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Ed Miliband was forced on the Labour party members and MPs, against their wishes, by the trade unions, who obviously thought that he would jump when they told him to. As a leader of the opposition he has been a disaster, David Cameron destroys him with contemptuous ease at Prime Minister’s Question Time every Wednesday. It has got so bad that every time Miliband stands up the Conservative MPs cheer.

Miliband has become a figure of scorn and derision in the country, he has no leadership, no credible policies and does not relate to the average voter in any way. He is a disaster for the Labour party, which is excellent because Britain really needs a Conservative government after the next general election. On the social media he is the subject of countless memes which draw attention to his very many inadequacies.

Please use these images. Put them in your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, blog etc etc. They illustrate truths that more people need to know.

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a 21

a 22

a 23

a 24

a 25

a 26

a 27

a 28

Miliband couldn't run a bath 512

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This is also a great source for fantastic Ed Miliband images.

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