Remember Labour’s 10 great achievements

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  1. During the last Labour government there was an MP expenses scandal. After investigations just 6 MPs were prosecuted for criminal fraud. All 6 were Labour.
  2. Britain’s EU rebate, negotiated by Margaret Thatcher in 1984, calculated as approximately two-thirds of the amount by which UK payments into the EU exceed EU expenditure returning to the UK. Between 1985 and 2009 it returned £63.9bn to the UK. In December 2005 Tony Blair gave away approximately 40% of our rebate, with nothing in return. This cost £10.4 billion, or £445 per family.
  3. Blair waged war illegally against Iraq and with no justifiable reason against Afghanistan. At least a million people have died as a result. In Iraq 179 British service personnel died and £8.4 billion of our money was wasted. In Afghanistan there were 453 British dead and the cost was an eye watering £37 billion.
  4. Brown trashed the British economy, dropping it into a huge recession, the deepest in almost 100 years. Largely due to uncontrolled, profligate spending and utter, crass mismanagement of the financial sector. He created the largest budget deficit of any major industrialised country.
  5. Thousands of “Excess deaths” in the NHS due to culture of targets. Refused to have an inquiry into these.
  6. 1,400 children abused in Rotherham by Pakistanis due to Labour incompetence and dogma. They then tried to cover up the truth.
  7. Mass immigration into Britain, largely of low skilled labour, when there was no infrastructure to accommodate them. Labour admit to “sending out search parties” to maximise the number. Social cohesion was thus lost in many British communities.
  8. Gordon Brown  sold approximately half of the UK’s gold reserves in a series of auctions, when gold prices were at their lowest in 20 years. About 395 tons of gold were sold over 17 auctions from July 1999 to March 2002, at an average price of about $275 per ounce. Gold is now over $1,100 dollars per ounce.
  9. Labour’s famous raid on pensions effectively stole £118 billion. Making retirement harder and poorer for many millions of people. This is one of the biggest episodes of state theft in history.
  10. Created a feckless parasitic underclass living from an over generous benefits system. Millions of people making a lifestyle choice not to work and Labour taxing hard working families to pay for them.


  1. It was Thatcher who told doctors to put people on sickness benefit to massage high unemployment figures, Thatcher was when the rot set into UK social infrastructures. She sold off the family jewels to give tax break to her billionaire backers, squandered huge tax revenues that came in from North sea oil. Of course her prodigy, Blair carried on with her polices. Which included deregulation of the financial sector, and markets leading to the melt down in 2007/08. It’s not rocket science.


    1. Laura,
      Selling off the family jewels was brilliant, the state is useless at running a business as those execrable nationalised industries proved.
      Unemployment figures are always massaged. I am sure that Thatcher was far more honest than Wilson, Callaghan, Blair or Brown.
      There was no rot in social infrastructure under Thatcher. The opposite is true, she encouraged self improvement and social mobility, unlike Labour who want to keep everyone in their place.
      If you read the article you will see that Thatcher’s tax break for the rich (down from 98% to 40%) resulted in them paying MORE tax, so it wasn’t funded by anyone. If you punish success and reward failure (the socialist way) the results are inevitable, as the world has seen very many times.


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