May 2015

As you know political correctness is an authoritarian leftie construct to take away our rights and freedoms. To force us to conform to their dystopian world view. To make all […]

Our problem with Islam

Britain, like all Western countries, has a security problem and that problem can be described in one word. Islam. It is radicalised members of this faith who commit or try […]

UKIP election success

In a way UKIP did vastly better in the election than the SNP. UKIP got 3,881,129 votes, 12.6% of the total, a 9.5% increase on 2010. SNP got 1,454,436 votes, 4.7% of the total, a 3.1% increase. Yet […]

Jocks stupid to vote SNP

Occasionally the human race experiences episodes of mass madness, when everyone behaves stupidly. The South Sea Bubble, the Dutch Tulipomania, the Salem Witch Hunt, the Jonestown suicides and the rise […]

The power of incumbency

In the 1992 general election, the opinion polls gave John Major’s Conservatives between 38% and 39% of the vote, about 1% behind the Labour Party. In the final results, the […]

Coal and the election

They say that some people never learn. And that definitely seems to be the case here with this amazing correlation. The coal industry in Britain was trashed by two lefties, […]

What now for the political parties?

Obviously I am very pleased that this blog predicted the election result when so many commentators got it wrong. Miliband just told too many lies, too often. About the NHS, […]

Important. Read before voting

Nobody can deny that the Conservatives inherited a thoroughly trashed economy. Because of the incompetence of Labour it had just suffered the deepest recession in 100 years and government spending […]