Socialism is Evil – 7 articles

Ed miliband is evil

For thousand of years humanity has advanced, we have become vastly richer and enjoy ever better life quality. Even major calamities like wars, epidemics and natural disasters are quickly overcome. All this is largely down to the market. A simple but effective mechanism that puts the customer first, providing the goods and services that the customer wants at the price and quality that they need. This mechanic also ensures that the most efficient possible use is made of all resources, from labour and capital through to crops in our field and minerals in the ground.

Then along came the evil of envy. Manifested with punishing the hard working, enterprising, successful people by extorting their wealth to give to the lazy, uneducated and feckless. To achieve this requires that the state takes control of most things with the supreme arrogance that they know better than the individual. They take control of the individual’s life from cradle to grave and regulate his every action. This envy based system fails every time it is tried. It is called socialism.

Britain is a socialist country, we have a socialist government, some of the biggest sectors of our economy are run badly by the state using socialist principles, the NHS, the education system, the BBC, much of out transport system etc etc. Under Gordon Brown the state grew to be 52% of the economy. So the enterprising, wealth generating 48% was having to work to pay for the larger parasitic sector. This is why we pay such massive, outrageous taxes.

Earlier I wrote seven articles to explain some of  the many evils of socialism. Here they are collated in one place:

Why socialism is evil #1, equality

Why socialism is evil #2, envy

Why socialism is evil #3, control freakery

Why socialism is evil #4, financial ineptitude

Why socialism is evil #5, they think they know better than the market

Why socialism is evil #6, they pretend to be nice

Why socialism is evil #7, financial sleaze

Read the above and you will understand that the Labour party truly are the nasty party in British politics. They have done immense damage to Great Britain in countless ways by applying their evil and discredited dogma. Their fellow travelers are the trade unions, about whom I wrote this article:

What have trade unions done for Great Britain?

What is in these articles is not an exhaustive study of the evil these people have committed, that would take several books. It is merely a quick overview. But enough to realise how morally wrong everything they do is.




  1. Would you like an actual reply to that? ‘Cause you know, you’re right when you say that Britain is shit at a lot of things (especially involving politics). Do you know where it manages to fail the worst? Well, basically everywhere the right wings get to decide. Here’s a fun fact for you: Germany is an actual socialist country (like, you know, Britain’s idea of a socialist country is to Germany like Cuba to freedom: you might call yourself one, but not only does the rest of the world know that’s bollocks, deep down you even know it yourself). And, funnily enough, basically everywhere the British right wings rule (and suck), Germany gets it at least partly right. A very actual example would be the refugees. Britain (the whole of Britain!) takes as many refugees over the course of one year as Dortmund (a single city in Germany and not even one of the biggest ones) takes over the course of two months. Still German’s refugee help system hasn’t collapsed yet (while Britain’s has. Repeatedly). Still we don’t get ranting politicians trying to use the fear of one minority against their political opponent. Instead we have politicians who actually care to the point of risking to fuck off some voters for the benefit of an improved and working system. Still everyone in our country (and that includes the refugees) have more and feel happier than you Brits (according to recent polls).

    But of course I understand it’s much easier to blame the system (=socialism) rather than the ones sabotaging it and actively causing it to fail (=right wing politicians and voters). You want a working system so you don’t have to be jealous of every other European country? Than start by getting rid of the saboteurs.


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