What now for the political parties?

Miliband loser 650

Obviously I am very pleased that this blog predicted the election result when so many commentators got it wrong. Miliband just told too many lies, too often. About the NHS, when patient satisfaction is at an all time high and on the economy, when 2 million people have found jobs, we have good growth and the government finances are under control. Labour treated the British public as being stupid and a lot of them aren’t.

Now all the parties need to take stock and change themselves, especially the Conservative party. (as always click on the highlighted text to open the links)

Conservative Party. The Conservatives didn’t win the election, they had a very average campaign. Ed Miliband lost the election. The beginning of a parliament is the time to take all the difficult decisions, then we have 5 years to get used to them. Top rate income tax must come down to 40% and preferably 35%. There must be plenty of economists in the Treasury who know Laffer well enough to tell Osborne that this will increase government income and boost growth. Housing needs an immense boost, or it will lose the Conservatives the next election. The only way is to open up the green belt and build great family homes. Putting people on in-fill and brown field is just not good enough. HS2 needs cancelling, it is a vanity white elephant. We need a 6 runway airport in the Thames estuary.

SNP. They have peaked. The Scots did not vote for the SNP because they want independence, they did it to get a Scottish voice. And they have achieved the opposite. After centuries of Scottish politicians disproportionately represented in Westminster they will go to nothing. And back in Scotland the SNP are utterly useless in government, everything they touch goes wrong. Miliband gave away his Scottish seats with some atrocious political decisions. The new Labour leader will be working to get them back.

Labour. The British people have proven that they don’t want a leftie party. The days of envy based politics and class warfare are over. Labour must permanently reinvent themselves as social democrats, Tony Blair was right. The Brownites have lost and they have lost badly. It is also time to get rid of lies and spin, the public aren’t stupid. Alistair Campbell with his lies and spin has poisoned British politics long enough. When Miliband says “Hell yes, I’m tough enough” everyone knows that the line was written for him by a spin doctor. It just comes over as the lies that it is.

Liberal Democrats. The UK don’t need two centre left parties, which makes the Libdems irrelevant. After Labour have reinvented themselves the two parties should amalgamate.

UKIP. The new leader (Carswell?) needs to focus the party on the needs of the working class, especially in the North, they need to focus on being a libertarian, small tax party. What they need most is a good general secretary to go right through the party and to purge it of all bigots and racists. UKIP need to grow up and have a zero tolerance policy to such nastiness, otherwise they are going nowhere.

Greens, Welsh Nationalists etc. Keep on entertaining us with your lunacy. It gives idiots something to do with their time.


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  1. Brilliant. Another article that fails to understand what’s happening in Scotland. Keep it up.


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