There are a lot of very nasty people in Great Britain

Envy graph 650

Look at the graph above. It says that a large number of people in this country want to punish successful people out of pure spite and envy. They want to harm their fellow man purely because he has done better in life than them. This is utterly disgusting.

Obviously Labour voters are the worst. There are around 46 million UK parliamentary voters, take 30% as Labour’s approximate share, then take the 72% from the research above. That is nearly 10 million people who are so indoctrinated with class warfare that they want to punish other people just for the sake of doing so. Quite frankly this is both disgusting and frightening. Our society is diseased when so many people think that success is something to be punished. They should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

What is also frightening is that 16% of Conservative voters believe in higher taxes just to punish people for working hard and succeeding. What is going wrong here for them to be full of nasty envy? Surely they should want everyone to be rewarded for their endeavors?

That 35% of UKIP supporters want to punish people who succeed tells you just how left wing and nasty that party is, even worse than the Libdems on 29%.

Looking at just how nasty, bitter and envious so many British people are it is no wonder that hundreds of thousands of the most successful have left the country. Emigrating to places where their hard work and enterprise are appreciated.

That our society is so nasty and perverted is down to to the Labour party and their fellow travellers: the trade unions, the Methodists, the BBC, the state education system and the left wing press. Over 70 years of indoctrinating people to be envious and resentful of achievement. Over 70 years of class warfare seeking to punish success and reward failure.

This is not the natural human condition. Successful people bring their success to all of society. They are to be celebrated and congratulated for their achievements. Just as the Silicon Valley billionaires are in America. This is a far more decent attitude and one that all intelligent, educated people should have.

It really is about time we did something about this national shame. We need a country that champions, encourages and applauds success and achievement. Then we will have far more of it. Which will make our society far better to live in.

Envy 650


  1. You write there are “10 million people who are so indoctrinated with class warfare”. I doubt there is 10 million people in the UK who could actually tell you what class warfare means.
    However if a majority of people want to implement a tax increase which has no benefit or increase in revenue then so be it. That’s called democracy.


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