The Conservative party’s greatest shame

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There is an entryist organisation that wields enormous influence over the Conservative Party and, as a consequence, over very many aspects of British life. The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) gives unconditional support to the state of Israel and therefore to the vile, racist, militarist, genocidal, apartheid political creed that is Zionism. CFI has more than 2,000 activist members embedded throughout the Conservative Party, including 80% of its MPs, it takes Conservative parliamentarians and candidates on freebie jaunts to Israel, campaigns hard for Jewish Conservative candidates in target seats, and works to ensure that Israel’s case gets priority in Parliament.

Research in 2010 showed that Jewish people were eight times over-represented in the Westminster House of Commons, they are just 0.46% of the British population yet they held 24 (MPs named by the Jewish Chronicle, there may be more) out of 650 seats. 12 Conservative, 10 Labour and 2 Libdem. Yes, there is a Labour Friends of Israel (the Zionists cover their bets), but it only wields a small fraction of the power and influence of the CFI.

The CFI is to the Conservative party exactly what the trade unions are for Labour. An entryist organisation that has taken over the party and which controls it in exchange for funding it. Peter Oborne, the Daily Telegraph’s chief political commentator wrote that the CFI “acts as if every Jew in the country is a Likud supporter” because of its Zionist extremism. This documentary lifts the lid:

Zionism is not Judaism, it is a revolutionary political creed invented in Vienna by Theodor Herzl with the 1897 publication of his book Der Judenstaat and his formation of the World Zionist Organization. Vienna in the Autumn of the Hapsburg Empire was a hotbed of intellectual thought, political theory and revolution. It was the city of Freud, Trotsky, Wittgenstein, Lenin, Klimt and Mahler. Adolf Hitler arrived in 1905. Nazism and Zionism are strikingly similar, they both advocate militarism, stealing other people’s land, racial purity and ethnic cleansing, I wrote an article analysing and explaining this that you can open by clicking HERE.

Great Britain paid for World War One partially with finance from the Rothschild banking family who were keen Zionists. So in 1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour wrote a letter to Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild, promising a Zionist Jewish homeland in Palestine, this letter is called the Balfour declaration. The big problem was that any new homeland would involve stealing someone else’s land. Balfour understood this so wrote: “it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. The Zionists have utterly and totally ignored this ever since.

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There are records of the country of Palestine going all the way back to Herodotus in the fifth century BC. I have written an article about this which can be read HERE. It is very common for Zionists, especially in America, to deny that the nation of Palestine ever existed, this in itself is ignorance, racism and bigotry of the same order as denying the Holocaust.

Palestine between the two world wars was managed by Great Britain in a League of Nations Mandate. Initially the Jewish and Palestinian populations lived peacefully, side by side. But, gradually at first, Zionists arrived from Europe and started implementing their extremist political dogma of racism and violence. During the Mandate the Yishuv or Jewish community in Palestine grew from one-sixth to almost one-third of the population. The Irgun Zionist terrorists started killing on November 14, 1937 (Black Sunday) by murdering 10 Palestinians, in 1938 they committed 11 more mass murders and in 1939 they carried out 9 more. This racist murder continues to the present day with “settlers” and the IDF regularly murdering Palestinians, purely because they are not Jews.

After a pause for World War 2 the Zionists resumed hostilities, this time targeting the British administrators as well as the indigenous Palestinians and Arabs. In 1946 they blew up the British administrative headquarters in the King David hotel, then they got down to a regular routine of terrorism and mass murder through 1947 and 1948. So powerful was the Jewish lobby in America that the British got no support, in fact the opposite was true. So the British bailed out on 14 May 1948.  David Ben-Gurion, declared the establishment of a Jewish State to be known as the State of Israel that day. A country whose very existence is based on race, making it totally and completely racist, the most racist nation on earth. After declaring independence the Zionist set about ethnic cleansing, evicting the indigenous population, with around 400 Arab and Palestinian towns and villages depopulated. This land theft and ethnic cleansing continues to the present day with “settlements” on the Palestinian West Bank. Brutality, oppression, racism and violence against non Jews purely on the basis of race has been a daily fact of life in Israel since independence. 67 years.

