Labour’s graduate tax is evil

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My wife is one of those people who want to get on in life. An achiever. So she studied for an MBA at Warwick Business School. Paid for out of her own after tax income. Using her weekends, evenings and work holidays as study time. This was not enough so she reduced her working week to 4 days (taking a 20% wages hit) to give her the extra study time. She achieved a distinction in her dissertation despite the whole degree being in her third language.

Now, to further advance her career, she is just completing an MSc at Surrey University. Once again all paid for out of her own after tax income. Once again using up her weekends, evenings and work holidays. This time her employer has given her two weeks of study leave.

This has massively impaired our lifestyle since 2007. It has cost at least £50,000 out of her after tax income and has taken away most of our holidays as well as our weekends and evenings.

And now Labour want to tax her for having done this. Which is pure evil.

It really boggles belief that Labour are so dogmatically determined to punish success. And the obvious result is that successful people will leave the UK to work in the economy of other countries where their skills and contributions are better appreciated. Hundreds of thousands of high earners have already done this. Labour seem determined to force many more to follow them.

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  1. They wouldn’t be taxing people who have already paid… They want to move to a new system where students in the future would pay a small tax after graduating rather than paying money upfront…. you would never be asked to do both. It wouldn’t make that much difference to the individual, you are paying for your education either way and most people in higher education end up taking out a loan and paying it back afterwards (much like a tax). Also it’s worth noting that these plans are for higher education but not postgraduate education, which is what your example is about.


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