Wahhabism is the real problem. Not ISIS

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On Tuesday last week a Saudi court  ordered the execution (which in Saudi means beheading) of Ashraf Fayadh, who has curated art shows in Jeddah and at the Venice Biennale. His crime? Renouncing Islam. Also last week a Saudi court ordered a Sri Lankan housemaid to be stoned to death for having a clandestine affair with a Sri Lankan man. And over the weekend the Belgian capital of Brussels has been in lockdown because of an expected terrorist attack from their extremist Muslim community who are responsible for the Paris attacks and who are radicalised by 600 Salafist teachers paid for by Saudi Arabia. Also last week the Saudi government continued to bomb Yemen, where they have killed 7,500 people and injured 16,000, mostly civilians.

So who are these uncivilised, primitive barbarians in Saudi Arabia, why are they the driving force and paymaster for most of the world’s terrorism and why are we doing nothing about it?

Islam was invented in the early 600s by a man called Muhammad who lived in Mecca, it now has about 1.62 billion followers or 23% of the global population. In the 1700s a man called Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab invented an extremist cult based on Islam which is named after him, Wahhabism. His patron was Muhammad Ibn Saud, whose family now run Saudi Arabia, so Wahhabism is the official state religion of Saudi Arabia and is the root of most of the world’s problems today.  In July 2013, the European Parliament identified Wahhabism as the main source of global terrorism.

Here are some of the tenets of Wahhabism:

  • Wahhabism is violent, it promotes state terror. As they sought to create Saudi Arabia the Ibn Saud family used Wahhabism to justify slaughter of resistant populations. In 1801 they sacked the holy Shia city of Karbala in what is now Iraq, plundered the tomb of Imam Husain, and slaughtered thousands of Shias, including women and children. Modern day Wahhabist ISIS are just following the example set by their sponsors.
  • Central to Wahhabism is the belief in Takfiri, that any Muslim or follower of any Abrahamic faith is apostate if they don’t follow the Wahhabi cult. Takfiris believe in armed struggle against secular states and have a history in the Middle East of mass murdering everyone, including women and children, who isn’t in their cult. Hence ISIS killing the Yazidis, they were just following the custom of what Takfiri has done so very many times before.
  • The strict implementation of Sharia law, which covers  politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, sexuality, and social issues. This is what makes Islam far more than just a religion. Sharia strictly follows  the Quran, and the Hadiths (opinions and life example of the prophet Muhammad). So it seeks to enforce the social rules of primitive Arab tribesmen on the rest of the world.
  • Jihad. Continuous armed conflict against all non believers of the Wahhabi cult.

Saudi Arabia spends hundreds of billions exporting Wahhabism to the world and sponsoring Wahhabi terrorism against non believers in their cult. Their Muslim World League opened offices in every region of the world where Muslims live, including the West, and the Saudi ministry of religion printed and distributed Wahhabi propaganda. They built mosques and paid to staff them with Wahhabi preachers. Recently they offered to build 200 more mosques in Germany to spread their cult. There are approximately 1850 mosques in Britain of which about 110 are controlled by Wabbis/Salafist/Jihadists. Many British schools receive Wahhabi support in exchange for students being indoctrinated in the beliefs of their cult. Money is used whenever and wherever possible to increase their influence.

Ironically many Saudi princes travel the world drinking alcohol, gambling, whoring and drug taking. All of which would see them beheaded back home.

In the West we don’t just allow Saudi Arabia to infiltrate and corrupt our society with their barbaric cult, we encourage it. The East London Mosque in Whitechapel, visited by Prince Charles, distributes vile Wahhabi literature and when the Saudi King died recently David Cameron ordered British flags to be flown at half mast, including over Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Shame on him.

Why are we bringing terrorism upon ourselves? The answer is money. The Saudi government buy lots of British government bonds to finance Gordon Brown’s huge deficit, they spend many billions buying British military equipment and on our technical skills building their infrastructure and they own very large stakes in many British businesses. So, to a considerable degree, they own us.

Once you realise all of the above you can see the stupidity and futility of bombing ISIS. We are seeking to cure one of the symptoms of the disease whilst actively encouraging the cause of the disease. This is incredible stupidity.

Here is what we should be doing:

  • Declare Wahhbism and the Muslim World League to be “Proscribed Terrorist Organisations” under the Terrorism Act 2000.
  • Close all Wahhabi mosques in the UK immediately.
  • Stop supplying Saudi Arabia with all military equipment and support, including parts for existing military equipment.
  • Make all British schools secular. Religion is utterly incompatible with education. We ourselves are primitive in allowing the current situation.
  • Task MI6, GCHQ etc with reducing the influence of Wahhabism worldwide.
  • Treat Saudi Arabia as the pariah state that it is.

Of course our politicians won’t do this, they don’t act in our interest.



  1. I don’t know enough to respond in detail but the only thing I’d say in relation to Saudi Arabia is … oil, In the sense that the descent of that country into a state in which it might no longer produce oil, perhaps for a long time, would cause major disruption to the world economy. How would we handle that?


