Some people don’t understand irony

Islam freedom of expression #2 650

Some people are too stupid and/or too badly educated to realise when they are being ironic.

Protesting Muslims often complain about our Western freedom of expression. That we use it, quite rightly, to criticise them. But it is our freedom of expression that allows them to make such complaints. In most muslim countries the state would either prevent it or punish it. The irony is sublime.

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What they fail to understand is that human rights are far more important than any religion, including their religion. And that because we respect their rights we allow them to make their Islamic protests in what is still largely a Christian country. Do Islamic countries respect people’s rights and allow Christians to make such protests? Of course not.

Islam freedom of expression 650

What we have in these photographs is the result of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness. The dogma of the left. So foreigners coming to live in Britain can opt out of our laws, our standards, our values. They have no need to integrate or even to respect the native population. So they don’t. The mass, organised child rapes by Pakistanis that we have seen in many of our cities is just one example of what the left have done to Britain.

UK immigrants #2

The Islamic population of Britain is almost certainly about 10% now and increasing very fast through mass immigration and a very high birth rate. Soon it will be 20%, then 50%. Our governments are doing nothing to prevent it.  And when they have the majority they will apply the messages that you see in these placards. Exactly as they do in every Islamic country.

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Of course the native British people are civilised and do understand irony. So when we see these ridiculous placards we laugh. The problem with this is that it ignores the reality that they mean it and that one day they will do it.



  1. i am neither British nor European but i am Muslim and Arab
    and still can understand irony and can be civilised


  2. All I could understand from this that you are racist and that you’re not and will not try to understand the reasons that made these people do such protests


    1. Islam not a race. why make an argument when you can just slander someone.


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