The Zionist have consistently followed a policy of provoking conflicts. Very many of them. So that they can steal land and carry out genocide. They have created a country by expropriating territory from all their neighbouring countries as well as from the Palestinians and Arabs. The Americans see nothing wrong with all this because it was exactly what they did to the Native Americans

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Israel says that it is the only democracy in the Middle East, but this is a lie, Turkey is. Israel cannot be a democracy because millions of its citizens are not allowed to vote, on the basis of race. Nominally Israel has a population of 8.3 million, 6.1 million Jews and 1.7 million Palestinians and Arabs with about a third of a million “others”. But the Zionists have parked 4.7 million Palestinians and Arabs in disenfanchised limbo in The Palestine Nation Authority on the West Bank and in the Gaza concentration camp. So the Jews are in reality a minority in Israel! This is not democracy.

Some people try to say that Gaza is not a concentration camp. Maybe they are getting confused with Nazi death camps. Concentration camps were invented by the British during the Boer War and more than 26,00 women and children died in them. Earlier the U.S. Military had imprisoned 9,500 Navajo and 500 Mescalero Apache.  Living under armed guards, in holes in the ground, with only starvation rations. More than 3,500 men, women, and children died while in this concentration camp. These are the inspiration for what the Zionists are doing in Gaza and it meets every criteria for being described as a concentration camp. It is utterly immoral that the Conservative Party and therefore the nation of Great Britain supports this barbarity. But then we do have previous.

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Zionism is not Judaism. There are Zionists who are not Jews. And there are many Jews who are not Zionists. The non Zionist Jews are ashamed of the disgusting genocide in Israel and so they help to organise the worldwide BDS movement to boycott Israeli goods and so to force more decent and civilised behavior there.  7 Nobel laureates have called for an arms embargo on Israel for its “war crimes and possible crimes against humanity” in Gaza. Meanwhile in Britain the Conservative Friends of Israel have used their power to get the Government to amend legislation in order to stop local councils launching boycotts of Israel. This is a shame on our democracy, that the will of the people can be over-ridden by this racist entryist pressure group.

It is a fact of British life that instead of representing the British people, who voted for them, our Conservative Government is instead looking after the narrow genocidal interests of a pernicious racist pressure group. Zionism is one of the greatest evils on our planet. Not only that, they try and perpetuate, with the help of the BBC, the lie that the democratically elected political party in Gaza, Hamas, are terrorists. When by every definition of terrorism is is the racist, ethnic cleansing Zionist state who are a perfect fit. The article I wrote about this can be seen by clicking HERE.

The CFI has been brought to such enormous power by Stuart Polak who took “educational trips” to Israel from the age of fifteen. He served as its Director for twenty-six years, until August 2015 and is now its honorary president. Polak was made a CBE for political service in the 2015 New Year Honours and was created a life peer taking the title Baron Polak, of Hertsmere in the County of Hertfordshire, in October 2015. David Cameron looking after his boss.

Conservative MPs on CFI jolly in Israel
Conservative MPs on CFI jolly in Israel

There is only one logical end result of the CFI Zionist policies imposed on the Conservative party: the elimination of the Palestinian and Arab people in the state of Israel. This is very obviously what the Zionists are working towards and it goes completely against Conservative principles. If the Conservatives had any morality they would ditch the Zionists and then work towards a fair and lasting settlement of the problems.

Margaret Thatcher would not have allowed the Zionist takeover of the Conservative party. And here’s why:

  • The Lady hated vested interests and always took them on and destroyed them. From old boy networks in the city to trade unions. She would have smashed CFI.
  • Thatcher hated apartheid. Read Robert Renwick‘s books and you will see how hard she fought, successfully, to bring it to an end. Israel has a far nastier form of apartheid than South Africa had.
  • She had vastly more intellectual clarity than the current crop of senior Conservatives. She knew that democracy should not be subverted. That MPs should represent their constituents and ministers the country. Not the interests of a foreign fascist political cult.

If you want to know more of the truth and facts of the genocide, barbarity, racism and bigotry that are Zionism in Israel today I have collected a number of factual videos, mostly made by and featuring Jews. You can see them by clicking HERE. After watching these you will agree with every word I have written. This is the Conservative Party’s greatest shame.

