Zero hours = brilliant

Labour laws in Britain are vastly too strict and rigid, they were put together at a time when trade unions had excessive power which they abused on an immense scale, […]

Miliband rank hypocrisy

In a recent speech Ed Miliband said about tax avoidance: “It is costing everyone who relies on our schools, our hospitals, our roads and our railways. It is costing everyone […]

An example of bad capitalism

Business jets are brilliant tools. By cutting out busy airports and by flying close to from and to where they are needed they massively increase the productivity of management. A […]

Austerity = Labour lie

Gordon Brown’s recession (his team, including Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, must take some of the blame) created the deepest UK recession since the war. Manufacturing output declined 7% by the end […]

Stefano Pessina is the boss of Walgreens Boots Alliance, a global holding company which owns a number of pharmaceutical manufacturing, wholesale and distribution companies. It is huge and highly successful with […]

Capitalism is utterly fantastic

Capitalism pays for all the other -isms. The misguided people of the left regularly denounce capitalism and those who practice it. They think that individuals should not provide goods and […]