Our political leaders fail us over Islamic State

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ISIS have committed ONE terrorist attack in the West, in Paris, more than a year after we started bombing and killing them in the Middle East. Their professed aim has always been the “near war” of building a state, from stolen land and ethnically cleansing along the way, but this was how both Israel and the USA were made.

ISIS cannot be militarily defeated, they are an idea, and that idea comes from and is financed by Saudi Arabia, the main sponsors of terrorism in the world. Most Arabs support ISIS and there are well over 400 million Arabs. On the ground in Syria/Iraq there is no ground force that can or even wants to take them on, let alone defeat them. And after a year of bombing there are no targets left, unless you want to carpet bomb civilian areas like the Russians do. So all the RAF will achieve is spending £500,000 of our money every time one jet goes on a mission. They are so proud when they use a £100,000 missile to blow up a pick up truck that they issue a press release. We are putting our aircrew and our whole nation in harm’s way with no possible upside and no end game.

In getting parliamentary approval Cameron was a very naughty boy with the truth. Just as Blair was when taking us to war in Iraq. I will give three examples.

70,000 “good” Syrian rebels. This is disingenuous at best. There are very many rebel groups scattered around the country, of different levels of Islamic extremism and of different levels of commitment. Many are just local militias to defend a village or town. Individual fighters move from group to group, go home for the harvest or take up an offer from Merkel to come to Germany. They often fight each other. Perhaps the biggest and most successful group is the al Nusra Front, but they are affiliated with al-Qaeda so we can’t play with them. The USA has been trying for years to arm and train “moderate” rebels and have failed continuously despite spending a huge amount of money. And even if there were 70,000 “good” rebels, which is extremely doubtful, why would they fight ISIS when their enemy is Assad? So this from Cameron is right up there with Blair’s 45 minute claim.

Calling people who disagree with him “terrorist sympathisers”. This is a disgusting lie and Cameron should be utterly ashamed of himself. Just because someone has a different understanding and different solutions there is no justification for leveling heinous allegations like this. It is not good for the Conservative party that they have a leader who behaves like this.

Thirdly during the debate Cameron blames that murderous attack on British tourists in Tunisia on ISIS. This was a straightforward lie, it was a lone wolf, Seifiddine Rezgui Yacoubi, who had been to Libya for radicalisation and training who committed this atrocity. He was far more a product of Cameron’s ridiculous war there than he was of ISIS.

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Then there is Labour. On this one issue Jeremy Corbyn is largely right and makes many good points. However he does not actually lead a party any more, just a rag bag collection of independent MPs who each follow their own policies. So Labour were unable to mount any effective opposition whatsoever. Corbyn’s own shadow foreign secretary directly opposed him. Our having this shambles does Great Britain much harm because it allows the Conservatives to act without proper debate. Our democracy is crippled.

What is amazing here is that we have not learned the lessons of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Every time we are stupid enough to deploy our military like this we make things worse. We lose. And it costs us lives and it costs us taxpayer’s money. This time will not and cannot be different, but it can be far worse. Our previous adventures have massively increased radicalism and terrorism, we brought these upon ourselves. This time there are millions of migrants who have flooded across Europe and who are vastly more sympathetic towards ISIS than they are to the West. These people have started getting their “revenge” in the Paris attacks. Expect far more.

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