Chairman of CFI
Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Pickles MP

Officers of CFI
John Howell OBE MP (Vice-Chairman)
Guto Bebb MP (Vice-Chairman)
Andrew Percy MP (Vice-Chairman)
Bob Blackman MP
David Burrowes MP
Oliver Dowden MP
Mike Freer MP
Matthew Offord MP
Chloe Smith MP
Dame Angela Watkinson DBE MP
Heather Wheeler MP

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Israel. Zionism is the main cause of ant semitism. 512



  1. Re WW2: A documentary/drama we should all watch (History that’s not written by the winners). From historian & author Thomas Goodrich.
    Most of what we’ve been taught about WW2 is guff.
    As Goodrich says, “the winners version is in our librabries, on our history channel, and at the movies.

    We will never contend with the present & future if we remain wilfully blind & deceived about the past.
    We think we know it all. We sure don’t.

    Did Hitler really invade Poland for more living Space? That’s what I believed for best part of 40 years!
    Then you see the sadistic, barbaric photos of the tortures & massacres of German Minorities by the Poles. Where a furious Hitler complained to League of Nations several times, & where his complaints fell on deaf ears.
    Subsequently, on invasion, he called in independant foreign journalists to witness the mutilated corpses. Including horrifically sexually mutilated.

    Hitler dared to stand up to Jewish Power. He arrested Rothschild & seized his bank.
    Jewish revenge was absolute. On every German man, woman and child.
    Crimes so massive…


    1. Um…that’s not true at all…the majority of Poles were also murdering Jews..You’re basically an inveterate racist. You probably think The Protocols of The Elders of Zion is actually factual. Racist prick, do your homework.


      1. iplaypedals,

        Not doing very well on the pyramid of intellect, are we?

        And you failed here too:


  2. A lying vile column from someone who might as well have a swastika as a photo.


    1. Alexi,

      You are obviously very young.
      You must learn that every time you are rude and abusive you have lost.
      You need to make cogent debate with valid clear points, like grown ups do.
      Here is the pyramid of intellect. You can see clearly how you have failed and what you need to do to improve.


  3. Dear Bruce. You are obviously middle-aged, and not very smart. You are also evidently extremely bored and boring in equal measure. Drawing moronic pyramids is no more effective in proving your intellectual superiority than writing even-more-moronic posts using every possible cliché in the anti-Zionist book. No wonder the only “substantive” comment you get is from an open Nazi. You should probably be more concerned about that than about the colours on your kindergarten pyramid.


    1. YK,

      You answer none of the many points I make. All you are capable of is abuse. So you lose.


      1. Bruce, posting idiotic crap (I especially loved that last picture of inferior quality – really the polemical icing on the cake), drawing the approval of Nazis, being called out for what you are – a moron with a keyboard – and then declaring yourself a winner because nobody except the Nazis you naturally attract cares about your “substantive points” – certainly takes care of it. Check and mate, Zionist swine! Monty Python’s Black Knight is proud of you!


  4. Oh, I didn’t try to be abusive in the least bit. I was being clinically accurate. Your post is literally one lie piled atop another demonizing Jews for daring to practice self determination.

    If I thought ANYTHING I said would enlighten you I’d say it. I’ll give it ONE shot…

    The Maps you posted are PROPAGANDA. The white part is likely correct with it being Privately owned Jewish Land, but to color the rest Green and claim it was “Palestinian” is a LIE. the Majority of ALL Land at the time of 1948 was Government owned land. The so called “Palestinians” owned land as well. But they did not own anything NEAR what that map shows. The map is a LIE. You are using it to buttress other LIES. Which is why it is commonly referred to as Propaganda.

    But since you are obviously a propagandist. This is par for the course for you.


      1. They are un maps that you misrepresent to suit your political agenda.


  5. I agree with a lot of what you put up but Jews arent a race. Ashkenaz (European) jews make up approx 90% of modern day Jewry. Most live in the west but they are also the oppressors of the native Palestinians. Netanyahu et al.

