Gordon Brown

Important. Read before voting

Nobody can deny that the Conservatives inherited a thoroughly trashed economy. Because of the incompetence of Labour it had just suffered the deepest recession in 100 years and government spending […]

Psephology of GE15

In an earlier article I explained how and why the Conservatives are set to win the upcoming General Election. Now their opinion poll lead is starting to open out, as […]

Austerity = Labour lie

Gordon Brown’s recession (his team, including Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, must take some of the blame) created the deepest UK recession since the war. Manufacturing output declined 7% by the end […]

The Scottish problem is getting worse

Let’s firstly take a look at the facts: The YES campaign in the Scottish referendum LOST. Democratically. They are ignoring the fact that the majority of Scottish people voted against […]

Let’s start with a brilliant video featuring Arthur Laffer, one of the world’s very best Economists. Although it is about the USA, the lessons learned can be applied to any […]