    1. You work towards developing a world without fossil fuels as many are trying todo already. Oil is finite anyway. We have passed the peak of conventional global oil production and use of fossil fuels is resulting in ever increasing destabilisation of our climate. Oil is a drug we need to kick, for the sake of peace and for the planet.


  2. More jealously and hate-driven driven rant by another Pamela “looney” Geller type inspired Islamophobe Zionist, or one of their Christian Zionist ‘familiars’:

    The whole purpose of this campaign is really to shift focus away from the following:


    1. Are you in favour or against the article? It’s not clear at all and appallingly incomplete. If you are against the article which sounds you do – then u are one of the deniers of real ISIS problem and one to go and live in Saudi Arabia – ” Ingram March”?! This article is factually and historically spot on accurate.you can check it out from historical resources. Islam is a religion of VIOLENCE do not be fooled of the rhetorics wimpishly thrown about by weak – all saudi-suck up Western govts! If on the other you agree with the article then spread the news!


  3. Did Labour introduce “faith schools” in the UK after receiving donations from Saudi, directly or indirectly? I ask as it would appear to be highly convenient for the propagators of Wahhabi Islamist extremism…


  4. The Saudi state was established in 1744 by Prince Muhammad ibn Saud of Diriyah, who agreed to support Abdul Wahhab in cleansing the Islamic faith from what he considered “innovation”, or Bidah – the distortion of Islam. Abdul Wahhab was a Salafist, believing in a return to the Islam practised by the Prophet Mohammed in the seventh century. It was the Ottomans who first labelled Abdul Wahhab’s school of Islam in Saudi Arabia as Wahhabism, a term that was then picked up by Britons during their incursion into the Middle East. The term has become widely used in the West, especially after the September 11 attacks, to describe certain forms of Islamic fundamentalism. In reality it is not an Wahhabi movement but rather the reform or Salafi movement of the Sheikh.

    “Wahhabism” and “Wahhabiyyah” are terms being used nowadays, by certain groups of Muslims as well as non-Muslims. They are terms used loosely to confuse the masses and keep them away from the true teachings of Islam. The concepts of Tawheed (monotheism in Worship) and warning against Shirk (directing any act of worship to other than Allaah) – which are core tenets of Islam – are branded as “Wahhabism,” as if such concepts were concocted in the 1700s, with the movement of Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab. [2]

    The reality however is, that this message of Tawheed wasn’t initiated by Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab, neither is it specific to the “Kingdom,” rather it is the very call of every Prophet and Messenger.

    {We sent not before you any messenger except that We revealed to him that, ‘There is no deity except Me, so worship Me’} [21:25]

    King AbdulAzeez Aal as-Sa’ood (died: 1953) said:

    They call us Wahhabis, they call our way Wahhabism as if it is something specific [to us]; this is a clear error…We are not a people of a new school of thought, or a new creed. Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhab did not come with anything new. Our creed is the creed of the righteous predecessors which has been narrated in the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger. It is what the early righteous Muslims (the Salaf) were upon.
    We respect and honour the four Imaams, with us there is no difference between Maalik, Shaafi’ee, Ahmad and Abu Haneefah. [In a sermon he delivered to the pilgrims in Hajj 11th of May, 1929. This has been reported in the Arabic book: دعوة الإمام محمد بن عبد الوهاب سلفية لا وهابية]

    Indeed the new King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman ibn AbdulAzeez said,

    The enemies of the Da’wah, have confused the message of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn AbdulWahhab with the term ‘Wahhabiyyah,’ a doctrine that does not exist here. [17th March, 2010, 3195 edition of the Okaz newspaper]

    Read this (i don’t agree 100%)


  5. You should ask yourself, why did Wahhabism spread? Oil money gave them freedom to bribe people. Maybe gave concessions in oil trade and other aid with strings attached, perhaps? Some workers going to GCC Wahhabi countries getting brainwashed. But using Wahhabis as a political tool started with the British and continued with the Americans from the time of Allen Dulles as head of CIA (google Miles Copeland, check out
    H-Diplo Roundtable on “America’s Great Game: The CIA’s Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East”. However, not all Wahhabis are violent. Perhaps those who become jihadis are people who are easy to manipulate, more suggestible? The US is tied to Saudis because of petrodollar; oh and they pay for CIA’s foreign adventures as revealed by NYT article.
    US needs to put an end to Saudi Arabia as petrodollar linchpin if it wants to prevent US economy crumbling when Saudis succumb to own incompetence-which appears will be sooner than later.


  6. I have noticed the Salafists, Wahhabis, Takfiris, terrorists, extremists are a DEMONIC bunch. I call them dajjalists after the coming false messiah or antichrist. They sell people, they kill other muslims, they rape women and children of both sexes, they murder children, they eat human hearts which they rip out. We use them to wage war against the Libyan people of the Jamahiriyah direct democracy and against the Syrian people who are a nation who embrace one anothers faiths, who are tolerant, where Christians are respected more than they are respected in the UK!


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