The true history of the country of Palestine

Dome of the Rock. Built in Jerusalem in 691AD
Dome of the Rock. Built in Jerusalem in 691AD

The state of Israel is built on lies. These lies are perpetrated by their political leaders, incorporated into their school textbooks and repeated millions of times on the social media by their Hasbara propagandists. Most Israeli citizens and most Zionists in countries like America have no idea what the truth is.

Hasbara propaganda lies
Hasbara propaganda lies

One of the biggest lies is that the state of Israel was built out of a scrap of desert with just a few primitive “Arabs” wandering around. So they perpetrate a lie that Palestine was the invention of Yasser Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Organisation. Yet the real truth is that Palestine has existed as a discrete country for well over 2,000 years and there is plenty of evidence to prove this.

Palestine name 500BC 512

Firstly let’s deal with the lie that Palestinians are Arabs. They aren’t. Anyone who has traveled in the Middle East can tell you that. The Palestinians are a separate and very obvious race. Modern genetic sequencing has proven this. There are traces of Arab in some Palestinians from interbreeding, but the indisputable evidence is that Palestinians and Jews are the same people. It looks like the Palestinians are the Jews that stayed behind after the Jewish Roman wars (66-135 AD) and who eventually converted to Islam. Whist the rest of the Jews were scattered around the Roman Empire to form the diaspora.

For much of its history the country of Palestine has been conquered and has been a country within a bigger empire. Just as, say, Wales, is part of Great Britain. So Wales has the same head of state, the same currency and the same laws as England. Thus the country of Palestine was forced to adopt what their invaders forced on them. So there is no long list of kings or any of the other trappings of state. This is also true of many modern day countries, Malta and Estonia for instance, and nobody tries to deny that they are sovereign states.

Some really good documentary evidence we have of the country of Palestine are letters written by  Zenon, the  business manager of a minister to Ptolemy II  around 285 to 246 BC. This is very inconvenient indeed for modern day Zionist propagandists and is something they try and suppress in sources like Wikipedia.

Zoom forwards 350 years or so and we have the first map of the country of Palestine, made by Ptolemy around the year 100AD. Here is his World map:

Ptolemy World Map 512

And here is a transcription of his map of Palestine:

Palestine map Ptolemy AD 100 512

For many hundreds of years the country of Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire, which ran from 1299 to 1923. But this did not stop maps being made of the country. Here is one from 1570:

Paqlestine map 1570 512

This one from 1574:

Palestine map 1574 512

This from 1612:

Palestine map 1612 512

From 1767:

Palestine map 1767 512

From 1876:

Palestine map 1876 512

And with a nice picture from 1889:

Palestine map 1889 512

It is not just maps, here is a book from 1755:

Palestine book 1755 512

Another part of the Zionist myth is that they arrived at empty desert. Here is a market in Jaffa in 1827:

Palestine Market, Jaffa 1827 512

The British Victorian painter David Roberts RA made an extensive tour of Palestine in the mid 1800s and produced many works showing what it was like, you can see some of them here.

In 1917 and 1918 Palestine was liberated from the Ottoman Empire by the British. The League of Nations then gave the British a Mandate (basically a management contract) over the country of Palestine in 1923. The newly liberated country celebrated by issuing its own money, its own passports and all the other documentation of a state. Even though ultimate authority lay with the British, so there was no Palestinian head of state.

Palestine mandate 512

Palestine coin 1933 512

Palestine money 512

Palestine passport. 512

Palestine Post newspaper 512

The next phase we all know. The Zionists arrived and engaged in terrorism on a huge scale. They massacred Palestinians on a regular basis and stole their land. The “lucky” Palestinians were ethnically cleansed, forced into exile and into concentration camps. The biggest disaster ever in the history of the Palestinian nation. It was utterly destroyed by the Zionists to create Israel:

Palestine map. Big

The world allowed this to happen because the Zionists control much of the world’s media and many Western governments. It is telling that many Western leaders couldn’t bring themselves to criticism the murder of over 500 Palestinian children in Gaza recently. It is only with the invention of the internet and social media that people can at long last see the truth.



  1. Thank you for pointing out your very interesting article. I agree with you that the “promised Land” is a lie. It supposed to be promised by God. A good tale of which we cannot get an answer from God. USA supports Israel because it is a good place being in the Middle East. Israel has now confiscated 400 hectare from the West Bank; two days after they stopped bombing. They are planning to take further 980 hectares. Destroying all the villages and building their settlements. Surprise, surprise the USA criticised them.

