Feeding a family of four is cheaper than one person smoking

Benefits fatty

Anyone who has watched any of the benefits programmes on the television will know that most of the feckless, parasitics benefits underclass smoke. Presumably they are too dim to realise that they go through life poisoning other people, mainly their friends and family. Typically smokers get through about 20 cigarettes a day. Asda charge £9.08 for 20 Marlboro, £9.59 for 20 Regal and the same for 20 Embassy.

Now let’s look at how much it costs to feed a family of four.

Breakfast, a plate of porridge and a banana. A quality diet with plenty of carbohydrate to last the morning. Asda porridge oats are 75p a kilo. 50g makes a good portion, so 200g feeds the family of 4. Cost 15p. Bananas are 68p a kilo, so about 34p to feed the family. Total cost so far 49p.

For a working lunch sandwiches are brilliant. An Asda smartprice brown loaf is 36p. Smartprice luncheon meat is 75p for 250g. Tomatoes are £1.99 per kg, let’s have 50p worth. Total cost for lunch 36 + 75 + 50 = £1.61

And now for a family evening feast. Smartprice chicken portions are £1.75 a kg, so 88p for the meal. Carrots are 57p a kilo, so 15p for the meal, onions are 70p a kilo, so 20p for the meal, a cabbage is 50p a kilo, so 25p for the meal and potatoes are £1.69 for 2.5kg, let’s say 40p for the meal. So the total is 88p + 15p + 20p + 25p + 40p.  Total £1.88.

And the grand total for feeding a family of four for a day is 49p + £1.61 + £1.88. So £3.98. That is eating well with a balanced diet, you could do it even cheaper with some shopping around. Or you could feed a family of 8 for less than the cost of one person smoking.

So when you hear bleeding heart liberals and lefties going on about poverty and austerity you know that they are either deluded or lying. And you can see where foodbanks fit into the overall scheme of things. They are utterly insignificant.



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