Does Donald Trump have a point?

Islam destroy country 650

Just now Donald Trump is competing for the Republican nomination of the upcoming American presidential election. As a tactic he has repeatedly told “home truths” that offend liberal political correctness. Most recently saying that Muslim immigration to America should be stopped. This is working brilliantly, giving him a considerable poll lead over the other competing candidates.

It is worth noting here that half the population have an IQ of less than 100 and that very many American people are badly educated, getting their understanding of the world from Fox News and other such redneck media. These people hate political correctness, so the more outrageous Trump is in attacking its excesses the more popular he becomes.

Now let’s look at Islam.

  • There are about 50 countries in the world where Muslims are a majority. Try making a list of how many of these are liberal, pluralistic, secular democracies. And how many churches are there in Saudi Arabia?
  • Lebanon was known as the Switzerland of the Middle East with a Christian majority, they took in refugees and gradually the Muslims became the majority. The country then became an ungovernable hell hole. This is a stark warning to the world.
  • The cult of Wahhabism, financed with Saudi billions, is the main cause of terrorism on the planet today. The radicalised jihadists are perpetrating very large numbers of terrorist atrocities right around the world, very many more are being foiled by the authorities. This is an epidemic and our Western leaders are too ham strung with political correctness to act properly against it. They even try to deny that the terrorists are Muslims, which is just lying.
  • Because of never ending conflict and economic migration we are seeing huge flows of Islamic people into non Islamic countries. A million into Germany alone this year. These will be followed by their extended families. Then their birth rate will be far higher than that of the host communities. So arithmetically Western nations will inevitably become Islamic countries at some future date. It is a matter of when, not if.
  • The Islamic religion has not had its reformation. So it remains as a barbaric, primitive way of life. Muslims come to the West because we are liberal and tolerant. But when they get here they are not liberal and tolerant and because of political correctness we let them get away with it. This is inevitably just storing up trouble. Allowing burqas is ridiculous, for instance.
  • Islamic residents in the West tend to have very low rates of economic contribution into the communities here and very high rates of crime against our communities. Especially rape.

You can see why huge swathes of the population support Donald Trump in trying to stop this. Not just dim and uneducated people but also very well informed people. This blog called for exactly such an immigration ban back in May (click highlighted text to open article). Of course our politically correct media and politicians hate this. But the problem here isn’t popular opinion, it is the political correctness of the metropolitan elite. It has removed then from reality. We have to be a little bit illiberal to deal with the vastly greater illiberalism of Islam. We face an existential threat to our civilisation. Our societies are inevitably headed for a dystopian future, the math are clear. And Donald Trump is one of very few politicians prepared to tell the public the truth.

I have written several articles that support these facts, click on the highlighted text to open them:

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People who “take offence” should be shot.




  1. the first bit of your headline – ‘once we have done destroying our country’ – reveals what an ahistorical idiot you are – syria and iraq were destroyed long before ISIS was even dreamed of, destroyed by nasty neocons from the US supported by ambitious bastards like blair who invaded iraq supported by a lie and in so doing destabilised the entire region. the plague that now threatens their countries and others was made and exported by the US of A and UK. fucking twerp! in a sense they deserve what is happening now, except it will be the innocent who will suffer……..not them.


  2. That graph uses incorrect data and a quick google search shows it. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely you will check the evidence again and if you do that you will accept it since as you know what Nietzsche said ‘Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

    Also, even if the graph was correct a simple look at history would show that the the problems in Lebanon don’t correlate with the biggest increases in the Muslim population and and understanding of history would blame more than an influx of Muslims for Lebanon’s later problems which seem to be mainly caused by the divisive structure of Lebanese society (like many others in the middle east) which is a remnant of colonialism.


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