Ed Miliband

How come Ed Miliband still has his job?

Looking at the raw data of opinion polls is very interesting. YouGov are especially impressive. They tell us that LibDem support has collapsed, that UKIP has about twice their support […]

Ed Miliband memes

Ed Miliband was forced on the Labour party members and MPs, against their wishes, by the trade unions, who obviously thought that he would jump when they told him to. […]

Damn, we didn't get rid of the Scots

So the wealthier / better educated / more intelligent people voted NO. The less wealthy / poorly educated / less intelligent people voted YES. And amazingly there are 55.3 % […]

ISIS are very misunderstood

I have already written here about what ISIS is and where they came from, so will try not to cover the same ground twice. ISIS/ISIL, variously known as Islamic State in […]

Socialism is Evil - 7 articles

For thousand of years humanity has advanced, we have become vastly richer and enjoy ever better life quality. Even major calamities like wars, epidemics and natural disasters are quickly overcome. […]

Yesterday was a virtuoso display from David Cameron in the House of Commons. Before it Ed Milliband had been calling for Cameron to resign, by the end of the day […]

David Cameron and Andy Coulson

Some people seem to be drawing false inferences that the Prime Minister is in some way implicit in the News International story because he had employed an ex editor of […]