    Prof Paul Wexler of Tel Aviv University was primarily interested in Spanish Jewry. His book “The Non-Jewish Origins of the Sephardic Jews” argues, “the Sephardic Jews are primarily descendants of Arabs, Berbers and Europeans who converted to Judaism in the period between the rise of the first Jewish communities in western Asia, North Africa and southern Europe, and the 12th century. There may of course been some descendants of Judeans in this community, but they must have been a tiny minority. As a “philological archaeologist” Wexler skilfully traced linguistic vestiges found in the texts & the languages still in use today, and concluded that the origins of the Sephardic Jews were extremely heterogeneous, and hardly Judean. Most came to Europe from North Africa with the Muslim conquest in the early 8th century, and traces of Judeo-Arabic from the Maghreb, awa Berber customs, can be found in the Judeo-Iberian language and culture. Furthermore – and this may well be Wexler’s most important discovery – Hebrew and Aramaic made their appearances in Jewish texts in 10th century. This means exiles or emigres from Judea had not settled in Spain in the 1st century or introduced their original language. During the 1st millennium, jewish believers in Europe knew no Hebrew or Aramaic. Only after the religious canonization of classical Arabic in the Muslim world & of medieval Latin in Christendom, did Judaism adopt & propagate its own religious language as a high cultural code. – see more: Shlomo Sand The Invention of the Jewish People, pages 208-209


    1. I make you 100% correct Bruce & it’s for one reason only – I, like you, have bothered to do the research.


  6. I think being raised Jewish but figuring out the scriptures were inspired by humans, and that no land can sensibly claim to more holy than anywhere else is the second most precarious position to be in politically as your parents and extended family will give you such a hard time. The most precarious position of all is to be one of the 75% or so Muslims who have figured out the Koran is not the literal and perfect word of God ( although Mohammed was a remarkable man ).

    Truth and love are the answers.


  7. You should a pur antisemitic to write stupidities and lies as those ones

    “The Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) gives unconditional support to the state of Israel and therefore to the vile, racist, militarist, genocidal, apartheid political creed that is Zionism. CFI has more than 2,000 activist members embedded throughout the Conservative Party, including 80% of its MPs, it takes Conservative parliamentarians and candidates on freebie jaunts to Israel, campaigns hard for Jewish Tory candidates in target seats, and works to ensure that Israel’s case gets priority in Parliament.”

    If you was french I could swear you that you would already in court .
    You don’t absolutely nothing about Jews , Zionist and Israel . Your maps are wrongs , your words are wrongs , your proofs are wrongs or lies . So you are the typical antisemitic hater . I would even not offer you to teach you Palestine and middle east History and not more to come and visit Israel that will not change nothing .

    So I will take of you another way … the way we take care of Antisemitics your style .


    1. Marc,

      Typical Zionist threat of violence there. You really have no self awareness or critical thinking.



  8. This is an excellent and accurate article – it took me many years to reach this conclusion having at one time supported Israel during the 67 War. All experienced journalists know the truth and won’t say it out loud because of the strength of the Zionist lobby. If you are a politician you don’t get involved with Palestine because the Zionists then go for you. Ask Peter Oborne – hardly a revolutionary. The Israeli’s as a whole have no intention of ever reaching an agreement with the Palestinians that gives the Palestinians anything resembling a state.And they are building up to an attack for an Hitleresque ‘final solution’ -just as they did in 1948. They are cultivating Israeli public opinion to hate all Palestinians so that they can use overwhelming military force as they’ve already done three times in Gaza on the West Bank. They will organise a media blackout, invade and exterminate and then throw out everybody who opposes them. They’re already talking about doing it in Israel. The US and UK Governments know all this and they do nothing. Why does Israel get away with it?They are deeply entrenched in the military and intelligence industries and have an international network of Zionist organisations and fronts that support them, just like the old Soviet Union had. You want to hit the headlines Bruce? Look at Israeli penetration of 5 Eyes and their export of arms. Their intelligence gathering network in the Negev is now bigger than both the NRA and GCHQ. 5 Eyes is dependent on it. Snowdon blew the whistle and most people didn’t hear. The message? Screw democracy and accountability – Israel is crucial to the domination of the US and the west throughout the world. They don ‘t like the institutional racism of Israel, but they let the Israeli’s get away with it because they need them. This isn'[t conspiracy theory. It’s fact…


  9. Your main point that Zionists have taken over the Conservative party is correct. We are being ruled a foreign gangster power.


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