Our problem with steel

Great Britain is the cradle of the industrial revolution. So for a long time in history we were the world’s largest producers of steel. This was driven by a number […]

Wealth trickle down is fantastic

Capitalism is amazing. Competing in the market to look after customers has enhanced the lives of everyone on earth to an incredible degree. It has generated enormous wealth for the […]

Putin falls into the Syria trap

The conflict in Syria started in early 2011 as part of the Arab Spring. This blog started writing about events there in March that year. The situation was simple, a […]

The Conservative party's greatest shame

There is an entryist organisation that wields enormous influence over the Conservative Party and, as a consequence, over very many aspects of British life. The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) […]

Police waste their time and our money

Bahar Mustafa is a welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London, so some of what she tweets is deeply ironic and totally at odds with her job. Firstly she tweeted […]

Cameron's speech

In office Cameron and Osborne are joined at the hip. And it is Osborne who is the master tactician dedicated to the destruction of the evil of socialism. This speech […]