The European migrant problem is just beginning

German migrant accommodation burned down
German migrant accommodation burned down

The few thousand migrants camped in Calais trying to get to Britain are just a grain in the sand of the migrant problem. This year alone up to a million new Muslim migrants will settle in Germany. And they will never go home. Social cohesion is breaking down and right across Germany the citizens are protesting and are setting fire to proposed migrant accommodation. They have had enough. Similar civil outrage is rearing its head in Hungary, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden and Serbia. Britain is lucky because the English Channel is protecting us once again.  But we are heading to a different Europe where the individual countries lose their national identity and just become extensions of the Middle East and North Africa. Our politicians are failing us.

Lesbos route 650

So where are these migrants coming from and why are they coming? Mostly they are coming from places of conflict; Syria and Iraq, some from Afghanistan, some from the Horn of Africa countries, some from Libya and some from Nigeria. They have created a people smuggler route through Turkey into Greece, making the short crossing to islands like Lesbos, Kos and Chios, often in plastic tourist canoes or on lilos. And then they are in. Ferries shuttle them a few thousand at a time to Piraeus, the port of Athens, then they head for richer countries further north with well developed benefits systems.

New arrivals to Europe in typical Lesbos beach scene
New arrivals to Europe in typical Lesbos beach scene
A few thousand more Syrians arrive in Piraeus from Lesbos
A few thousand more Syrians arrive in Piraeus from Lesbos

They are coming because they are escaping terrible privation and conflict at home. The number one cause is President Assad’s barrel bombs in Syria. These are oil barrels full of explosives dropped from helicopters onto civilians who aren’t loyal to him. For maximum damage they target markets, bread queues and schools. Hundreds of thousands have been killed, mostly non combatants. There are similar stories with al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa, Taliban in Afghanistan and Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Millions of refugees living in tent cities in the desert
Millions of refugees living in tent cities in the desert

And these people have only just started arriving here. In Syria alone more than 6.5 million refugees have been displaced, almost 4 million of these have fled to countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt. They are living in horrendous conditions in tent cities in the desert. They all want to come to Europe. And they will try. Potentially tens, maybe hundreds of millions of migrants want to come here. And the numbers will ramp up sharply because the ones who have made it will tell everyone back home to come. Many countries will just let the extended families fly here once one member has arrived. European civilisation is under threat.

Migrant arriving on Lesbos beach sends selfie back home, telling them to follow him
Migrant arriving on Lesbos beach sends selfie back home, telling them to follow him

European politicians have been utterly useless about this whole problem, as if it will somehow fade away. When in fact it is spiralling out of control. We have to temper our compassion when our civilisation is being destroyed. What can be done?

  • Make Europe less attractive to migrants. Don’t add them to the benefits system, just put them in dormitories, in billets away from towns and cities. Then process them quickly.
  • Radically change our asylum rules and processes. Currently there must be more than a billion people in the world who qualify for asylum in the UK. And it is increasingly easy for them to get here. Asylum must become available only on the very most egregious grounds. Failed asylum seekers must be shipped straight out when they lose their hearing.
  • Detect, detain and deport illegal immigrants. There are about a million of these in Britain. We need a quick and efficient procedure to ship them back where they came from. Any legal immigrants who have aided and abetted the illegals should be kicked out too. We must go to zero tolerance on this.
  • Stop marriage being grounds for coming to Britain. Every year vast numbers of British people of Indian subcontinent origin marry people they don’t know from back home, often in horrible forced marriages. This is nothing to do with love or romance, it is just a route for economic migration.
  • Get Turkey to close down the route here. There is much anecdotal evidence that Turkish officials are encouraging the migrants. To get them out of Turkey. The Turkish borders with Syria and Iraq should be the first barrier to getting here, not the beaches of the Aegean. We must work with the Turks to make this happen.
  • Stop bombing Islamic State (ISIS). We need to be talking to them. ISIS are not the cause of the problem, they are part of the solution. Yes they are primitive barbarians, but then so are our “friends” the Saudi Arabians, who gouge out eyes as part of their judicial system.
  • Work urgently to stop Assad slaughtering vast numbers of civilians. Destroy all his aircraft and helicopters on the ground one night. Make Syria a no fly zone. We could do these things very quickly and very easily. Syria needs to be made more peaceful. Currently our efforts there are achieving the exact opposite. We are creating migrants.
  • Try to resolve other conflicts. In Nigeria, Libya and the Horn of Africa. This is not altruism, it is self interest. These wars are costing us many billions with the loads they end up putting on our public services and benefits system. Don’t start or engage in new wars. Curtail the conflict generation activities of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad.
  • Help the refugees living in the Middle East and Africa. The nicer we make it for them there, the less likely they are to come here. This is a far cheaper solution than dealing with them as migrants.
  • Strengthen the physical borders between Europe and the rest of the world. Currently they are very porous and there are many people smuggling routes through them.
  • Target the people smugglers themselves. These are businessmen and we need to destroy their businesses. Putting them in prison is a good way to do this.

You must be getting the idea by now. There is much that can be done. Why aren’t our politicians doing it?

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  1. It’s not only comrade Corbyn who hasn’t a clue though. I pretty much agree with your list for sorting the migrant crisis; I wouldn’t be so keen to take down Assad though.


  2. You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

    I acually live in Germany and can tell you that roughly about 100% of the things you said above are LIES. From that (and your other articles that consist basically of a shitload of lies and uninformed opinions) I can guess that most of the other shit you wrote above will be wrong as well.

    Dear readers, this serves as a friendly reminder that extremist right wing people have a long tradition of lying and cheating in their propaganda indeed. So anything and everything you read on this page should be consumed with great amounts of scepticism and, if possible, only while checking on the actual facts at the same time.

    On another note: please don’t talk about the refugee “problem” (that really isn’t a problem at all until people like you offer their “opinions” on it) until your country has taken in at least 1% of the numbers Germany has. Which will take about 460 years, if you keep going at this rate (and Germany doesn’t take any more refugees starting right now). It really makes you look even more stupid than before, if you talk about a topic you are obviously uninformed about, have no scope of, and can only discuss using misinformation and outright lies.


  3. A Short Course on Understanding Muslims:


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    And the headliners are not even the half of it.

    Lesson 2(a)

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    Lesson 2(b)

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    Lesson (3a)

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    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame?

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    Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION.
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    To name a few. And we just can’t figure out who’s causing the problem…


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