In many cases there have been investigations and every single time it looks like those investigations could have been sabotaged. Who has the power to do that?

Bryn Estyn is interesting because a victim and a former policemen in this interview confirmed that it was freemasons:

(this video has disappeared several times from YouTube, you would wopnder why, and who has the power to do this)

Elm Guest House is interesting in that the landlady Carol Kasir drew up a list of the alleged attendees to alleged paedophile parties there, this list comprises mainly of obvious freemasons (if our suppositions about freemasonry are true). You can Google this list to see it for yourself. It is a freemason tactic to pour derision and scorn on critics, you can see them do it on social media. So it is no surprise that Kasir’s list has been the subject of such treatment.

So now for some pure speculation, why do freemasons like paedophilia, if of course they do?

  • Freemasonry attracts people who like power. Paedophilia is a form of power.
  • Paedophilia forms part of the structure of freemasonry. Maybe only in the higher degrees.
  • Paedophilia is a shared secret adding to all the other masonic secrets, strengthening their bond.
  • Paedophiles join the freemasons to get protection from the police and from the law.
  • The hocus pocus and charades that make up freemasonry engender an attitude that encourages paedophilia.

Now into the realm of utter pure rumour and speculation and that is the deaths surrounding this paedophilia. Carol Kasir died under extremely suspicious circumstances once she started telling the wider world about Elm Guest House. Jill Dando was believed to be investigating freemason paedophilia when she was shot. MP Geoffrey Dickens, who compiled a dossier of this abuse had his homes ransacked and his name was found on a hit man’s list. Then there are the child victims who committed suicide as a result of their mental trauma and those who just disappeared. Two (now dead) alleged freemason paedophiles supposedly killed their victims during their sex acts, either for ritual reasons or for enjoyment.

Obviously we need an investigation into all this, both the dreadful acts allegedly inflicted on children and the power of freemasonry within our society. It is self evidently very wrong that policemen are allowed to be freemasons, the conflict of interest is too great and can only damage law and justice in Britain. All public servants who are freemasons should have to state the fact on a register available freely to the public. And this includes politicians, local, national and EU.

If you want to investigate further the Google is your best friend. Searches such as “Max Clifford freemason” or “Bryn Estyn Freemason” will reveal to you vastly more than the brief synopsis here. Many (freemasons) will say that this is all conspiracy theory. But it is very funny that these conspiracy theories are often turning out to be the truth.

Once again I would like to point out that this article is all unproven supposition and may or may not have any relation to reality.



  1. Bruce I ain’t no brain box but I salute you at least someone is trying to expose these sick evil peados that’s my aim in life help expose these people so don’t have to put up with what I experienced as a kid 👍 🍀👊


  2. Kasir didn’t write that list, Chris Fay did. And he’s a convicted fraudster.
    I also doubt very much that many of your list are masons, let alone high ranking ones. You don’t even seem to believe it yourself.


  3. There are so many problems with this article that it’s difficult to know where to start. One of the few things written above which I agree with are the words “this article is all unproven supposition and may or may not have any relation to reality.”

    Forgive me, but what do you think you are doing throwing around allegations that people are paedophiles or have helped cover up that ghastly crime on the basis of “unproven supposition?”

    Are you aware that misguided accusations of being a paedophile have resulted in people being beaten up, having their houses set on fire, or being forced to flee to the other side of the country?

    And since tens of thousands of people in Britain, though none of those named in your article as possible masons, are quite open about being freemasons, don’t you think throwing around this sort of accusation is not just irresponsible but dangerous? If you have the tiniest shred of evidence for what you have written, you should give it to the police. If you have not, you should think very carefully about whether it is fair to make allegations which you cannot prove and which have the potential to ruin the lives of innocent people.

    I thought this country worked on the principle that someone is innocent until proven guilty?

    I see you have a picture of Maggie Thatcher on your site with a quote which suggests you approved of her. (So do I, by the way.) There are websites run by lefties where you can find all sorts of guilt by association smears against her that she must have been protecting paedophiles because she was supposedly a friend of the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

    How do you feel about that? Because it is exactly the same tactic you have just used against all freemasons.

    One of Maggie’s close associates was Lord MacAlpine, who was entirely innocent of being a paedophile, but whose last few months of life were totally ruined by the false accusation that he had been one, apparently because some blithering idiot wrongly identified a photograph when interviewing a child abuse victim.

    How did you feel about that one? Or about the fact that as soon as Lord MacApine died, and it became legally possible to say whatever you like about him, the same sort of person shown with slogans like “The witch is dead” in a photograph on your recent post about the new nasty party, also started posting things like “MacAlpine the pervert is dead.”

    Well I’ll tell you how I felt about allegations based on no evidence that Maggie Thatcher protected paedophiles, allegations based on mistaken identity that Lord MacAlpine was a paedophile, and allegations based on no evidence that freemasons have a penchant for mass murder and for “child abuse on an industrial scale.” All three make me feel physically sick.

