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The Labour party is tearing itself apart, which is good news for Britain after all the poverty, misery and suffering they have brought to this country. So let’s look at how this is happening.

The Labour party consists of many tribes, all of whom dislike each other. And now we have the wonderful situation where the tribes who voted in the new Labour leader are completely different to the tribes who voted for Labour MPs at the recent election. There is an immense chasm between what the country wants and what Corbyn wants. So let’s drill down and look at the tribes, starting with the MPs:

  • Brownites. Left of centre but well to the right of Corbyn. Miliband’s clique.
  • Blairites. Even further to the right of Corbyn, but still lefties. Social Democrats really. There are some Conservative MPs with very similar views and beliefs.
  • Rabid unreconstructed, left wing, nutter dinosaurs. Not very many of these. Corbyn and Skinner mainly.

Now look at the tribes who voted in Corbyn:

  • Very naive young people who are deluded into thinking that Labour does social good. With more life experience most of these will grow up and move to the centre.
  • Unreconstructed lefties from the 70s who don’t live in the real world. Civil servants, teachers, academics and the like.
  • Trade union members who always want far more money than they are worth and who think that Corbyn will give it to them.
  • Mischievous Conservative voters, many thousands of them, who paid £3 to vote for Corbyn and thus to destroy the Labour party.

So as you can see we have a dystopian, dysfunctional Labour party tearing itself apart. The difference between Corbyn and his MPs is so vast that he had difficulty putting a cabinet together and had to scrape the barrel with the likes of Diane Abbott and Lucy Powell, neither of whom could be trusted to run a corner shop, never mind Great Britain. So, without like minded MPs to support him, Corbyn has turned outside Parliament to find people nutty enough to believe his crackpot ideas and to become part of his team. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Richard Murphy. Creator of the hotchpotch of silly ideas that is Corbynomics. Believes in punishing successful people, rewarding the feckless and printing money to pay for lefty fiscal incontinence.  He is Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University London, advises the TUC on economics and taxation and writes for the Guardian. Says that he ignored his university economics lectures because they were all too neo-liberal for him. So he worked the whole lot out on his own! And it shows. Doesn’t understand that all tax is bad because it removes money from the real economy and so makes real people poorer.

Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn’s policy chief. Author of The Failed Experiment: And How to Build an Economy that Works, a book which totally misunderstands capitalism and economics and which has been disproved by subsequent events. Posted abusive Tweets to Labour MPs.  “Dear  @SimonDanczuk MP, if you’re going to write right-wing propaganda for The Scum, fuck off and join the Tories” and “My phone autocorrects ‘Danczuk’ as ‘Dumbfuck’ … I do love intuitive technology” for instance. Backed non Labour candidates in elections. Active in the Labour Representation Committee, an extremist left wing group regarded as the furthest left in the Labour party.

Seumas Milne. Director of Strategic Communications, a former Stalinist. Was one of the most rabidly left wing journalists on the Guardian. Following the death of Lee Rigby he wrote: “Rigby was a British soldier who had taken part in multiple combat operations in Afghanistan. So the attack wasn’t terrorism in the normal sense”. He is considered as a hate figure by reasonable Labour MPs.

Simon Fletcher, Corbyn’s chief of staff. Was chief of staff to Ken Livingstone at the GLC for 8 years. A hard left Labour apparatchik. Member of Socialist Action whose mantra is that the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 was betrayed by Joseph Stalin, and that Leon Trotsky was Marxism’s proper leader. He is a backroom type who pulls all the strings.

So now you can see that the inner team which runs the Labour party and which wants to run Britain is far closer to Nikita Khrushchev than they are to Tony Blair, or even to Ed Miliband. Nutters. They would trash the country both economically and socially if they were given any power at all. Luckily for us the Labour party has now achieved joke status, so there is no chance. The unelected House of Lords is now the true opposition to the Government in Britain.





  1. I called Andrew Fisher out on this on The Failed Experiments Facebook page. They simply deleted the comment. Turns out they can dish it out but can’t take it.


  2. Jeremy Corbyn has a genuine heart but he has the same kind of ignorance as Ed Millband. The question is will people vote for the Conservatives after the EU referendum when there is no longer a need for them by Euro-skeptics of all creeds?

    You also need to factor in the increasing amount of enemies the Conservatives are making. The move to cut Tax Credits wasn’t a good decision in terms of retaining votes.

    I am a genuine disabled person with a couple of personality disorders and a genetic chromosome abnormality (i’m a Psychopath). By no means am I a professional victim. I don’t seek positive attention to further my own aims but I would like to inform you that the Conservatives would have been better off cutting disability benefits again because there would be little to no chance that the Conservatives would win majority representation in the disabled community anyway.

    The fact that they have been reluctant in doing so makes me wonder. I don’t know whether they are avoiding chaos with the UN due to the human rights probe or if they have genuine concern for disabled people. I personally think they are looking after their own interests. You also need to recognize that both parties are signed up to Agenda 21 and population reduction is something which all Governments are taking seriously because of environmental issues.

    Anyway Bruce I love your blog. Its good to have a alternative opinion which helps one to see clarity in his own political views.

    If you ever want to interview a genuine disabled person without all the DPAC militant behavior reply to this so we can chat or something.


    1. Well after well over a year I have found you’re blog , which seems intelligent and therefore worthy of replying to. So I will start with your first paragraph, which despite the intervening years, proves you right, that both Milliband and Corbyn have and are destroying the Labour Brand.


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