    One thing is that in my history books where I got all the information is said that ancient Palestinians were there 100,000 BC. Whatsoever, it is totally wrong for Israel to kill and destroy Palestine. I also got my doubts about those three Israeli killed which started it all off. They gave any evidence which with the following massacre they should have justified themselves.

    Very interesting those maps


    1. Bruce your article is very true logically, morally, religesly and historically is true. Those who cotridict you are the one who were fed Hertzil of Germany envition lies of that century and who closed mind never invistigate the truth and continue to follow Zionest propagande like a bunch of sheeps follow acdonkey to the pasture. They claim that God gave that land to them! Amazing reply,they need to check their brains before too late.


  2. Extremely provocative article. My intuition thanks you.


  3. When you say “Palestinians and Jews are the same people” you cannot be referring to the Ashkenaz European Jews, who make up over 85% of modern day Jewry, surely?!


  4. So much nonsense ,this info is perfect for ignorant people who think palestine was a country ruled by “Palestinians” The news papers ,currency, Documents were all created by the British mandate ,Never by a Palestinian government ,The Philistines. The name was chosen to replace Judea, as a sign that Jewish sovereignty had been eradicated following the Jewish Revolts against Rome.The Philistines were a confederation of non-Semitic peoples coming from Crete, the Aegean Islands and Asia Minor, also known as “Sea Peoples”. The main tribes were Tzekelesh, Shardana, Akhaiusha, Danauna, Tzakara, Masa or Meshuesh, Uashesh, Teresh or Tursha, Keshesh or Karkisha, Lukka and Labu. The original homeland of the group that ruled the Philistine federation, namely the “Pelesati”, was the island of Crete.


    1. Actually Judea (like Samaria or Galillee) was a division of Palestine in the south – when it lasted for a brief time in Palestine/Canaan 12000 year history. And Palestinian citizenship was given to the Jewish immigrants during the British Mandate. It doesnt matter what variant of name Palestine went under or who migrated there and intermarried/assimilated with the locals there is no negating the inhabitants and what you did by dispossessing the natives.


  5. Your post has some good points and not so good points.

    The “there is no such thing as Palestine” argument from more right-wing Zionists is, indeed, dumb, and repugnant as well. That being said, I’m not sure your contra-argument is all that great.

    After all, your map from the time of Ptolemy includes the term “Judea” (guess where “Jews” come from?) as well as Samaria (in today’s West Bank). The British coinage also includes Hebrew lettering and in parenthesis (Alef Yud =Eretz Yisrael = Land of Israel). And as far as I know, the Palestinian themselves did not issue any currency in celebration of their “liberation” from Ottoman rule (curious you call it that since the inhabitants of Palestine did not ask to be liberated from their Sultan and Caliph, and had absolutely no say in the matter whatsoever) — all the coinage was done by the British. And the “Palestine Post” you show us was actually a Zionist paper and the forerunner to today’s Jerusalem Post.

    It would be true to say that there has never been a sovereign, independent Palestinian State before in history. However, that fact doesn’t mean there isn’t a Palestinian People nor does it mean that there ought not, now or in the future, be a Palestinian State.


    1. This may answer that:
      Jeopardy 16 January 2012:
      Judea for $1000:
      Question: Galilee, Samaria & Judea in the south were the 3 traditional divisions of this ancient area with a still-current name.
      Answer: What is Palestine!

      So they were merely divisions of Palestine


    2. There is no Palestinian people, the people now called Palestinians migrates to that area the same as any other people, the Jews were forced to leave that land by Egyptians, it was always the Hebrews land. The Palestinians of today were forced there by the Islamic groups following Mohammeds lead on the caliph, which was to kill all the people,whom wouldn’t convert, destroy thier historical artifacts, and take over thier land. They should be upset at the Islamists that forces them to be nomadic people after they killed and took over all the other lands


      1. Kim,
        Your comment is pure fiction unsupported by any FACTS.
        Who told you this rubbish? Or did you make it up all on your own?


  6. Palestinian loss of land looks like disappearance of the glaciers due to the global warming. Sad!


  7. Now stop lying Bruce, we all know the real story here – Arabs invented Jordan and got Transjordan, then they invented Palestine (and old word used by Rome to describe jews living in the Palestine mandate) and wanted to get even more land.

    The proof is in Hamas declaration –
    “‘Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.'”
    “‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and

    kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the

    rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind

    me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)”

    There you go – atleast some REAL facts on your page.


    1. Aemon,

      So that is the Hasbara version of “history”.
      And you fell for it. Despite all the facts to the contrary.