    When I am unfortunate enough to find the sort you posted above written by a left-wing conspiracy theorist, I shake my head sadly and ignore it because I know there is no way you can get the truth into the head of anyone like that. But as your other posts suggest that you are an intelligent man, I’m going to make an effort to explain a few of the things you have got wrong.

    First of all, Freemasonry in Britain is about as secret as a faulty silencer on the engines of a Boeing 747. What sort of secret society has an HQ which you can find on any decent map of London and is open to the public? (Freemason’s Hall at Great Queen Street is). What sort of secret society is listed in the telephone book, operates websites which describe its’ activities and publishes yearbooks with lists of its’ officers and the times and meeting places of its’ lodges?

    Freemasonry does all those things and it is not difficult to find out who many freemasons are. Names of those who hold office in the organisation are published in its’ yearbooks and on masonic websites: almost all those masons who are MPs or councillors have, as United Grand Lodge encourages them to do, declared the fact that they are freemasons in the register of members’ interests.

    Second, the statement that “These people have supposedly sworn many secret oaths to put freemasonry and brother freemasons before all else, including the law” is the exact opposite of the truth.

    You can easily buy ritual books from Freemasons’ Hall or online which show exactly what promises a Freemason makes, and all of them are qualified to make it absolutely clear that they specifically do not expect a mason to put his brother masons above the law. For example the most famous of those promises, the “master mason’s obligation” qualifies the obligation with the words “Murder, Treason, Felony, and all other offences contrary to the laws of God, and the ordinances of the Realm, being at all times most especially excepted.”

    Freemasons are required to be good citizens and obey the law, and any mason convicted of a serious offence will be expelled, as were the two people, out of all those you named as possible masons, who to the best of my knowledge at one point were.

    Thirdly you have also named as a possible mason at least one person who a judicial inquiry established was not – the Dunblane killer, Thomas Hamilton.

    The Grand Lodge of Scotland, and the Lodges of which the press had suggested that the Dunblane killer was a member, made their membership books available both to Lord Cullen’s inquiry into the massacre, and to the press. The killer’s grandfather, James Hamilton, who died in 2000, had been a member of one of those lodges, and it is possible that some of the journalists who had alleged that the massacre was perpetrated by a mason had confused the two men. But the evidence presented to the inquiry showed that Thomas Hamilton was not and never had been a freemason. In fact the freemasons were part of the long list of people and organisations Thomas Hamilton had accused of conspiring against him

    Of course, it is difficult to prove a negative, especially when any inquiry which suggests that something is not the case is immediately accused of being a cover-up. As was normal in such cases, Lord Cullen’s inquiry placed a 100-year seal on the evidence presented in order to protect witnesses and the memory of the child victims. This immediately prompted allegations that this restriction was part of an establishment cover-up. So the hundred year restriction was cancelled in 2005 and all the evidence except for personal details relating to the victims were published. The remaining evidence is available at the National Archives of Scotland and provides no support whatsoever for any masonic conspiracy theory.

    I have tried to give you a measured and factual response rather than just pour “derision and scorn” on what you wrote and I hope it has come over that way. I suspect that most people who found an organisation of which they were a member written about in the terms you wrote about Freemasonry would have been a lot more hostile in the way they replied to you.

    Thank you for taking the trouble to read this.


    1. Rubbish, You are Widows son and he is right and I can easily prove it. Go and ahead challenge.Nothing wrong with swearing an oath before you know what to, and then swearing to protect a Brother even above the law? your self justifying psychopaths; good men better my pink Charlie.


    2. Most Freemasons are very mixed up and often unsure of their sexuality. A poor young initiate I met attempted to cut his own manhood off. The manifestations of karma eh. Soddom and gamorrah and the Kabbalah. Why do you think they call it the brotherhood? Gay as hell!


      1. Watch the video.
        Also several victims have told me on Twitter that their abusers were freemasons.


        1. Oh it must be true then. Jings crivens what will we do ? Lets run and hide


          1. Les,

            Freemasons are taught to pour derision on any criticism of their cult.
            As you have just demonstrated.


    3. Cullen was appointed to head the inquiry into Dunblane because he was a high ranking freemason and so could be relied upon to cover up Hamilton’s masonic connections. Jimmy Saville escaped justice purely through being a high ranking mason and yet somehow, the media failed to pick up on this …… A cynical person might almost start believing in conspiracies ……


  4. Empty Scull. Have you any idea what a so called high ranking mason is?
    Your so out of touch.


  5. I have over 2500 stories of freemason Pedophilia you will find them here and of course I know what a high ranking freemason is a monkie that kills murders and rapes in the name of Judaism and uses Babylonian witchcraft to destroy peoples lives


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