September 2014

How Red UKIP can succeed

In the UK our parliamentary system uses a first past the post system that makes life incredibly difficult for a third party. This is good because it leads to strong […]

Ed Miliband memes

Ed Miliband was forced on the Labour party members and MPs, against their wishes, by the trade unions, who obviously thought that he would jump when they told him to. […]

Who can defeat the Islamic State?

The Islamic state is a country bigger than Great Britain, straddling Syria and Iraq, it is rich with over a $billion in the bank and over a $million rolling in […]

Some good political memes

The Conservative party tries a bit to create and spread memes on the social media. But they could do a whole lot better. So I thought I would collect a […]

Damn, we didn't get rid of the Scots

So the wealthier / better educated / more intelligent people voted NO. The less wealthy / poorly educated / less intelligent people voted YES. And amazingly there are 55.3 % […]