Cultural enrichment. The memes

Just now Europe is undergoing massive cultural enrichment; intolerance, rape, Sharia law, terrorism, honour crimes, female genital mutilation, forced marriage. All proudly brought to you by your political leaders. The maths is very simple, with mass immigration and a far higher GRR (they make more babies) our countries will soon be majority Muslim. So enjoy this golden age whilst it lasts.

Winston Churchill was a great Prime Minister with huge world experience and a prodigious intelligence. Let’s take a look at what he said:

Islam Churchill #1 650

Islam Churchill #2 650

Islam Churchill #3 650

When Muslim migrants arrive in Europe they benefit from our tolerant, liberal societies. Then they go about trying to force their own intolerant, illiberal views on us:

Islam protest 650

Islam freedom of expression #2 650

Islam kill insult 650

Islam freedom of expression 650

Islam 8 650

Muslims hate cartoons depicting their fictitious sky pilot, Muhammad, especially if such cartoons bring home uncomfortable truths. Jesus and Mo is utterly brilliant at this, but there are many others:

Take offence 512

Islam cartoon 650

Islam cartoon 2 650

Islam goodbad muslim 650

Islam Mohammed Cartoon 650

islam tolerance 650

Islam muhammed 650

Islam violent 650

Within Islam women are not even second class citizens, they are mere chattels, owned by men:

Islam Burqa #3 650

Islam acid 650

Islam Burqa #2 650

Islam adulterer stoned 650

Islam bikinis 650

Islam muhammed #2 650

Islam FGM 650

Islam gang rape 650

Islam enslaving women 650

FGM 3 650

Islam stoning cartoon 650

Islam miss saudi arabia 650

Now for some more general memes about the nature of Islam:

Islam 15 challenges 650

Islam screening 650

Islamic bigot 650

Islam immigration 650

Islam gay 650

Islam Gladstone Koran 650Islam minority rights 650

Islam Angola 650

Islam religion of peace #3 650

Islam list of atrocities 650

Islam logic 650

Islam pyramid 650

Islam rapists 650

Islam religion of peace #2 650

Islam Sharia in UK 650

Islam destroy country 650

Islam radical 650

Islam bullet through head 650 Islam. Nothing to do with 650

Islam time bombIslam London 650

Islam tolerance. 650

Islam Anjem Coudary 650

Now it is time to talk about our friends from the Islamic State. The flag made of sex toys is especially good:

ISIS London pride 650

ISIS we like dicks 650

ISIS Goat 650

Books are dead trees. Here is a dog having a poo on some dead trees:

Islam dog poo 650

This is what Islam must learn:

Freedom of speech 650

Free speech Chomsky 650

The more that Muslims are exposed to all these images the more they will understand Western values and our liberal, tolerant society. So you know what you have to do!







  1. Islam is greater religious Allah send to all mankind which do believe in All teaching of Jesus and Moses your whole article is full of lies and errors . i don’t think so that you will even win a battle with Muslims because you never respect religious of God by insulting other people this way where is your respect for other people believes that you not show it at all and where is human rights that you show to other nations that have enough problems to handle it inside their countries and you support the Exclusion of Muslims at USA I Condemns every word you said at this non-fair article which have lots of lies and misleading people minds to no where you are not understand the game of politics that Muslims become beat you with it now at London and at USA you will never understand anything because you just want to mislead people to the Truth that Islam is the religious of peace and love but you only show your inner hater to Muslims and they are famous at whole world with telling the word of truth and respect other religious and beliefs so what about you ? I think you have to think twice before continue on the same racist and make an Apology to all Muslims for Insulting them and their Holy Book Qur’an Kareem before it is too late and they come to judge you in front of all people on your life and it will be very embress for you and every one there to see you at this hard situaiton


    1. Hi Mr X,
      You talk about love then you threaten me.
      Here is your IP address:
      Which is physically here:
      City: Cairo
      Latitude:30.05 (30°3’0″ N)
      Longitude:31.3666 (31°21’59.76″ N)
      Dr Ismail Wahabi Street


      1. Bruce,
        To me it seems Mr X didn’t threaten you at all but rather advised you change course because he believes you eventually be proved wrong and he thinks it will be embarrassing for you to be be so poorly judged by history and those around you.


  2. Sorry where’s the threat? Are you making things up again Bruce to support your arguements?


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