    2. Palestine appears in the torah before Israel even existed. (Genesis 10:14) It also appears in the bible and the qur’an as well as the works of Herodotus, Josephus and Wiliam Shakespeare. Palestine was the birth place of St George and two popes. It was the venue for two crusades when the Arabs protected their Jewish neighbours from Chrstian massacres. They provided a safe haven for Jews during centuries of European persecution. Prior to Israeli statehood Ariel Sharon was a Palestinian policeman upholding Palestinian law that now forms the basis of all Israeli law. He carried a Palestinian passport and spent Palestinian pounds in the shops

      In 1615 the English traveler George Sandys described Palestine as “a land that flows with milk and honey; in the midst as it were of the habitable world, and under a temperate clime; adorned with beautiful mountains and luxurious valleys; the rocks producing excellent waters; and no part empty of delight or profit.” q. George Sandys The Relation of a Journey begun an. Dom. 1610, in four books. Sandys Travailes” p. 110

      A British missionary who lived in Beirut and visited Palestine in 1859 described the southern coastal area as “a very ocean of wheat,” and the British Consul in Jerusalem, James Finn, reported that “the fields would do credit to British farming.” q. A View from Jerusalem, 1849-1858: The Consular Diary of James Finn

      The German geographer Alexander Scholch concluded that between 1856 and 1882 “Palestine produced a relatively large agricultural surplus which was marketed in neighboring countries, such as Egypt and Lebanon, and increasingly exported to Europe. These exports included wheat, barley, dura, maise, sesame, olive oil, soap, oranges, vegetables and cotton. Among the European importers of Palestinian produce were France, England, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Malta.” Q. Alexander Scholch Palestine in Transformation, 1856-1882

      Lawrence Oliphant, who visited Palestine in 1887, wrote that Palestine’s Valley of Esdraelon was “a huge green lake of waving wheat, with its village-crowned mounds rising from it like islands; and it presents one of the most striking pictures of luxuriant fertility which it is possible to conceive.” Q.Laurence Oliphant – Haifa or life in modern Palestine 1887

      This Palestinian wheat had historically played an important part in international commerce. According to Paul Masson, a French economic historian, “wheat shipments from the Palestinian port of Acre had helped to save southern France from famine on numerous occasions in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.” Agricultural techniques in Palestine, especially in citriculture, were among the most advanced in the world long before the first Zionist settlers came to its shores. _Marwan R. Beheiry, “The Agricultural Exports of Southern Palestine, 1885-1 9 14”, Journal of Palestine Studies, volume 10, No. 4, 198 1, p. 67._

      In 1856, the American consul in Jerusalem, Henry Gillman, “outlined reasons why orange growers in Florida would find it advantageous to adopt Palestinian techniques of grafting directly onto lemon trees.” In 1893, the British Consul advised his government of the value of importing “young trees procured from Jaffa” to improve production in Australia and South Africa.

      Now ten percent of all Palestinian children suffer from long term micronutrient malnutrition caused by illegal Israeli blockades

      Can’aan – self explanatory
      Maahamra – means winemaker – a prohibited practise in Islam
      Abu Khatsiras, who control much of the fishing in Gaza;
      Elbaz, a family of Jews who immigrated from Morocco;
      Abulafia, the family with the famous Jaffa bakery which is descended from the 13th-century Spanish kabbalist Rabbi Abraham Abulafia;
      the Almogs of Jenin;
      the Dawouda (Davids) of Hebron;
      4,000 forced converts to Islam named Cohen living in Jordan.

      Many Jewish customs have survived among the Palestinians as well, Misinai says. “In Islam, parents are required to have their sons circumcised by the age of 13. While in many Islamic countries the custom is to wait several years, among Palestinians many perform the ritual a week after their son is born – meaning on the eighth day,” he says. Other customs include sitting seven days for deceased loved ones instead of just three , lighting memorial candles for the dead a custom found nowhere in the Muslim world), lighting Shabbat candles and practicing levirate marriage – the practice of having a brother marry his deceased sibling’s wife under certain circumstances. That’s a widespread practice among the Beduin, says Misinai, and in fact “much of the legal code of the Beduin is remarkably similar to many laws in the Torah and the Mishna.”

      In addition, several Palestinian families own ancient hanukkiot, which they used in mid-winter – around Hanukka. When a sick person needed “treatment,” they would place the tefillin box (which houses the scroll) on the middle of the ill person’s forehead and wrap the connected fabric straps around his head. With the use of a key, an assistant would tighten the strap, thereby creating pressure around the head. Many Bedouin refrain from eating camel and other nonkosher animals, and around Pessah time, many Palestinians find themselves with a yen for matza.

