George Osborne

Because the remain campaign had no good reasons why we should stay in the EU they resorted to Project Fear instead. Telling us a pack of lies to try and […]

EU referendum. The FACTS

The debate about the UK’s continued EU membership contains a lot of hot air and lies, especially from the remain side of the argument, who are using Project Fear, telling […]

What now for the political parties?

Obviously I am very pleased that this blog predicted the election result when so many commentators got it wrong. Miliband just told too many lies, too often. About the NHS, […]

Important. Read before voting

Nobody can deny that the Conservatives inherited a thoroughly trashed economy. Because of the incompetence of Labour it had just suffered the deepest recession in 100 years and government spending […]

Non Doms and Labour lies

Non dom status is for foreign domiciliaries and their children, they pay UK income tax and capital gains tax on UK sources of income and gains and on foreign income or gains […]

Psephology of GE15

In an earlier article I explained how and why the Conservatives are set to win the upcoming General Election. Now their opinion poll lead is starting to open out, as […]

Austerity = Labour lie

Gordon Brown’s recession (his team, including Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, must take some of the blame) created the deepest UK recession since the war. Manufacturing output declined 7% by the end […]