Cultural enrichment. The memes

Just now Europe is undergoing massive cultural enrichment; intolerance, rape, Sharia law, terrorism, honour crimes, female genital mutilation, forced marriage. All proudly brought to you by your political leaders. The […]

Just now Donald Trump is competing for the Republican nomination of the upcoming American presidential election. As a tactic he has repeatedly told “home truths” that offend liberal political correctness. […]

Russian SU-24 shot down

Here are some pertinent background facts: The Turks have previously shot down one Syrian jet and possibly one helicopter entering their airspace uninvited. The Russian air force has made previous […]

Corbyn is right about ISIS

On 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks—consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking—occurred in the French capital Paris and its northern suburb of Saint-Denis. 139 totally […]

European civilisation is doomed

Europe has liberal and tolerant societies with very high levels of human rights mainly because what had been a barbaric religion, Christianity, was defeated in the Reformation which swept through […]

Corbyn's nutters

The Labour party is tearing itself apart, which is good news for Britain after all the poverty, misery and suffering they have brought to this country. So let’s look at […]

Some people don't understand irony

Some people are too stupid and/or too badly educated to realise when they are being ironic. Protesting Muslims often complain about our Western freedom of expression. That we use it, […]