George Osborne

Income taxes can and will drop to zero

Taxes on a company or and individual when they create wealth are pernicious and nowadays ultimately uncollectable. Tax on spending is far more equitable and far more efficient. The problem […]

Let’s start with a brilliant video featuring Arthur Laffer, one of the world’s very best Economists. Although it is about the USA, the lessons learned can be applied to any […]

How to better manage the British economy

One huge problem that the Chancellor has is that virtually all his policies presume the UK to be one homogeneous economy. That  Drumchapel, Easterhouse and the Gorbals are just like […]

George Osborne is soaking the rich

To understand this article you have to understand two concepts. The first is the Laffer Curve. If a government increases a tax rate from a low level it will collect […]

Redistribution of wealth is wrong

There are some people who by enterprise, risk taking, investment and hard work generate wealth. There are others who are lazy, feckless and uneducated and therefore poor. It is socialist […]

Some good political memes

The Conservative party tries a bit to create and spread memes on the social media. But they could do a whole lot better. So I thought I would collect a […]