      In recent years, many genetic studies have demonstrated that, at least paternally, most of the various Jewish ethnic divisions and the Palestinians – and other Levantines – are genetically closer to each other than the Jews to their host countries.[177] Many Palestinians themselves refer to Jews as their awlâd ‘ammnâ or paternal cousins.[178]

      One DNA study by Nebel found substantial genetic overlap among Israeli and Palestinian Arabs and Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. A small but statistically significant difference was found in the Y-chromosomal haplogroup distributions of Sephardic Jews and Palestinians, but no significant differences were found between Ashkenazi Jews and Palestinians nor between the two Jewish communities, However, a highly distinct cluster was found in Palestinian haplotypes. 32% of the 143 Arab Y-chromosomes studied belonged to this “I&P Arab clade”, which contained only one non-Arab chromosome, that of a Sephardic Jew. This could possibly be attributed to the geographical isolation of the Jews or to the immigration of Arab tribes in the first millennium.[179] Nebel proposed that “part, or perhaps the majority” of Muslim Palestinians descend from “local inhabitants, mainly Christians and Jews, who had converted after the Islamic conquest in the seventh century AD”.In a 2003 genetic study, Bedouins showed the highest rates (62.5%) of the subclade Haplogroup J-M267 among all populations tested, followed by Palestinian Arabs (38.4%), Iraqis (28.2%), Ashkenazi Jews (14.6%) and Sephardic Jews (11.9%), according to Semino et al.[181] Semitic populations, including Jews, usually possess an excess of J1 Y chromosomes compared to other populations harboring Y-haplogroup J.[181][182][183][184][185]

      2002 test by Tel Aviv University researchers, determined that only two groups in the world – Ashkenazi Jews and Palestinians – were genetically susceptible to an inherited deafness syndrome. All the studies he cites in his book, says Misinai, show that “the Palestinians are genetically much closer to Ashkenazi Jews than they are to the Arabs.”

      Haplogroup J1 (Y-DNA) includes the modal haplotype of the Galilee Arabs[177] and of Moroccan Arabs[187] and the sister modal haplotype of the Cohanim, the “Cohan Modale Haplotype”, representing the descendants of the priestly caste Aaron.[188][189][190]


  8. I cannot tell you just how grateful I am for this work. I’m collating information for a video to counter the trolls that keep telling me that there never was a place called Palestine…. This post is the most useful resource I’ve come across yet! THANK YOU!


  9. Author should change his name to ‘Bruce NeverLies’ because he truly believes the garbage that he wrote. Article is full of outdated and debunked propaganda by KKK and Nazi sympathizers. He did not check his facts and when I exposed him on Twitter he responded with “that is an obvious LIE”.
    Anti-Semites get upset when their arguments lack supporting evidence. So, when their point of view is debunked, they have a tendency to rely on conspiracy theories and name calling.

    ‘Bruce NeverLies’ also referenced “”Paelestina Momentis Illustrata” (book from 1755) which the author mapped and surveyed the land and concluded the following:
    1. Not one settlement in the Land of Israel has a name that is of Arabic origin.
    2. Most of land was empty,desolate.Most inhabitants Jews+Christians.Few Muslims,mostly nomad Bedouins.
    3. No Palestinian heritage or Palestinian nation.

    I was shocked at how he boldly lied throughout the whole article and then had the nerve to title it “The TRUE history of the country of Palestine”.


  10. Bruce you’re wrong in this for someone who appears to have a brain and be spot on with other issues I find this bizzare .


  11. all i will say is Palestine is a country owned by Muslims and forcibly ruled by Jews and for me Palestine is still Muslim country because i believe it will be back to it’s real owner 🙂


  12. The Muslims will liberate Palestine again because no Western or Zionist power will ever be able to destroy or stop Islam.


  13. You say Palestinians and Jews are the same people
    I think you meant to say Palestinians and Hebrew or maybe Israelites are the same people
    Jew is a relatively modern term
    Jesus was not a Jew


  14. Bruce, i find it very unsupported article. a bunch of pics that you cant even explain them and they support the opposite of your claims. in all of the maps JUDEA is mentioned. you deliberated ignored the origin of “Palestine” name, given by Greeks/Romans in order to erase the existence and the heritage of the Jews were living here, after they expelled most of them.
    On the coins there’s a Hebrew writing, representing the British Mandate agenda of autonomy to Jews&Arabs, in the land of Palestine.
    most important, you’ve ignored the archeological evidences of Jewish heritage, a long of 4K years, all over the lands of Palestine.
    you didn’t show even one single evidence to Palestinian country, nation or heritage, supported by archeological research.
    Poor Job.


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