Ed Miliband

What now for the political parties?

Obviously I am very pleased that this blog predicted the election result when so many commentators got it wrong. Miliband just told too many lies, too often. About the NHS, […]

Important. Read before voting

Nobody can deny that the Conservatives inherited a thoroughly trashed economy. Because of the incompetence of Labour it had just suffered the deepest recession in 100 years and government spending […]

Miliband in election trouble

In Great Britain opposition parties do not win elections. Instead it is incumbents who lose them. And the Conservatives have done nothing to lose this election except to go in […]

Psephology of GE15

In an earlier article I explained how and why the Conservatives are set to win the upcoming General Election. Now their opinion poll lead is starting to open out, as […]

Miliband rank hypocrisy

In a recent speech Ed Miliband said about tax avoidance: “It is costing everyone who relies on our schools, our hospitals, our roads and our railways. It is costing everyone […]

The awful shadow cabinet

Labour have a big problem with the low quality of their MPs, largely trade union plants, when it comes to selecting a shadow cabinet. Also they have female only shortlist […]