How the Conservatives could lose the 2020 General Election

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Any student of psephology will tell you that British General Elections are not won by the victorious party, they are lost by the defeated party. And the incumbent will always win unless they have done something to make them lose. This blog has already explained why Corbyn cannot win the next General Election (click here to open article) but that does not mean that the Conservatives cannot lose it.

Let us take a look at how they might manage this:

  • Unpopular leader. Cameron is a very popular leader with the British people, but he has said that he is going before the election, so any new leader has to become a safe pair of hands very quickly. Let’s look at the candidates. Boris Johnson is an accident prone buffoon with no experience of running anything so complex as national government. Theresa May has been a competent minister but comes from the authoritarian tendency within the Conservatives, which might annoy a lot of people if she had more power. George Osborne is a genius Chancellor and a genius politician but he has less personality than a dead hake. Finally there is one candidate who looks like the best choice but who remains an outsider and that is Michael Gove. There is huge room for any of these to make an almighty cock up on becoming PM.
  • Unpopular policies. After winning the last election outright and with zero effective opposition the Conservatives have become arrogant, which leads to blunders. Using the RAF in Syria and Iraq (click here for article) and sending the military back into Afghanistan are stupid and unnecessary policies that could go very pear shaped. HS2 is a white elephant vanity project that will see the poor subsidising the rich (click here for article). The house price bubble increases because the rich NIMBYs control planning (click here for article). Allowing Muslims to build momentum in their takeover of Britain is pure stupidity (click here for article). Any of these could explode in the Conservative’s face.
  • Pandering to vested interests. Allowing powerful outsiders to control policy instead of it being in the interests of the British people. With Labour the problem is the trade unions, with the Conservatives the problem is not the bankers, it is the following three overlapping groups; The Zionists pretty much control the Conservative party now (click here for article), the extremist Wahhabi Saudis (click here for article) wield huge influence and the insidious and near invisible freemasons hold all the power in the land. Voters come a long way down the pecking order and would be very annoyed if they discovered the truth.
  • Skeletons in the cupboard. We know that there was a lot of child abuse at Westminster (click here for article), with a former Prime Minister implicated. Many have said that this extends to current MPs. Certainly the Westminster elite have kept the lid on the truth getting out and certainly the mainstream press have been complicit in this. But the wrong story exploding on the public consciousness at the wrong time could easily repel a lot of voters.
  • The EU. Very many Conservative MPs, most party members and several cabinet members want out, which would be the best result for Britain (click here for article). Cameron wants in and is currently using his political power to suppress dissents whilst he re-negotiates. But he is keeping the lid on an ever building pressure that could explode at any moment. And bitterly divided parties lose elections.

So, as you can see there is a veritable minefield to be negotiated. But one that must be, for the sake of Great Britain. A Corbyn government would trash this country (click here for article) far worse than the combined efforts of Hitler and Attlee did (click here for article).

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