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In office Cameron and Osborne are joined at the hip. And it is Osborne who is the master tactician dedicated to the destruction of the evil of socialism. This speech was a tactical tour de force. Corbyn has taken the Labour party up an extremist lefty cul-de-sac vacating the central ground of British politics. So Cameron’s speech took ownership of this territory, which is where most British voters reside. So whilst Corbyn is dedicated to punishing successful people Cameron is dedicated to making more people successful.

The speech used an interesting tactic, it blamed the Government for many things, when Cameron is the Government. This self deprecating, must do better honesty is a winner. It shows that the Conservatives listen and that they understand.

Also listing egregious examples of bigotry and prejudice reinforces Cameron’s “one party” aims. As does decrying multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness and the physical and virtual ghettos they have created throughout British society. This is genuine caring Conservatism and contrasts sharply with the nasty class warfare of Corbyn and his spitting and bullying acolytes.

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It is a fact that during the last 5 years the UK Gini Coefficient has gone down, as our society has become more equal. Osborne has been far more redistributive of taxpayer’s money than Gordon Brown was. In this speech the Conservatives committed themselves to continue this. Not by punishing the successful rich, which Corbyn seeks to do, but by rewarding the striving less well off. The Conservatives, throughout Government, are committed to making work pay. And to make living off other taxpayers history. Removing income tax and increasing minimum wage at the same time as getting rid of tax credits is brilliant. It takes the state out of the loop and is a massive help to those who want to get on and build a life for themselves and their families. People reap the rewards of their work. Society looking after strivers instead of the Labour policy of rewarding shirkers.

Cameron could not have made this speech earlier. In the last parliament his hands were tied by the coalition and he had the huge task of fixing a country and an economy trashed by Gordon Brown. Now Cameron has the authority of an overall majority and the platform of an economy that Osborne has made into a booming success. So, after 5 years, we can see true Conservatism. An inclusive political culture working for the success of Great Britain and everyone who lives here.

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  1. My favourite bit was when he said “The death of Osama bin Laden was a tragedy.” The one thing told me all I need to know about David Cameron and the modern Tory party. A threat to Britain, and British values.


      1. A quote taken deliberately out of context to try deceive the British public.


  2. Classic post here well done Bruce is your tactic to really get up ppls nose? it’s funny because it hasn’t unlike your other stuff strange really


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